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#3049973 Priest 4.0.6 notes and how they affect us

Posted Lolflay on 08 February 2011 - 06:11 PM

Promised Rapture to do it some time ago, so here it is.

I'm splitting the thread into two parts, Shadow first and Discipline second ( because I'm that cool  B) ) - I'll be mentioning buffs that affect both specs seperately, cause usually discfags don't want to read sp stuff and vice versa.


First of all, mastery change and VE change are nobrainers really. I don't think more words need to be said about it, although I will say that mastery is a stat that you won't hate as much next patch ( especially with the Mind Blast buff ), but a stat you deffo still won't go out of your way to stack, nontheless.

The most notable change that most of shadowpriests will have to face is that we no longer have access to Bloodlust in arena, which was a staple point in our "dispel protection". While bad shadowpriests used to get carried by lust before, bloodlust usually meant something else to good shadowpriests - it was used as a tool to reapply DoTs as fast as they were getting dispelled against decent teams, and now with that gone, it's easy to say that we're even more reliant on our partners to make the plays happen for us. ( and it's also the end of zerg comps, aka RPS players post patch that are highrated, hats off to you - it's already a horrible comp, post patch it's beyond salvation )

Connected to the point I made above, we DID in fact recieve a "suitable" dispel protection system, but the problem is - it DR's with itself and with horror itself ( Vampiric Touch when dispelled will now properly proc the Sin&Punishment talent, I believe this actually got hotfixed pre 4.0.6 ), which is obviously not a suitable dispel protection but alas, better something than nothing.

The Mind Blast change means that we'll finally do formidable damage with Mind Blast, instead of just using it as a tool to keep replenishment up.

Horror glyph nerf is going to hurt us, because Shadow revolves around silence/horror to create CC chains together with their partners, to force opponents cooldowns ( or well, go for a kill ), and this is actually the worst thing that happened to us in this patch, together with cc getting nerfed to 8 seconds.

Comps we'll play post patch, are still pretty much :mage::priest::druid:, :mage::priest::shaman:, with addition of :hunter::priest::druid:, depending on how Hunter buffs fare out ( but I think it's pretty safe to say that it'll be a top comp ). Shadowplay can be made to work as well, but stay out of stuff like RPS, only RPD might work, depending if step rogues do some pressure now outside of dance. But if you want to be on top, deffo go with a mage or hunter as 2nd dps.

Also one skill-cap change lies in Mind Sear being castable on friendly targets, this will allow skilled shadowpriests to get in combat pretty much instantly in the beginning of match ( parter sends a pet in, you mind sear the pet, hitting whatever is in your way ).

Quality of life change : no need to search and melee tremors to land fears - although that change is a slight nerf vs SPs ( triple feared ? nope tremor ).

( also, shields now absorb a lot lot more, average 20.4k damage absorb in 4.0.6, compared to 7k on live - and your shields suppress snares on you for 4 seconds everytime they're applied if you're using 4x pc mooncloth ( although you can't move faster than your usual speed, so that means stuff like inner will and boot enchants don't make you faster while under affect of the snare suppress buff ) )


I'm not sure how discipline buffs will fare out post patch, but the testing I did on PTR, discs are a lot lot stronger than they are on live.

Your PS isn't dispellable anymore, which is a huge buff. Also a huge buff that isn't related directly to priest class, is purge getting nerfed, removing only 1 magic buff instead of 2, and costing more mana in addition.

The Penance change is a no brainer honestly, will heal for more while costing a bit more mana. A change to look forward to is Grace finally getting fixed - it will now remain on more targets, slightly easening you your strain on your mana over a period of time.

Desperate Prayer will now also heal you for a really good amount of health, while before it was honestly fucking shit.

Also, whenever you cast Inner Focus, you'll recieve a 4 second immunity to silence, dispel and interrupt effects.

As previously said, shields will now shield for ~24k-ish, instead of 7k it used to be before patch. Mind sear will get a bit better because you'll be able to cast it on a friendly target, which is a nice buff nontheless.

The glyph changes are nobrainer as well, really. ProM glyph ( ex guardian spirit ) will make your first tick of ProM heal for 60% more, and glyph of PS got itself a new function ( guardian spirit alongside PS ).

Comps post patch, I guess :rogue::mage::priest: will be decent, with :mage::warlock::priest: being really really good, but in my opinion, best comp a disc priest will be able to run post patch is deffo mm :hunter: ret :paladin: disc :priest:, just because ret paladins can heal on their own, provided you shield on cooldown. Depending on damage and survivability buffs of those 2 specs, that comp will be imo best one you can run. :deathknight::mage::priest: might also work really nice.

( I decided not to delve into Holy part of patch notes, because mostly everyone will make a swap to disc, but really the only few big holy changes are chastise breaking on damage, mind spike proccing chakra, and the previously mentioned PS glyph change ( also circle of healing will do 30% more healing, alongside lightwell recieving 50% hp buff ( "for pvp purposes" :lol: :rolleyes: ) ) )

#3047905 So how is the community "accepting" you?

Posted Lolflay on 07 February 2011 - 07:16 PM

The only thing that can be annoying is when these players ( most notably - dks, enha shamans, to lesser extent feral druids ) think that they're good and it's their "uber leet skills" that's winning them matches, while not realising that they're playing something completely faceroll/overpowered ( saw enha shamans who think that their spec is skilled, I'm sorry, using "focus frost shock to root someone" as a argument about the pinnacle of "skill" of a spec is just not valid ).

I went out of my way to apologise to good players I've beat when my comp was the reason of us winning. Most of these players don't do that, they don't even realise how retarded they are in their denial, and that's extremely frustrating to good players.

I just don't get players who while playing something really good, still have the nerve to whine about something that actually has a chance against them.

so basically, I think what I just said is the reason for people hating on something. Of course, there's baddies who think that everything that beats them is overpowered and unfair, but that's another story on its own.

As long as the player acts normal and doesn't act arrogant while playing something cheesy, no reason to hate on that guy. Everyone who's cool should recieve no hate. But if someone is in illusion regarding something, that guy should get a kick in the balls.

#3041155 Though..

Posted Lolflay on 04 February 2011 - 10:54 AM

Old AJ & old WoW armory > new ones :(

new AJ would be alright if it wasn't fucking IPB board, vBulletin was so much nicer

I've no idea what's up with every single company trying to brand their products under one name ( complete www.worldofwarcraft.com site getting merged into battle.net, this AJ conversion to be under curse directly - infact only company I saw that did the job with these kinda "merger" situations correctly was Valve and their Steam ), standalone is good, standalone is better !

#3040774 Random idea I was having about Inner Will

Posted Lolflay on 04 February 2011 - 07:06 AM

Inner fire - run speed + armor

Inner will - mana reduction + spell power

needs to be done.

Cause like, if they did it like that, we'd have two valid armors, one for tanking/running away from melee, one for casting, and they really need to make the runspeed baseline from the talent.

Locks used to have in TBC if I remember - Fel Armor was spellpower + extra 20% healing taken, Demon Armor was Armor + health gained every 5  sec, they balanced it out to what it is today ( Fel Armor is used for DPS, Demon for tanking, needs to be done same way for priest shit imo )

#3038409 Hmmm ? ( EU battlegroups mystery ! )

Posted Lolflay on 02 February 2011 - 01:27 AM

Considering there's four of them, with different names... one can be lead to believe that they're going to merge more BGs in s10 ?

Just tossing some logic and speculation out here:

"Muerdepiedras" = some spanish word, afaik.

"Druckwelle" = german

We're left with Impact and Riposte, and seeing we're missing french, let's try to translate it.

"Riposte" on French means "Response", so let's assume "Riposte" is the french BG.

"Impact" obviously being the English based BG.

Now that we got that sorted out, you all know about the bug with queues that you can't get the foreign language opponents in neither arena or rated BGs/ordinary BGs, perhaps this what I'm saying is way easier for them to do ?

Think about it. They're possibly merging all the language regions into their own respective huge mega-battlegroups ?

Would leave English, German, French, Spanish, Russian based players, all with their own BGs.

Tin foil hat and speculations, maybe, but it kinda makes sense.

I just thought of that when I saw there's 4 new BGs and each of them has a specific language tied to it except Impact, so that'd make sense imo.

#3024711 Mage Issues and CC

Posted Lolflay on 28 January 2011 - 01:32 PM

Nadagast said:

Would you be happier with a 0.5-1.5s cast time then?  The cast time and mana cost would obviously need to be played around with.

I think if anything, if dispels have to have cast time, they have to be like 0.5. Perfect solution would be that dispel costs 10% overall mana and is instant.

Adelise said:

Hey Genius, how about we BUFF mages because they need to be higher on the food chain

I can honestly do nothing but laugh at you if you think that mages are super strong on the highest level of play.

#3020334 Why aren't Fear and Poly on the same DR?

Posted Lolflay on 26 January 2011 - 11:41 PM

All I have to say here, is to let Blizzard balance their game.

Frankly, looking at some past changes and changes in the next patch, seems to me that as clueless as they seem to be sometimes, they know a LOT more than every single one of you in this thread.

I'll just add, that in the past, you had two types of CCing, one that you couldn't avoid, and one that you could.

Rogue blinding you in TBC while your partner was low, you heal him up, 1.30min later, you're stuck in blind into sap and your partner dies, that's the kind of CC they want(ed) out of the game, it's almost unpreventable by your average Joe and it's a guaranteed kill if the said rogue knew how to force first trinket, then on 2nd trinket reap the reward.

On another hand, right now, in Cata, in the world where every healer has a dispel and where every DPS has a way to interrupt a incoming CC, I think a lot of you are overexaggerating.

I'll point you out to my 2 weeks old post where I stated my opinion regarding CCs, you basically want to carebear and still win. That's not the way it should work, you have your team to help you prevent the CC, if you do get CC'd more than one DR or two during a match, you honestly deserve to lose like that. I've seen few Cata streams, and you literally have to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to start CCing someone.

I'd suggest everyone here to rather talk about damage/healing ratio adjustments and the retarded self healing that DPS classes have, other than about CC which is getting nerfed in 4.0.6 regardless

#3019054 LF Priest Guide

Posted Lolflay on 26 January 2011 - 02:59 PM

Kzrs said:

Lolflay is a good choice for this. He seems like the type to be writing arena strategies in school while the teacher isn't watching.

Cool story bro

#3014978 Which boots did you buy? (crit/haste)

Posted Lolflay on 25 January 2011 - 10:44 AM

Proditorx said:

The fact that anyone cares so much about what their character's feet look like baffles me.

shoulders, gloves, boots are the only pieces that actually matter, visually wise

and I'm more baffled at the people that DON'T care how their chars look like, might be time to stop taking the game so seriously, cause it's not a game if you don't enjoy every aspect of it !

#3014758 spriest comps

Posted Lolflay on 25 January 2011 - 08:31 AM

nope, they wouldn't have to remove anything


the dispeller commits a sin against the shadowpriest by being a complete fucking dickwad retarded piece of lowlife faggot shit and dispelling the dot(s) spriest worked hard to put up ( retarded mana cost + cast time on VT ), and spriest punishes him and his entire team for such faggotry, in a continous, persisting manner

problem officer ? >_O

#3011305 [Mage] Mage vs Warlock: Why One is Better in Arena

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2011 - 04:32 AM

nim said:

They can't, :deathknight::warlock:healer is too busy stuffing a giant dick down their throat.

touché my friend, mother fucking touché

#2986095 Is Unholy Frenzy breaking crowd control fixed on the PTR?

Posted Lolflay on 15 January 2011 - 07:15 PM

don't see why should they nerf it, this game needs more abilities with "smart usage" like this one tbh

if you disagree, then you, whoever you are, prolly take this game a lot more seriously than you should

the only thing is the duration that's questionable, but being able to break 1 CC with it is nothing wrong

just make it that -2% hp effect occurs only first 10 seconds, voila

#2977164 Who kinda likes getting disarmed

Posted Lolflay on 13 January 2011 - 04:09 AM

Lieto said:

Why would they use a disarm if you got 0 energy :p Personally i would disarm if:
a) i am about to die right now and my healer is cced.
b) right after kidney vs shadowstep rogue (vs mutilate its better to just jump away and lol at him)

because it's the mentality of WoW players nowadays, for example, they can't dodge CC themselves, they whine on forums, then they recieve CC negating abilities on a silver pladder

long live tbc

#2976654 Poor, Low Skill-Cap State of the game

Posted Lolflay on 13 January 2011 - 12:17 AM

Forgot to add - people felt the same way regarding TBC->WoTLK, regarding skill cap. I still portray TBC taking more skill than WoTLK, and now WoTLK taking more skill than Cata.

The game is turning a leap towards player's own dexterity, with more time on your disposal to do "complex" tactics as a team.

Word "good" player is prolly to be replaced with a "good team", imo, and there can be a great team with less than stellar player in it ( SK.US Rmp and enforcer, as a example )

#2976648 Poor, Low Skill-Cap State of the game

Posted Lolflay on 13 January 2011 - 12:14 AM

All I'm gonna say here is that we had these topics in season 5.

Pool of players exchanged from TBC->WoTLK. "Shitters" who were bad in TBC became good in WoTLK. Same goes for WoTLK->Cata.

s5 was horrible, same goes for s9 apparently, especially with some of the changes that are coming up in the next patch.

If you find yourself not enjoying anymore, then perhaps it's time to be one of those who quit with expansion swaps. I feel like I'm one of those players this time around, as I had a lot of fun with WoTLK. Maybe you're that as well, if you feel Cata is crap.

The reason why I'm disliking Cata is not only because of the changes that are yet to come, but also because a lot of people around me seem to hate it, and I play this game purely for social factor since s5, more or less.