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#4374857 What motivates you to play arena?

Posted Lolflay on Today, 10:49 AM

When you have a good, stable team that you've played with for a long time, this game is actually fun. Because winning is fun. Checked Wallirikz's stream a few days ago, watching them play that LSD reminded me how fun it is to play on a top tier team.

It's also fun to PvE with friends, maybe even hunt some hard to get achis. Mostly Feats of Strength though.

Other than that, WoW can suck my dick.

PvP wise, battlegrounds are not fun since the days of requiring 40 marks of specific BG per season to buy offpieces ( TBC ), world pvp doesn't exist since Elemental Plateau and Isle of Quel'Gankas days, arena is not fun at all ( unless, as I've said, you're on a top tier team ).

PvE also blows unless it's Mythic raiding.

Community of this game is a shadow of itself compared to before, WoW forums aren't worth shit since 2006, Arenajunkies is slowly dying ( I remember not being online for 7 days, witnessing 100 pages worth of posts in specific battlegroup threads alone, let alone class forums, general discussion, etc ), people are bitter and write posts that both defend the game ( when someone makes a remark on how unfun the game is, immediate responses who people who probably feel the same way : "quit then" ) and then attack the game at the same time.

Not to mention that there are still morons who cling on to their elitist ways, when the situation of the game is that they should be breeding new partners/opponents, instead of blocking the way for new players. These are not the WoTLK times when people were massively getting into PvP and had the motivation to become better due to that sick video they just saw on arenajunkies/Warcraftmovies. No matter how much of a dick Snutz was, I can bet his S8 video(s) got quite a lot of people to play a Warlock to Glad and above levels. These are the times when people simply don't give a fuck due to how butchered PvP became, so it kind of feels counterproductive to deny people. When your kingdom is falling apart, you don't enforce rules which threaten the rise of population, and you don't try to stay above it all - even the kings have to stoop down to peasant level when shit hits the fan.

That's my opinion. Wall of text'd nigs.

#4374737 Path of Shadow - a Shadow Priest guide [Patch : 6.0.3]

Posted Lolflay on Today, 07:28 AM

View Postlurkerrr, on 25 January 2015 - 10:15 PM, said:

Do you mind to update your armory prifile then? I am curious to see your equip. Thanks.

Also, I need an advice on how to damage while being tunneled by rogue + feral or dk+warrior? It seems that they just have enough interrupts to silence me forever...

My equip is exactly what I wrote, give or take. Cba updating profile, afraid AJ will break all the titles I have on it considering I don't have my old priest anymore ( therefore no access to my old titles ). Didn't even update a S9 and S12 helmet I got on RL mates priest because of it :D

View PostBishler, on 27 January 2015 - 10:04 PM, said:

Im rooting with lolflay here, gearwise. Even without going for haste offpieces/enchants you sit on a comfortable level of haste already. The flat dmg increase from mastery, and the added defensive potential from versatility are far better imo.

The way I'm gearing atm is:
- Versatility enchants on offparts, mastery on weapon
- Versatility gear only if there is also mastery on it, so dont take pieces with crit/multi only for the sake of also having versatility on them, since those stats are shit
- Offpart shoulders for the versatility/mastery and to still maintain your 4p setbonus

Precisely, that 3-4% extra damage reduction you'll get is quite huge imo in some of the games.

View PostTheed, on 28 January 2015 - 12:13 AM, said:

I am so tired of being trained.

Indeed. Holinka needs to realize this and get us some proper extra defensive CD, buff glyph of fade f.ex., give us a Glyph of Shadowform that reduces damage taken by other players specifically ( that way it doesn't affect PvE, which is why Shadowform was nerfed from 15% in the first place ), or return Inner Fire effect. This is getting quite boring, you can be a top player on Spriest and without a proper Mage/Druid with which you've got huge synergy with, you'll still fail, that's quite boring imo. They took our identity as a class that needed support of other classes to do damage by giving us the ability to do damage on our own, but instead placed us in a whole new situation where we basically can't survive unless 2 specific classes are backing us up.

I'd rather be in a situation where I need my teammates help to do damage and land kills, than be in a situation where I rely on my teammates to stay alive. I used to be able to live so long on my own during TBC/Wrath, even during Cataclysm. It's boring being left to mercy of your own team and enemy team, it's boring to be a liability. Then compare us to a Warlock, to a Mage, to a Hunter, etc - all those classes can shrug off damage pretty easily and are really really hard to kill, most classes are really really hard to kill right now - we're quite likely the only class(spec, whatever) in game that flops over so easily.

TL;DR - when it comes to survival we're probably on par ( or maybe a step on the ladder or two above ) Windwalkers, however unlike Windwalkers, we're ranged and therefore we can do damage without getting into enemy face, so OP resto druids can keep us alive - the only reason why we can step into arena and compete with other highrated players is because Resto Druids are so grossly overpowered that they can keep us alive and Frost Mages can control the shit out of enemy team. Remove both out of picture and you have a spec that's as gimmicky as Windwalkers are right now.

#4373543 Most hated comp to fight against

Posted Lolflay on Yesterday, 10:21 AM

Fuck Ferals and fuck WLS.

#4373537 i wish agony had initial dmg

Posted Lolflay on Yesterday, 10:08 AM

View PostDrokni, on 27 January 2015 - 07:24 AM, said:

Isn't 4s silence considered dispel protection?

Whenever I see a UA Warlock dropping all his DoTs ( especially if he casts Haunt ), all I do is press Detox, get damaged for not even 5% health and move on with my life. Kinda sad.

#4373528 Viable or Semi-Viable 2v2 comps for Shadow?

Posted Lolflay on Yesterday, 09:51 AM

I'm 2200 playing Feral/Shadow, only thing you really can lose to is a good played Hunter/Druid, which is majority of the ladder, so ya, have fun. You automatically win against double DPS teams and warrior/healers, those are scarce however.

I don't know how Frost/Shadow would work seeing Frost needs as much babysitting as a SPriest does vs dps/healer, Rogue/Spriest would only work as Combat and that'd fail as well because of how reliant combat is on stacking red buff ( takes time, and time is not exactly what you have as 2x DPS in 2s ).

Prolly our best comp is SPriest/Resto Druid. You can really kill stuff np in Silence(glyph)-Horror-Bash-Cyclone-Cyclone-Cyclone-Silence, could feasibly get to top 10 with it. Expect long drawn out games though.

#4372940 Is Holinka the worst thing that happenned to WoW PvP ?

Posted Lolflay on Yesterday, 01:47 AM

^ it's true for all classes - the bit about skill cap reduction

The only class left in game that still feels like you play WoTLK at is a Sub Rogue, and even them are not able to win games on their own like they could before.

Catching a player without trinket is not as punishing anymore, and that's simply wrong. I hated when Wrath introduced super fast playstyle compared to TBC, didn't think I'd ever look back at it fondly.

Feels super shitty not being able to win against someone until dampening kicks in.

#4371497 Is Holinka the worst thing that happenned to WoW PvP ?

Posted Lolflay on 26 January 2015 - 05:20 AM

View PostROKMODE, on 26 January 2015 - 05:05 AM, said:

lol I like how that's what you got out of that video , assuming the timestamp worked
never change lolol

Everyone hated his guts back then, this video brought up those memories :D

#4370267 shaman overlords 6.1

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2015 - 06:13 PM

I always deliver ;)

#4370261 sad state of hpalas

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2015 - 06:12 PM

View PostShaydd, on 24 January 2015 - 05:25 PM, said:

-1 rep


On topic, my real life friend who plays holy pala whined right at the start of season that "this isn't it" regarding state of holy paladins, guess he was right. Shame he can't multiclass.

#4370255 shaman overlords 6.1

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2015 - 06:10 PM

View PostKnaittiz, on 24 January 2015 - 04:46 AM, said:

Posted Image

Posted Image

#4370147 sad state of hpalas

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2015 - 05:12 PM

View PostKnaittiz, on 24 January 2015 - 04:25 PM, said:

Hey we faced you, and we arent a russian shadowcleave!

Finland = Russia

#4369358 $toneform getting nerfed in 6.1

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2015 - 03:38 AM

View PostKnaittiz, on 24 January 2015 - 03:23 AM, said:

that would take insane photoshop skills :(

I'm on it !

When I wake up however, sleepy as fk atm.

#4369292 shaman overlords 6.1

Posted Lolflay on 24 January 2015 - 02:45 AM

View PostNeuromancer, on 24 January 2015 - 02:38 AM, said:

We'll have to wait and see what makes it live and what won't. For some reason, I think we're going to see a couple more game changing changes over the next few PTR patches (thinking priests and paladins for sure).

Thing is, nobody gives a shit about priest and paladin changes as this is a change that mostly affects DPS, not other healers ( granted, it affects them due to being the healers of said DPS in said arena comps, but w/e - the DPS feel infinitely more times frustrated when enemy healer pops something than the healer of said DPS, it's annoying for him too but he isn't the one trying to mash his head through a brick wall, trying to make something happen ) - I personally don't want to setup kills all the fucking time and just have that go to waste just because everyone has million trinkets, ways out, etc.

It's tiresome, WoD fixed quite a few MoP issues that made me hate the game but a lot of those issues still remain - this change basically turns the progress around 180 degrees and backtracks towards MoP model.

Removing Kicks for some classes, reintroducing some damaging spells for DPS who now feel the lack of buttons to press, removing extra trinkets, increasing harshness of punishment you recieve when you make a single mistake, etc - that's the way to go with arena, not all this "oh yeah we want players to have a fighting chance".

Back in its most bursty period ( I believe it was S8, wasn't it ? ), this game had long drawn out games between good teams because they weren't making mistakes, the moment they did make a mistake they usually got globalled or something. It's boring seeing drawn out games with both teams making hilarious amount of mistakes, that's not the model arena should have. And that's why this change is dumb.

#4368617 PVE gear nerfs

Posted Lolflay on 23 January 2015 - 03:14 PM

View PostAhlaundoh, on 23 January 2015 - 02:48 PM, said:

it's like what he said flew right over your head

Int>Haste>Mastery>everything else for Affliction Warlocks, by a quite a big margin. Versatility is like 1.7 compared to Haste 2.5 and Mastery 2.45, that's assuming pure DPS, with ignoring how fast globals and casts become in a PvP setting.

PvP trinkets would have to be buffed to godlike levels to even begin rivaling Shards of Nothing. Unless SoN gets extra nerfed, on top of being reduced from 685 to 680 in PvP, which I didn't see them saying anywhere, so.

And when you're human, if you ditch the 15% bonus you might as well use imperator trinket or Darmac's Unstable Talisman ( when BRF gets released ), which at 680 are still better itemised than 690 PvP trinkets ( current ), MIGHT be slightly worse if said Godlike buff of PvP trinkets happens.

PvE trinkets in this expansion will still be a thing on classes that don't need the 15% damage reduction unless they get nerfed down by 20-30 ilvls and/or get their procs/on uses disabled in arena, exactly how it was like in MoP.

#4368536 Healer representation in Arena

Posted Lolflay on 23 January 2015 - 02:21 PM

View PostElorxo, on 23 January 2015 - 12:27 PM, said:

Getting a tad worried with all these 6.1 changes that are being released with absolutely no decent priest talent/set bonus/glyph/spell changes

No Hunter nerfs.

No purging nerfs.

No Druid nerfs.

No Priest ( in general, both Disc and Shadow ) survivability buffs.

No Feral nerfs.

Life's good =)