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#4319076 Brewmaster Monks

Posted Structural on 26 December 2014 - 09:11 PM

not really an issue, just have your friends turn in fragments to summon kronus or fangraal and he will slap a brewmaster like a napkin and he won't even be a problem. in ashran you can just find the ancient artifact and kill the monk or just stay behind fangraal or kronus. just be careful of flying shadow priests and combat rogues locking down your guards.

#4319472 So Reckful hey?

Posted Miixzy on 27 December 2014 - 01:05 AM

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Although imo he fucks around with way too many other woman and Jenna probably deserves better. Maybe shes in it for the fame/money though who knows.

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#4316802 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted civelli on 24 December 2014 - 06:19 PM

View PostStructural, on 24 December 2014 - 12:58 AM, said:

traps appear to be working fine in ashran... not sure what all this fuss is about

what? not even the frostwyrm freeze on a fkn 45min cd can freeze that many horde as a hunter does in 2min

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Posted Raak on 21 December 2014 - 04:57 PM

Stop saying "kappa" you fedora wearing rodent.

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Posted Xonika on 21 December 2014 - 03:32 AM

sorry spaced out, what i meant to say was... stfu

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Posted pharrelle on 20 December 2014 - 03:23 PM

Life's been good since I never queue without a Jinzo in my Team!

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Posted BluBlu on 19 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

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Well, you see, it all started a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away...
Aren;t they both like 16? so not that long ago..

#4307292 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Zzx on 19 December 2014 - 01:50 PM

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Coming to a 2v2 arena near you

#4296687 Shit players who cry about Kidneyshot.

Posted Dills on 13 December 2014 - 05:11 AM

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Please learn to kill shadow reflection when you see it appear, now all you have left is the exactly same combat spec as you had for the past 4 years..

What do I do if the rogue and his team cross cc because their parents aren't related

#4296603 [Guide] Moonkin Season 16

Posted Sudowoodoo on 13 December 2014 - 03:49 AM

Hey man very nice guide overall but I wanted to correct something:


Soul of the Forest: The problem is that you aren't always able to cast a starfire when you're in lunar eclipse therefore you don't gain the 15% damage bonus. It's even harder to finish a cast in the proper eclipse when you take "Euphoria" as lvl 100 talent. I guess that's also the reason why you don't specc it in PvE. It might be better than Incarnation in theory but it isn't in reality.


Euphoria vs. Balance of Power: I didn't notice any differences damage wise. Just take what you prefer the most. I prefer Euphoria over Balance of Power, because it also provides 20% reduced casting time on warth/starfire during their eclipses.
PvErs prefer Euphoria.

These talents are actually not effected at all by the current lunar/solar power you have. The empowerment buff is from when you cast starsurge and you get increased damage on your next starfires or wraths. So you do not need to be in lunar/solar eclipse to get the bonus damage or casting time, you just need to have a charge of the empowerment buff which lasts 30 seconds.


Dots: Depending on what comp you play try to dot as many people as possible, because you get starsurge proccs. You have a 5% chance to gain a starsurge/starfall procc on every dot tick and a 10% chance if it was critical.

It actually doesn't work that way anymore, you only get procs from your most recently casted moonfire OR sunfire. So if you have one dot ticking you already have the maximum chance for procs and dotting more people will not get you any more procs.

Also, here's another macro you should add. This prevents you from accidentally double tapping Force of Nature, which wastes a charge and instantly DRs the root on your target. it puts a half second cooldown between your force of nature casts (it is not on the global cooldown)

/castsequence reset=0.5 Force of Nature, null

#4296171 [Guide] Moonkin Season 16

Posted Siuox on 12 December 2014 - 08:28 PM

So here we are again. I'm trying to explain my point of view of the current moonkin state. Send me any grammatical advices via PM please.

I'm talking a lot to other fellow moonkin players to figure out what might be the best or just checking their arsenal profile.

These are:

In general just visit http://eu.battle.net...eaderboards/3v3 and filter moonkins.

We are very early in the season, so a lot of things might be debatable.
Sorry for all the "I"s. If it's annoying to read let me know.

At the end I really wouldn't consider this as a guide - it's more a gathering of informations.
If you are new to moonkin and want to know basic stuff make sure to check out this guys guide on the wow forums http://us.battle.net...c/14731003143#1 Its awesome

*15.01.2015: updated my bis list

I. Talentbuilds

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Displacer Beast: A lot of mobility from other classes got taken away in WOD (e.g. double dk grip). It's nice for blinking behind pillars or getting away from enemies.
*Update: Due to the nerfs in 6.1 I wouldn't recommand displacer anymore. Chances of getting locked are too high.

Wild Charge: This talent is also pretty good. You can jump upon the bridge in blade's edge against meeles. The problem is you need a lot of hotkeys for it. When I used it I had four buttons for it. (Charge @ Party 1 and 2, Charge @ Mushroom, Charge @ mouseover).
It is also pretty annoying that you have to shapeshift if you don't only want to use the moonkin disengage.

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Ysera's Gift vs. Cenarion Ward: Ysera's heals pretty much overall. The problem is it will always heal you first, even when you got 99% health. On the other hand, there are many comps that zerg the moonkin until the end. So Ysera's might outheal Cenarion Ward (I don't have numbers).
Cenarion Ward is very useful against comps that switch onto your teammates. In WOD Cenarion Ward is not useable during silences (shadow silence / rogue garrote).

I would think about speccing Ysera's Gift against comps like jungle I ret/hunter I dotcleaves (dk/warlock) I godcomp, because they mostly attack you the whole game.

*Update: Just specc Yseras against anything.

Posted Image

I specced Faerie Swarm in every game so far. It's a must against rogues.

I thought about speccing Typhoon against casters to be able to interrupt their casts and maybe against comps where you try to kill their healer - also to interrupt a cast. Also good on Blade's Edge. Tell your Healer to stand close to the edge and knock e.g. meeles off the bridge.
A problem is the 15yard range. It's not easy to stand at the right place to actually knock people.

Posted Image

Treants vs. Incarnation vs. SotF:
The talents depend on personal preference.
I guess these might be the right situations for each talent (lsd2 pov):
Treants: Good against TSG. Good against healer that are not "immune to "blanket root beam" (priester, paladins, shamans). Wouldn't use them against restodruids. Only if they have a dk and warrior in their team.
Incarnation: Would specc them against rush down comps, if you're sure that you won't be able to survive long enough to benefit from SotF.
SOTF: If there's a chance to have longer games Soul of the Forest might be good (e.g. against WLS). Or comps that are trying to kill you the whole game, because your instant starfires/wrath will benefit from SOTF.
I "always" run Incarnation tho.

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Roar vs. Bash: I specc Roar against caster cleaves and rogue+mage teams. You can roar a rogue during his cloak and the mage after using an offensive block and is immune for 3 seconds (some kind of glyph). Otherwise I always specc bash.

Posted Image

Why no Heart of the Wild? It was pretty solid in MOP. Your rejuvenation healed a percentage of its overall heal when you first applied it to someone. The initial heal is gone in WOD so you are not able to spam rejuvenation to heal e.g. your healer. You have to hardcast Healing Touch which simply takes too much time. Heart of the Wild also no longer provides % Intellect.

That's why Nature's Vigil is the talent of your choice. It really heals a lot during your offensive cooldowns and is a great support for your healer. The cooldown is really low that guarantees constant uptime.

Posted Image

Euphoria vs. Balance of Power: I didn't notice any differences damage wise. Just take what you prefer the most. I prefer Euphoria over Balance of Power, because it also provides 20% reduced casting time on warth/starfire during their eclipses.
PvErs also prefer Euphoria.

Balance of Power is more for RBGs I guess.

II. Glyphs

Posted Image

Minor Glyphs: Glyph of the Solstice:

Major Glyphs: You can do nothing wrong with those Major Glyphs, but there are also quite good situational Major Glyphs:

Glyph of Guided Stars: Your Starfall only hit's targets affected by your moon/sunfire. I don't think you want to use this Glyph at all. Starfall got nerfed by 33% in the last hotfixes. In PvE Starfall would deal more damage than Starsurge when there are more than two targets. But even in comps like rogue/moonkin you don't need starfall damage on your focus target, because starsurge would do more single target damage.

Glyph of Moonwarding: Removes Moonkin Form's armor bonus and grants 10% maximum health. I would replace Glyph of Cyclone for it.
You can sse this glyph against caster cleaves (e.g. godcomp/lsd).

Glyph of the Shapemender: Everytime you shapeshift you get healed by 5%. Can not occure more than every 5 seconds.
It heals for ~20k if you shapeshift. You might want to glyph against almost every comp.

Glyph of Stampeding Roar: You can now cast Stampeding Roar without being in Bear/Catform + 30 yards range.
"I think the main reason for this glyph (for me atleast) is to use stampeding roar without cancelling starfall while bursting when you are trying to chase someone down who's running away from you. So without the glyph it will cancel your starfall if it's active" and you dont have to waste globals to get back into moonkin form.

III. How to Gear

Checking the listed owls above. Moonkins biggest problems are comps that zerg it the entire game. That's the reason why Versatility is really needed to survive hunter/feral, hunter/ret, hunter/warlock.  *You actually won't be able to get enough versatility that it would matter.

StatPrio: Mastery>Versatility=Haste>Crit>Multistrike.

Why Crit over Multistrike? Both stats are halved in pvp. So you have crap vs crap. But crit also grants you starsurge proccs. That's the reason why you should take crit over multistrike in my opinion.

My best in slot list pre 6.1 (Still good):

Posted Image

Decided to favor haste in 6.1 cause of the new 4p and smoother gameplay overall.

Posted Image

IV. What comps might work well? (sorted by viablity)

warlock shaman moonkin
warlock monk moonkin
mage paladin moonkin
rogue disc moonkin
warrior shaman moonkin

warlock disc moonkin should also be viable for gladiator but it's kind of stressful (haven't played it in 6.1 tho).
mage disc moonkin --- " " --
warrior monk moonkin -- " " --

r1 won't be easy with either of these comps and I guess you need proper queues to achieve it

V. Damage Spells

It's hard to give any tips by just writing. I really recommend to watch streams and look carefully what other moonkins are doing when and how there positioning is.
Also ask yourself if your comp need aoe pressure or single target + fair amount of cc.

Starsurge vs. Starfall: I got outdealed quite often on the scoreboard, so I'm assuming I haven't found the right balance when to use starsurge and starfall. If you play a comp that relies on AOE Damage you obviously want to use Starfall a lot.

Dots: You have a 5% chance to gain a starsurge/starfall procc on every dot tick and a 10% chance if it was critical. Actually you only get proccs from your most recently casted moonfire OR sunfire.

Wrath/Starfire: Try to cast them during the right eclipse: Starfire in Lunar and Wrath in Solar. You'll also profit from the 20% castspeed bonus the lvl 100 talent "Euphoria" provides. Sometimes you are not able to get a Starfire off during Lunar and you have to cast Wrath instead.

Empowered Moonkin (Passive): Single Target attacks have a 15% chance to make your next Wrath/Starfire instant.
Use your instant proccs for warths and starfires, depending on your current eclipse state.

For players who are new to moonkin: There's an awesome guide on the US WOW Forums. He explains how the eclipse mechanics work etc. etc.

No idea if I'm allowed to link his guide here, but it is great:

VI. What to do as a Moonkin in arena (prob outdated)

I have only played Warlock + Moonkin so far. These advices might not be appropriate for other comps.

In General:

- Don't try to heal all the time! Your Nature's Vigil and Cenarion Ward/Ysera's Gift heals enough. Put Rejuvenation on you/your teammates if it is really needed. I "never" use Healing touch. Clone/Root instead.

- CC enemies who are using their cooldowns or run away.

- Always rebuff Mark of the Wild! I got an addon called "Tell me when" that lets me know when MotW is dispelled from one of my teammates. Also protect e.g. Discipline Shields by putting reju an your healer / teammate / you if he gets tunneled and keep rebuffing!

- Don't let healers reg mana! Use Displacer Beast or Hurricane to stop them.

- In WOD it's very important to "inline" (counter during their cast) healers. Root Beam alomst breaks from the treant's wrath if you specc it. There are also a lot of freedoms/silence DRs/stoneform in the game that make the normal beam root almost useless. Therefore always try to counter them during their cast!
It seems like solar beam shares DR with other silences. People simply can cast while standing in it. So always try to imp? counter them!

- Faerie Swarm people to slow them. Slows only have a 8 seconds duration in pvp, so you have to refresh faerie swarm if you want the slow again.

- Swap on healers if bash is off cooldown and you got some starsurge proccs ready. Make sure your teammate can also swap on it (lsd2).

against mages:

- put dots on their pet. it's even worth to kill it with starsurges
- save your beams for deep + sheep attemps on your healer. (I played lsd2 with priest and you should be able to interrupt every deep + sheep/ring of frost cc attempt. They will get dampened anyway ) just play save)
- if you are specced into bash, bash them after they have used blink
- try to stand close to your partners if the mages uses prismatic crystal (damage is spread between targets)
- displacer/run away from the crysal asap

against warlocks:

- put dots on their pet (if they have one)
- cc them during their dark soul
- save your solar beam for demon bolts or haunts if your team is under pressure

against hunters:

- try to stay close to a pillar against hunters. you might need to LOS them
- also try CC beast master hunter pets if they go ham
- put a faerie fire on them to prevent the usage of camouflage (don't know if it is still a thing)

against warriors:

- good kill targets
- root them with your treant's root if it's not on dr

against deathknights:

- put dots on their pet
- try to only use displacer beast when they used grip or when you can LOS them - deathknights only have one in WOD
- root them with your treants if it's not on dr
- you can spam cc during their unholy ground(?). in WOD this immune thingy ticks every few seconds rather then immuning them

against rogues:

- always put faerie swarm on them
- if the rogue plays rogue+mage+x I prefer roar and roar him during his cloak.
- root them with your treants if it's not on dr
- you can try to kill them if they use their cloak offensivly

against shamans:

- kill all healing streams and other healing totems. they still heal for ~30% of the shamans total healing output. in WOD you can actually kill them quite fast as moonkin
- try to swap on resto shamans with bash and at least 2 starsurge proccs

against druids:

- restodruids are pretty good targets to swap on with a bash and starsurges
- ferals are not the best targets to kill. because hunter+feral and hunter+ret etc. doing so much damage we have to use versability to survive their damage
- if the feral plays together with another meele and one of them already used interrupt on your healer, clone the meele whos interrupt is still ready (same advice for other meele cleaves)

against paladin:

- holy palas are also good targets to swap on especially if their divine protection is on cooldown
- instantly cc ret paladins during their wings -> bash into clone
- you have to LOS ret paladins, it won't be enough to just displacer away from them. hug pillar until wings are gone

against monks:

- you can kill mistweaver monks in WOD since their "after stun immunity" is gone. as always: bash and starsurges needed
- clone touch of karma
- root them with your treant's root if it's not on dr

against priest:

- Faerie Fire all the priests: they won't be able to fear that easily + can't use spectral guise
- kill light wells
- swaps on discis are useless. we never killed one I guess. as lsd2 at least.
- you should have someone in your team that can purge disci shields

VII. Macros

if you want focus macros replace [@arena3] with [@focus]

Arena 123 (cyclone)

/cast [@arena3] Cyclone

Arena 123 (solarbeam root)

#showtooltip Solar Beam
/castsequence [@arena3] reset=2 Force of Nature, Solarbeam
/cast [@arena3] Solar Beam; Solar Beam

Dispel for you / your teammates

/cast [@“YourDPSMate“] Remove Corruption

/cast [@“YourHealerMate“] Remove Corruption

Macro for rebuffing MOTW (doesn't require LOS)

/cast [@Player] Mark of the Wild

Roar Cancelaura Macro

/cancelaura Displacer Beast
/cast Stampeding Roar

Celestial Allignment + Instant Moonfire

#showtooltip Celestial Allignment
/cast Celestial Allignment
/cast Berserking
/cast Moonfire

It will instantly apply dots on your target because its off global cooldown.

VIII. Streams


IX. RBG Guide


#4296483 [Guide] Moonkin Season 16

Posted Sanaative on 13 December 2014 - 01:00 AM

You can buy the glyph from a vendor in Stormshield..

This guy -> http://www.wowhead.com/npc=87063

#4295439 PvP Hotfixes 12/11/2014

Posted DerpiousMaximus on 12 December 2014 - 10:50 AM

Btw why are these changes not included?

Lava Burst (Elemental, Restoration) now deals 33% more damage in PvP combat.

[Still in testing.] Chaos Bolt now deals 33% more damage in PvP combat.

I mean hasn't this community be talking about difference in spell damage components for pve and pvp for years? looks like blizzard is finnaly giving in!

#4294779 PvP Hotfixes 12/11/2014

Posted ottishen on 11 December 2014 - 09:45 PM

View PostZerud, on 11 December 2014 - 09:17 PM, said:

I still dont understand this at all, I'm not trying to bash this ability, help me understand this. The reflection copies whats the rogue does, so the rogue pops it, and instantly kidneys you. No matter if you cc the rogue, the reflection already has the kidney in his 'memory' right? So after the 8 second kidney, the reflection will instantly spawn and kidney you(leaving you no chance to cc or kill). This is how I think it works, am I completely wrong about this?
I'm not sure, but I think that the Shadow Reflection spawns when you press the ability, not once it starts doing stuff. If that is the case, you will have 8 seconds to kill it before it starts doing any actions. So what they mean is that you CC the rogue for the duration of the initial kidney and kill the reflection so the 4 second kidney is not applied.

#4288629 The Coliseum

Posted Forumz on 07 December 2014 - 03:39 PM

View PostRippedLife, on 07 December 2014 - 03:36 PM, said:

I won it and got the fucking stamina trinket, fml :(
10k hp on use, fucking ACE dude!