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#2139820 100% arp - any1 actually use it now?

Posted by Jorm on 29 April 2010 - 10:24 PM

so we're mid season and I'm wondering if anyone actually uses 100% arp, or if it's been successful. I tried running it with a lot of pve gear in the beginning of the season, granted, i was using some outdated stuff and my ap was low so it just felt like i was hitting like a bitch, but still using a 264 mace.

I went through my pve gear and can make a char about like this after i get the pvp gear, and was wondering if any1 still goes for 100% arp


subject has been beat to death, but I haven't heard anything about it in a while, nor any1 complaining about it. Any1 ever get their shit kicked in and wonder "was he arp capped?" and goes to find out, he was, and the dmg was significant?
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#1953546 Keybinds and macros

Posted by Jorm on 15 March 2010 - 04:39 AM

Just interested in seeing how peopl are key binding. Just hit 80 on my lock. Also macros. I know in the warrior forums, there's a lot of really good macros that make things quite a bit simpler and less complex to play. Probably some for locks as well, that were forgotten in the main section up top

Particular interested in mouse keybinds for those of us with mouse buttons

mouse wheel button
scroll up
scroll down


Spells- portal / lay
spell lock
devour self / team 1 - 2
sbolt / searing
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#1691734 Less 3v3 Spots Than Last Season

Posted by Jorm on 08 January 2010 - 11:44 AM

Problem is, pve complained that PvP was too easy to get gear so much, that they made it retardedly hard to get. Now, PvE gear is retarded easy to get, and PvP gear is too hard.

The biggest problem, that limits the population is rating requirements. The grind for a newb to PvP is drastically harder than it is to PvE, as mentioned, but people don't realize just how hard.

PvE, you run heroics, flesh out in dope gear in a week literally if you work at it, able to start diving into new content.

PvP..a scrub player starts dead last. You can't even buy off pieces that are top quality without arena ratings..so even if you're grinding like crazy for gear, you can't even get the best off pieces unless you get carried to a rating. This is a huge hassle for someone with no gear/exp, and turns people off big time. Imagine having to grind a season behind's off pieces, to try to get rating, for current season off pieces? it's really stupid..I know I wouldn't do it, no matter how much I liked to PvP. I always got carried to rating requirements for real off pieces, which wasn't hard for me, but for someone who knows no one or is new starting out..it'd be impossible

Off pieces aside, let's talk about the actual set / weapons. A big thing before rating requirements was, that even if you were a scrub, you got your games in, got some points, and knew that eventually, you'd be able to buy something with them. This gives people atleast the drive to play arena, even if they're bad geared or bad players. So eventually, they'll learn, get better, eventually get better gear, and start competing, making the pool of players way bigger.

Some ppl are probably thinking Daktar, why do we want scrubs to be able to get gear? Well, the more the merrier imo..Having to finish top 3 in 5s or top 10 in 3s to hit glad is gay. I'd rather have twice the pool of players, with better average gear to play against..than just scrubs with bad gear, and half the pool, because they don't want to put in the retarded amount of work it takes to get going.
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