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In Topic: [IRL] Official OT IRL Picture's

Today, 05:18 PM

always got a hunny or two hanging around too

In Topic: mods

Today, 05:17 PM

wat. idk what you're on about but yeah, that's a pretty retarded first name

In Topic: Official UEFA & Football/Soccer Thread

Today, 01:42 AM

the one week where no team can get the results they need, the only team that comes through is Arsenal.

football makes no fucking sense.

In Topic: mods

Today, 01:39 AM

seriously everytime I read "or what are you going to do about you stupid fucking cockmuncher" I start laughing. The belligerence is pretty funny.

In Topic: mods

Today, 01:37 AM

View PostPharaun, on 21 September 2014 - 10:09 PM, said:

Yea, don't post this:

Honestly not sure what you were expecting.

Or you can learn to tell when someone is clearly joking. We've never had a problem before and for some reason we're even friends on googleplus (lmfao) so the fact you needed to puff your chest out and start infracting people is pretty lame.

I wasn't even part of the conversation/argument, I just thought it would be a funny reply considering you came in and were (responsibly) trying to get them to settle down. Face it, it was pretty funny.

But while we have your attention, we really should talk with the mods/admins here and actually set out guidelines for OT if there's going to be a different standard than general.

Your ridiculous mistake could actually be the catalyst for some improvement.