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Scumbag Teammates with No morals

16 February 2015 - 05:05 PM

Hey guys,

I'm bored at work and thought i'd get something off my chest.

So i don't know if you know about this tournament but GCDTV hosts weekly arena tournaments with approx 100-150 dollar prize pools for first place. I get whispered one day while leveling an alt by Rattspack the druid who i've done arena with before to save them because driftkingz their main mage is unavailable and they will get disqualified.

So I join the tournament with unafraid and rattspack and we win 2 series once vs some random hunter ret team and the 2nd series vs memphisrains African turtle team with tazzlol. Now here's the thing the next day is the semi final and final vs aveng and nessper. I was expecting to play that too since i saved them from disqualification and im also 2700+ this season. They tell me driftkingz is on so they have more synergy with him so they will go to the finals with him instead.

As expected they choke and lose badly to nessper but here's the thing, rattspack said hed split the prize money 4 ways since they only reached that far cus of me. But after the tournament is over he removes me from BTAG over what? 20 bucks? Why would anyone say they would pay and not pay? just be a man and say nah ur keeping the money. ESPECIALLY, since I was doing them a FAVOR by helping them in that tournament, no thanks, no recognition.

Now unafraid doesnt care either way but it's just weird when players are so selfish especially since everything was chill before that.

It's funny that they lost the finals vs something they counter as RMD though. Nessper #1 hahaha.

just my 2 cents

How do you find partners?

06 February 2015 - 07:03 PM

Hey guys,

Just curious, I used to play on EU for 8 years then moved to the states and I'm finding it hard finding quality arena partners when the only resource I'm using is trade chat (lol), outside of the faggoty clique culture aka (jah/pikaboo w/e only playing with each other on alts etc.) how do you find glad level players who aren't only dik riding 2 other players and never expanding their horzons? AJ recruitment sucks FYI


3v3 Comps

23 December 2014 - 06:49 PM

Hey Guys,

Just curious, now that arenamate doesn't show comps, and blizzard removed teams, what's the easiest way to know what comps in 3v3 people are running to the top of the ladder, i'm talking with a statistical basis according to the armory and not word of mouth Bullshit.

Thanks and appreciate it in advance.