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#4421068 Good Bye

Posted Lolflay on 09 May 2015 - 03:21 PM

View PostZzx, on 09 May 2015 - 01:47 PM, said:

hots is good, you're a fucking pleb lolflay

https://www.youtube....h?v=pVB-DDzPaas HoTS "plays"

https://www.youtube....h?v=pxF9fSRk-Pk DOTA2 plays

https://www.youtube....h?v=fEM6iLYLlr0 League plays

Better decide to not play a MOBA version of CSGO ( DOTA2 ), or MOBA version of Crossfire ( League ), and instead play a oversimplified MOBA version of COD ( HoTS ) when there's like multiple games available that are ten times better in the genre.

#4421020 Good Bye

Posted Lolflay on 09 May 2015 - 12:57 PM

View PostBalanceRexxar, on 09 May 2015 - 01:11 AM, said:

i quit too

for anyone who is bored of WoW I would highly recommend HoTs, I found league to be terribly boring but I feel like HoTs is a faster paced league with all the bullshit removed like the store, killing blows, the shop to spend gold that you get for getting a killing blow, etc.

tldrkappa: if u dont like wow and league try hots because i have more fun on that than either of those so give it a try u may be glad u did.

also if there are any pro league/hots players reading this hit me up i want more friends to play with in hots and i legitimately want to become a better player in it so if you are willing to teach me some things that'd be cool. :duckers: :duckers:

also bye

I'm in the same boat regarding how fun WoW is atm, I only log in to make gold via garrisonville, however... HoTS ?

"I found league to be terribly boring but I feel like HoTs is a faster paced league with all the bullshit removed like the store, killing blows, the shop to spend gold that you get for getting a killing blow, etc."

With all the "bullshit" removed. Here's chess, let's remove half of rules behind chess, replace the figures with Jaina, Arthas, etc, and let's call it "Chess of Warcraft". Guaranteed to get plebs to play it, because fuck ordinary chess.

Blizzard has a knack for taking a concept, simplifying it for the casuals and rebranding it as something of their own. If guys behind Magic made an easy to use app for their game such as Blizzard has for Hearthstone, that'd be ten times better alternative for Hearthstone.

Also do you really want to get good at yet another game from a company that basically destroyed SC2 by being indifferent about it and not supporting its playerbase the way Valve/Riot support theirs; do you want to get good at yet another game from a company that is not listening to WoW's playerbase, playerbase which basically fed them for past 10 years ?

TL;DR you're a fucking moron if you go play HoTS. I'm sure many disagree, but if you want to play a MOBA game, go play DOTA2 or League.

#4420852 6.2 PTR First Opinions

Posted Lolflay on 09 May 2015 - 12:17 AM

Also, if S17 does have higher sustained and this kind of burst, it's time to roll with Crit/Haste build as SPriest, if sustained damage AND burst are noticeable whatsoever, it'll be so good compared to Mastery/Versatility passive bullshit we're rolling with right now.

Dnno I'm actually excited, compared to S16, S17 could be fucking amazing if they fix a few other things.

#4420846 6.2 PTR First Opinions

Posted Lolflay on 09 May 2015 - 12:15 AM


Tbh they should just up the passive damage and reduce the burst a bit and it'll be perfect. I just want stuff to actually die before dampening if I forced trinket and their every defensive, instead of surviving just because the CC chain on healer was somehow interrupted and the healer instantly topped the target off from like 10% to 70% in a global or something.


#4420825 6.2 PTR First Opinions

Posted Lolflay on 08 May 2015 - 11:47 PM

So S8 levels of gibby

yes please

#4420561 pvp trinket cd being reverted back to 1 min in 6.2

Posted Lolflay on 08 May 2015 - 09:01 AM

View PostMetaclassx, on 08 May 2015 - 04:36 AM, said:

Damage is so high in PTR from what I've seen at full gear that I wouldn't expect people to live long at all.
Guess that's what happens when you go up 45 ilvls in a season

GOOD. S17 might be actually good then, cba with people living on 20% all the fucking time, because reasons.

#4418940 Warlords Gladiator mounts

Posted Lolflay on 05 May 2015 - 11:15 PM

I don't know, I dislike that it's a ground mount, but if they will never ever enable flying again in further xpacks, I'm okay with it actually.

#4418856 Why is Blizzard silent as WoW dies?

Posted Lolflay on 05 May 2015 - 10:02 PM

Here's things they shouldn't have strayed away from

- grinding honor for offpieces - main ( 5 piece ) and weapons were bought by arena points, and offpieces like bracers, rings etc were bought by honor, forcing pvp players to play BGs every season - you had a chance to face familiar people in BGs, etc - it was fun and it promoted BG community a bit

- gold being tied to outdoor questing zones - fuck garrison goldmaking, give us Isle of Quel'danas back

- dueling is tied to current game mechanics - if I could actually kill someone as DPS within 30 secs maybe I'd even play it.

- etc, I'll edit later

#4418730 The State of the Game

Posted Lolflay on 05 May 2015 - 04:14 PM

Seeing I don't have a US account, can someone please post my reply, thanks


This was a very interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, as it obviously took a lot of work. I'll try to respond to what I can.

Regarding pruning: we actually see a lot of conflicting feedback here, even in this thread. Players want their CC effects back (even niche ones like Scare Beast), but feel that the game has too much CC. Or they want burst damage toned down, but want us to give back abilities that contribute to burst (such as Colossus Smash for Fury).

Regarding niche CC abilities - it took skill as a Druid to shift out of forms to avoid Scare Beast, just as well as it took skill for a Hunter to Fear the Druid. That ability in question was never the problem in overabundance of CC in this game, it's in the same area as Shackle Undead - GREAT when used by a skilled player ( "DK Lichborne'd ? Okay, I'll shackle him, unless he cancelauras it" - that's a clear display of flavour, skill and interesting interactions in the game ). It added class flavour.

As for other part of the argument, people want more buttons to press. Those abilities don't have to return in the way they used to be before, you can always scale them down. We want great portion of burst damage being shifted to general sustained damage; with that argument said out loud - what's stopping you from re-adding problematic abilities like colossus smash and moving a portion of damage from one place to said ability ? ( e.g. - take 50% damage off Devouring Plague and make Mind Flay do more damage in return )


For example, this thread makes the argument that, due to pruning, players don't have enough options to respond to something another player is doing, which leads to predictable gameplay. It also makes the argument that classes have too many defensive cooldowns, too much mobility, too many CC breaks, and too many interrupts. Don't those two arguments contradict each other? If not, why don't they? Honest question; if I'm just missing something here, I want to know about it.

Those two arguments don't contradict each other. Predictable gameplay was always a part of this game, and it wasn't necessarily a huge thing before - yes, you knew what the enemy team could do to stay alive or to kill you, you always knew that if you were good - however in times like WoTLK, sustained ( and burst, in some cases ) damage was so high that it eliminated part of the equation the led to game being predictable and stale. The problem is when the game gets to a point it is in WoD - where sustained damage doesn't kill.

Let's say you did 100 damage in Wrath per attack, healer did 100 healing. Let's say you did 200 damage of burst in Wrath, healer did 200 heal under his "oh crap" stuff turned on.

In WoD, you do 100 damage per attack, healer does 200 healing. You do 200 damage of burst, healer does 400 healing with his "oh crap" abilities.

This leads to the point of game being predictable - you want to kill the Death Knight ? First of all, you can't outdamage his healer. Let's say Death Knight's healer is a Shaman. You have to burn through Shaman's trinket, first spirit link, second spirit link, ascendence, and various other mini things until you can kill the Death Knight. Likewise, you have to burn through DK's AMS/IBF/pet sac/etc. That means, unless the enemy team plays it wrong, or the game gets deep into dampening, nothing is going to happen. Ergo, game becomes STALE and PREDICTABLE.

Your game design should be around 3 minute matches, maximum four. Every DPS class should have one major and one minor defensive cooldown, and should otherwise completely rely on healers to survive. Your game design shouldn't revolve around keeping everyone pleased at all time, having an answer to everything like some classes do.


Don't get me wrong -- we're very open to feedback about which abilities you feel shouldn't have pruned, and what you feel is missing from your class. Just be aware that if you feel like you're missing another CC or defensive ability, you're essentially asking for us to put more of those in the game.

I also think it's dangerous to make the argument that niche options add a skill element. There was an example given of a Priest using Mind Soothe to eat Spell Reflect. That's definitely a good trick that a skilled player would use, but I would stop to question what exactly it is about that trick that makes it stand out.

At least in my opinion, the difficult part in that example is recognizing that Spell Reflect is active and quickly casting something unimportant. Mind Soothe made an obvious choice, when it was available. Now that it isn't, you have to think about the potential repercussions of whatever spell you cast being reflected. Doesn't that actually add more skill to dealing with Spell Reflect? Again, honest question.

First of all, Mind Soothe was an excellent ability in the days of when players were forced into the world. I remember soothing humanoids in TBC on Isle of Quel'Danas to not overpull stuff.

Second of all, it most definitely does not make dealing with Spell Reflect more skillful, don't even try to make that argument. Taking niche away from players and their classes is just bad design. The same way mass spell reflection being standalone buffs that aren't expended when one is consumed is bad design.


I'll also stress the importance of remembering that there are a lot of people who play this game, with a lot of different playstyles, in a lot of different communities and sub-communities. That's not just a PvE vs PvP thing -- it happens even within the PvP community. While a multi-rank 1 Gladiator might like having a few niche abilities they only use in specific circumstances, an entry-level PvP'er could be turned off by having to learn so much about other classes they've never played. A nerf to a class that's over-performing in Arenas could make them completely undesirable in RBG's. The challenge to our designers is in finding ways to accommodate all of those players as much as possible, which often means making hard decisions to make the game better for one group but potentially less enjoyable for another.

My friend was horrible at this game. He became good at it due to wanting to become good the way top PvPers who made PvP videos were good. Taking away from the top just so the bottom feels better isn't actually accomplishing anything but degrading the game and fun we have with the game. Understand that before it's too late.


Now, having said all of that, let me try to get one final point across: we agree that PvP in WoD is not the best it could be. We think we made a lot of great changes, and we've seen a lot more people trying out PvP in this season, but there were certainly a few missteps. Perhaps more importantly, there were some very valuable lessons learned for the future.

I wouldn't expect any huge, game-redefining changes in Patch 6.2, but that doesn't mean we aren't listening and acting on your feedback, and taking it to heart as we make our plans for what comes next.

PvP in WoD might be good in S17/18 if you feel like you can actually kill a person in a timely manner even when healer is free to do his stuff. If MoP/S16 trend of "nothing dies unless healer sits in CC for 20+ sec" continues, this game is going to continue being awfully boring.

You might make the argument "but if the healer can sit in 20 seconds CC now, and we increase the damage, doesn't this mean people will be ten times easier to kill because players will still do 20 second CC chains on healers ?", but please don't. We players are not fools.

If damage gets increased to the point where damage dealers are actually scary, meta will change to equally CCing DPS and healers, which is what you should want anyway.

#4418664 How do you feel about the pruning?

Posted Lolflay on 05 May 2015 - 11:54 AM

What was the point of removing Curses, Fel Flame, Renew from Disc/Shadow, Spinning Fire Blossom, stuff like that ?

I don't even.

#4416903 Stop the double healer dps teams

Posted Lolflay on 30 April 2015 - 09:09 AM

View PostRawsteel, on 30 April 2015 - 08:25 AM, said:

At least I get to play my class fighting this comp.

Secretsauce for warlocks is fearjuggle and keep swapping between the 2 healers.

WLS counters double healer so I have no doubt that you don't mind that combo. If the game still revolved around passive pressure and occasional "oh bursting" moments, instead of "oh doing nothing for a while and then doing shitloads of damage in window of 5 seconds and then doing nothing again for a while", comps like double healer wouldn't bother anyone really. But in a situation where game revolves around short kill windows, stuff like double healer is absolutely cancerous.

p.s. found a video of facing you in both s4 and s6 while I was cleaning my old HDD, want them ? :>

#4416633 if u hate the game click this

Posted Lolflay on 29 April 2015 - 03:41 PM

View PostWallirik, on 29 April 2015 - 01:34 PM, said:

The more instants the better.
I don't want to be this prone to faggots using every interrupt on me the entire game (still had to cast haunt to do any form of meaningful dmg).

I'm a mop hero though.

oh you

Wouldn't exactly call you a MoP hero though, I recall seeing your name when we were doing a boost in Cataclysm, you were already pretty decent back then and it wasn't a complete stomp from our side, and then when I met you again in S15/S16 I've lost without a fighting chance, so it surprises me that after God knows how many thousands of games and becoming prolly best EU lock, you actually want to play with instants like a 1500 rated idiot scrub who can't handle interrupts. I hate facing RMD atm as a Shadow Priest, but I'd gladly get forced by Blizzard to cast again. All this instantcast shit is boring as fuck.

It's a matter of warlock design right now though, too, so I understand where you're getting from. Still, casters not casting is something I'd gladly trade away, it just doesn't feel natural that boomkin can pop two of his CDs together with a trinket and just do 3 starsurges back to back and be all like "HEHE I DID MY JOB", other equivalents being 2x Ice Novas and Comet Storm, or Devouring Plagues and Mind Blasts. Shit's boring as fuck.

#4416561 I have a different idea

Posted Lolflay on 29 April 2015 - 12:40 PM

View Postmirag, on 29 April 2015 - 12:23 PM, said:

Sorry i meant vampiric embrance.


Tbh I'd just return that to its TBC ( ? ) incarnation., a buff on yourself that passively heals for 10 or 20% damage you do.

Or perhaps turn it into this

"Vampiric Embrace, Instant.

Places a shadow ward on a friendly target, healing them for 20% of single target damage you do"

Not a lot of healing, but enough to actually provide utility. No cooldown, but also dispellable, so if you want to keep it up, be prepared to rebuff it and waste globals on that.

#4416549 Reckful breaking up with his girlfriend of 9 years on stream

Posted Lolflay on 29 April 2015 - 12:10 PM

Oh, with one exception regarding the streaming "personalities" - I genuinely enjoyed Woundman's antics, dude's fucking funny as fuck.

#4416540 Reckful breaking up with his girlfriend of 9 years on stream

Posted Lolflay on 29 April 2015 - 12:06 PM

You people who care about this shit are the REASON idiots like Reckful and all those Big Brother stars get money, I could NEVER understand reality entertainment culture and never will, it's like those old women who do all their household shit and then watch Mexican TV soap operas to fill their lives by watching fake shit others do for money.

It tells you something about the people who actively watch Twitch when shit like "kappa" was born on that site, and that every female streamer has a subscriber button, like what the fuck ?

Only things WoW related worth watching are like... GCDTV, Venruki, Cdew, Jahmilli and Nahj ? Then you see Swifty, a 35-something old man acting like a retard on Twitch and getting 1k+ viewers anytime he streams, like wat.