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set someone to ignore

23 October 2014 - 11:28 PM

mods is it possible to set someone to ignore


19 September 2014 - 03:14 PM

can we please clarify posting guidelines for off-topic

more and more people are getting infractions, and there doesn't seem to be a consensus amongst mods as to what is allowed or not

I always figured that OT was somewhere between gen forums and RR in terms of permissibility. Is this wrong? Are we not allowed to diss/flame/hate on people, are we not allowed to make jokes, are we allowed to embed boobies but only if we use spoiler tags?

If we must, let's take a referendum on this. Scotland has paved the way. I know many of you are EUs and dont understand democracy, but I think if we set up an electorate college of OT's top posters (me and a select few) we can draft a governing and rules outline for the rest of the users

please show ur support and fight against ridiculous and inconsistent modding by repping this post. if you have reached your maximum amount of reppage for the day, you are allowed to rep this post the day after.


27 April 2014 - 05:07 AM

I have been given the greenlight by a conglomerate of admins that will remain icognito for now to decide who we will ban in #2014 to save OT. Guys we're literally running out of years before we enter an all-new era of the Roaring 20s. If OT is going to have a healthy future we need to voteban, and do it soon.

Please submit your nominations for voteban in 2014. After the submissions have been tallied I will then create a poll for #VOTEBAN2014SAVEOT

rise up and perform your civic duty and cull the herd.