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#4056233 Tryhards of Season 14 Awards

Posted Bigmoran on 18 February 2014 - 04:26 PM

It's that time of the year again boys and girls. Last night marked the end of the season and unfortunately I spent my last 3v3 game offline. Oddly enough this is the second season in a row that my last arena game of the season ended in me being DDOSed. Exumbra probably hasn't given up his hatred and jealousy of me. Poor guy.

Anyway, just like last season here is the list of the TRYHARDS of SEASON 14.

Death Knight

Winning the title for two years in a row is HEUHEUEHUEHUE Brasil DK Vigaboy. Previously known as Vigarista and Vigaboyswag, this DK (who honestly plays like an Honorbuddy profile) farmed 1-2 point wins from 2470~ to safe Rank 1 rating.
Once again, this clever little bastard has backpeddled his way to another rank one title.


If this were the Olympics, Brasil would have a huge lead over everyone at this point. I say this because the tryhard druid of s14 is also a HEUHEUEHUEHEUHE BRBRRBRBRBRasil. If it wasn't obvious enough at this point, I am of course talking about Rynd. This emotional train wreck of a human being has five druids, most of which are getting rank 1. You trying to compensate for something there buddy? I hope it's your inability to grow a mustache.


Claiming the title of tryhard hunter is bucktooth Shaman Goat cleaver Tonystyle. At the beginning of the season he would queue Ret/Hunter/Shaman for literally hours every day. This guy had nearly 1500 games played at the START of the season running only ONE comp.


When he's not making donuts at Tim Hortons or yelling "DUDE DISPELL ME WHAT THE FUCK" to his teammates, Snaregodx is actually a pretty swell dude. This high calibur frost mage made it big this season, climbing his way to rank 1 of the ladder. I hear from some of my colleagues that his success in arena is due to him gemming full dodge and speccing into blazing speed when some other mage ques arena. Well praise Jahllah, because Snaregodx won his race against to Kwok to achieve rank 1 on multiple mages.


I couldn't really think of anyone relevant to put in this category. So instead I am opting to give this award to Ssjwindgodx aka Ssjwindvipx. If you don't hate him already because of his name, this black guy runs double monk (MW/WW) in 2s for multiple hours at a time. Cmon man, it's black history month. Live the dream and queue some 3v3.


It's been a while since he graduated from Bongwater University with a degree in Wind Raiding, but Eliteqt has certainly made a splash on the ladders this season. I'm sure it had nothing to do with playing with Jahmilli, but Elite climbed high on the ladders on three paladins (not to mention some obvious carries, but hustle over bitches amirite?)


I'm not sure if he is even capable of reading, but winning the tryhard award for priest is Dibbz. When he's not taking vodka shots off his bros' bellybuttons, he is spam queuing fire mage godcomp with Hansol, lord of fire. If you need some insight into the life of a sexually confused rich kid who pops his collar, drop by his stream every once  in a while. Ignore the subpar shadow priest play and focus on the two shirtless dudes in the background playing ping pong.


Jax. Not much to say here.


It's a bit ironic that the tryhard shaman comes from a server commonly abbreviated ED, because this guy certainly has a big dick with the moves he pulls against streamers. Playing four shamans, each with a unique kickbot profile is Kallis, some idiot that got high ratings running Honorbuddy cleave.


Winning the title once again is Dota. It seems he has gated in and out of ~3 online relationships during this season, causing him to name change every time. His names this season went from Juliaxo to Cleanupxo to Marilynxo to Marixo. Either he is just copying the lyrics of Mambo #5 or he genuinley has been the victim of some serious /cast seduction. (jesus christ i feel like Perez hilton at this point - hold me, dan)


The tryhard warrior of this season goes to 40 year old Korean father Irub. He played multiple warriors this season, each time running KFC with some of his other squinty eye friends. The main reason he is a tryhard tho is because of his ability to create a Great Wall of Texts on AJ, none of which people give a single fuck about.

Subsribe to my YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/bobrosslol

Bigmoran Out

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#4008949 NSA in WoW

Posted Glink on 10 December 2013 - 10:40 AM

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#3936278 "Charity"

Posted Z4muZ on 09 September 2013 - 07:18 PM

View PostNmplol, on 09 September 2013 - 06:59 PM, said:

who are you?

I'm only feeding the trolls because I am bored while this video renders....its fun to dive in the slums from time to time.

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#3890015 Arena is kind of ridic right now

Posted Marshmellow on 22 May 2013 - 01:32 AM

View PostTropicalice, on 22 May 2013 - 01:19 AM, said:

just got farmed by a 2k jungle cleave it;s the biggest counter for thug so fucking dumb

I don't even feel bad for you, fucking scumbag

#3863521 Arena participation since MoP compared to other seasons

Posted Baksteen on 18 March 2013 - 09:00 PM

RBG giving a much better cap then arena is what happend.

all the people that do pve had to do arena before cataclysm now they do RBG's since it's easier for them and gives a better cap aswell.

So all the pve people having low arena teams before Cataclysm is what basically reduced the amount of glad spots.

#3862482 Retaliation Rank 1 5v5 Montage - All Star Dunk Squad

Posted Bigmoran on 16 March 2013 - 09:29 AM

Insulting Posts
- 1 pt - Any post that contains no content and just attempts to insult another poster.

#3702254 Yaspresents 3v3 Tournament - 6900$ in prizes!

Posted WildeHilde on 13 May 2012 - 08:22 AM

For all those wanting to see the RMP matches from yesterday:

Yaspresents Tournament: Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki vs. Talbadar/Snutz/Cdew Part One
Starts 22 minutes into the video

Yaspresents Tournament: Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki vs. Talbadar/Snutz/Cdew Part Two
Starts 2 hours and 8 minutes into the video

Yaspresents Tournament: Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki vs. Abni/Maldiva/Karvinen
Starts 47 minutes into the video

Yaspresents Tournament: Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki vs. Mirlol/Skenz/Geru
Starts 1 hours and 17 minutes into the video

NAO Invitational Tournament: Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki vs. Bubblist/Sudal/Kamtwo
Starts 8 minutes into the video

#3693361 Official Complain about Latency on TR Forum

Posted samcope14 on 26 April 2012 - 03:55 AM

My link

As a resident of the East Coast of the United States of America I am very upset with the latency issues i now have with TR being on West coast this season.

Even with lowerping I have 150 ms, it is almost impossible to play high level rogue. Barely getting 2 globals in on my cheapshot.

This is the official complain about your crap latency on the TR and how it bummed out the TR relm for you.

I know I'm not the only one out there. + Rep if you think the TR should have been a fair neutral server.

More importantly, what consequences will this have for the NAO tournament which is suppose to have been on nightfall, a Eastern BG.

Tl;DR : MS on west coast TR sucks. Now bummed out about TR and NAO. comment about it.

#3684370 Hey i just met you..

Posted sParKLezZ on 14 April 2012 - 02:27 AM

but you dont queue 3dps
so you can post here maybe

#3634147 Neilyo 19

Posted bigdaddydawgz on 05 February 2012 - 06:11 AM

I only use adblocker when I watch your stream

#3632616 Would this fix world PVP?

Posted Ctuhlu on 03 February 2012 - 05:59 AM

What if, when you killed an enemy player, looting their corpse had a chance to drop epic gear? Say something like, 1% Conquest epic, 2% honor epic. The armor type and spec would be random, but I could see it now: a raid of 25 players doing World PVP somewhere in Azeroth, with the raid leader saying 'Okay Cataclysmic Gladiator's Treads of Salvation just dropped, healers roll'. Is it just me or would that be awesome? Throw in some other cool low % drops -- epic gems at 0.3% or something, 'Essences of Honor' for a 800 honor BOE token, stuff like that. Wouldn't World PVP be revitalized if something like that were implemented?

#3626090 I wanna punch whoever invented this shit

Posted Fazzmania on 27 January 2012 - 01:59 AM

View PostUnclemuscles, on 27 January 2012 - 01:52 AM, said:

How the fruck does writing 1st 2nd 3rd make any sense at all.

I've been thinking and we all know it means first,second and third but why the hell wouldn't they just write 1 2 and 3.

If you read 3rd it just says threerd and 2nd says twond.

My point is that nowadays with texting we see extremely abbreviated words that still make sense because the characters used sound almost identical to the word being abbreviated, yet 1st 2nd and 3rd (and the rest) sound nothing alike yet we all understand them.

(sorry if abbreviated isnt the correct word to describe this, english isnt my native language blab blah.)

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#3620277 Petition to rename "Thief Cleave"

Posted Conradical on 21 January 2012 - 10:46 AM

I didn't know what that was until this thread. I think I'll just call it "triple rogue".

#3620104 nao

Posted Easiestsap on 21 January 2012 - 05:10 AM

I just noticed but the teams that are chosen and players that are accepted are all involved in skill-capped.  I do not know if anyone else thinks it is kind of wrong that neilyo and others were not allowed in the tournament because they do not back or support skill-capped.  I just think all players should be given an equal opportunity when entering these tournaments, all players in it are in their own little clique.  Just thought I would give my two cents about it and was wondering if anyone else agrees, also I heard about a new site that is supposed to trump skill-capped I do not know if it's true or not though.

#3620108 nao

Posted bigdaddydawgz on 21 January 2012 - 05:13 AM

i do da +1