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"Your new profile page is here!"

10 May 2017 - 06:48 PM

Okay, so yesterday I launched WoW, and in the bnet app's news pane, Blizzard proudly proclaimed that our "new profile page is here!"  The announcement went on to describe new features with info on raids, pvp, etc.


Was anyone else excited at the prospect of having something akin to the old wow armory again?  I sure was.  I wasted no time in checking out one of my toons, only to see that the new profile actually has less pvp information that the previous iteration of the armory, yet we now have access to comprehensive information on our battle pet/mount collections.


Am I missing something?  Honestly, I feel like I am still sleeping.  Do we really only have access to our pvp ratings now (not even win/loss stats)?