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Some quick questions about DKs.

12 November 2014 - 10:04 PM

I am returning player looking to give WoD a serious go. I've gathered that DKs and rogues both seem to be in a really good spot in WoD so need some final opinions before choosing.

1: I will play with an irl mate of mine and he'll play druid for sure. I know it's too early to make accurate predictions, but which class seem to have better synergy with a druid (any spec on both of us) for 3s?

2: Back when I last played (cataclysm) DKs were basically necrotic strike spam bots. Didn't seem too much fun to play. Do DKs have /seem to have a more engaging playstyle for WoD?

3: What specs seem to be viable for arena 3s for DKs? And assuming I'd choose DK, what spec would be best for leveling? (I'll boost a char to 90 with starter gear)

God bless your soul if you take time to answer these questions.