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#4591390 Here have some nostalgia

Posted Lolflay on 16 July 2016 - 07:58 AM


#4590853 So Pokemon go is a thing

Posted Lolflay on 12 July 2016 - 05:02 PM

There's a school for kids with special needs in my neighbourhood. PokeGym is located directly on top of said school. I took it over a couple of times. While I was waiting for the bus ( bus stop is right across the schools yard ), I witnessed 2 kids having a cry/rage tantrum because someone keeps taking their gym. 10/10 would play again.

Other than that, trash game.

#4585341 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted Lolflay on 28 May 2016 - 04:33 AM

I played maybe 10 hours and they didn't allow me to refund the game. So those idiots value 10 hours of gameplay at 40 euros, smh. Greedy pieces of shit.

Every single Blizzard game since end of Wrath is a steaming pile of unbalanced hot shit ( not that WoW was ever balanced ).

No idea why I bothered coming here, logging in and posting, I guess I felt the need to say this in a place where people do understand how shitty of a company Blizzard is.

#4580691 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted Lolflay on 05 May 2016 - 01:59 PM

Everyone Who Types Like This Is Fucking Retarded

So Basically The Entirety Of America.

#4580322 On vanilla PvP

Posted Lolflay on 03 May 2016 - 01:39 PM

Multiple difficulties of raiding is one of the things that killed this game.

LFR and normal/heroic need to be removed, and only mythic needs to remain.

#4578975 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted Lolflay on 27 April 2016 - 01:15 AM

The problem with Blizzard is that they've branched out. And one of their games is an immense success right now ( Hearthstone ), one is bound to be a success ( that shitty Overwatch TF2 clone, but I guess I'll eat my words if the game ends up being fun ), one is still extremely profitable ( WoW ), and one is profitable everytime they release a new expansion ( Diablo 3 ).

They're not only fine money-wise, they're mighty fine. So they don't need to listen to anyone. WoW makes TONS of money with expansions every 1-2 years, subscription fees, extra services, and nowadays tokens+lvl boosts. WoW is still a major cash goose. And WoW is no longer their primary focus like it used to be 5-6 years ago, so whatever really.

Why would they fix what's working from a financial perspective? Them focusing solely on making WoW great again would be akin to Riot games releasing 5 other MORE successful titles than League and then suddenly deciding to go back to League of Legends and fix it when it's in a state of dying for a long while. Fuck, they had SC2, _THE_ e-sport game, the game that started it ALL, and they fucked it up and let it go to hell. Mighty hilarious for a company that apparently wants a slice of the esport cake.

They don't give TWO FUCKS over petitions or the outcry of the community. They're bound to be nice to you the same way POTUS is bound to be nice to the American people, but outside of being nice in conversations and doing the bare minimum to keep the masses at least a bit happy, they will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER go out of their way to truly please the community.

Ergo, those legacy realms won't happen. Money talks, and money said that WoW is fine.

#4578972 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted Lolflay on 27 April 2016 - 01:06 AM

Fuck I actually don't want legacy servers to happen just so all these whiners keep whining.

You people are being really annoying, just don't play the fucking game if you don't like live ( and honestly, live 3v3 isn't even half bad, it's fun if you're playing with the right people ). You don't _NEED_ WoW in your life. I used to live this game 8-10 years ago, nowadays even if I have an active sub, I play maybe 2 hours per week.

I'm the biggest advocate of them fixing this game up, hell I wrote shitton of wall of texts on the state of WoW, and nobody would be happier than me if I had my favorite hobby/pasttime back in a state where it's able to sink as much of my time away as I can put into it, but if they're not obliging and you don't like that they're not doing it, then move the fuck on.

We've all already realized one way or another that Blizzard simply stopped giving a shit about its customers and are pushing their fucking policies and game development strategies down everyone's throats. They decided to fucking make a DOTA/League clone and a TF2 clone instead of fixing all 3 games that belong to their biggest franchises ( WoW/D3/SC2 ). They've been middle fingering all of their communities for ages now, it's honestly nothing new.

Again, you don't need WoW in your life. And they will NEVER make true legacy realms, because iirc, they stated some time ago that they don't have the source files anymore for vanilla, and they for sure wouldn't let outside help like Nostalrius team handle it.

So stop chasing a dream that will never come true.

#4578120 On vanilla PvP

Posted Lolflay on 22 April 2016 - 02:14 PM

View PostJamminlove, on 22 April 2016 - 02:03 PM, said:

FeelsBadMan. I didn't really play nostalrius and although I miss vanilla I sure as hell would appreciate other expansions being famous so I could play tbc or wotlk again with a large crowd. I made this post however just to bring a point up because some people kept saying PvP was simple and boring and lacked skill. I thought this video proved my point exactly - if you watched the whole thing and actually think it was basic vanilla gameplay that's fair but I just beg to differ D:

You're honestly underestimating how much time people spent playing vanilla ( and TBC ) if you think your video showcased better play than some I've seen during vanilla. Video you've linked is of a Rogue who learned the game in a expansion environment and transferred his skills to vanilla privrealm, nothing new there, he's shown nothing but basic Rogue gameplay coupled with a few of vanilla specialty trinkets/etc.

But then again, understand that I've been in the PvP scene for years, so what's basic to me might not be basic to someone else. Vanishing deathcoils and immuning stuff that's flying towards you has basically become something of a intuitive thing to me so such gameplay is no longer something I view as interesting. So seeing a duel between one rogue and one mage who've obviously dueled for many times to the point where they started to predict each other's abilities is imo nothing special.

Meh, maybe I'm just fed up of WoW.

#4578117 On vanilla PvP

Posted Lolflay on 22 April 2016 - 02:09 PM

Don't group me with people who generally hate on vanilla advocates, I literally don't give two fucks. I've played vanilla from the start of the game 'till TBC release, it was insanely fun, but I'd never do it again, the memories of people and things are way too unique to tarnish by playing on a private realm. But that's me, if you want to play Vanilla, play it.

But the thing is that Vanilla diehards will never get their way in any official capacity, so doing dumb shit like collecting signatures is honestly so fucking laughable. And linking vanilla PvP videos and describing them as "skill" is also hilarious. Yeah vanilla had that spectrum of the game where you could use extra trinkets/equipment/consumables to make PvP more interesting ( I still have vivid memories after all these years of the hate I had due to having to wait a few seconds after rogues popped shadow reflector to coil them ), but it didn't have nearly enough depth as TBC/Wrath duels/arenas had. It was fun to shit on kids while I had top tier PvE gear, but don't act like the PvP was way more fun than it was in TBC/Wrath, because it simply wasn't.

All in all, if you want to play Vanilla, fine, however stop posting shit about it for fucks sake. Shutting down Nostalrious is the worst WoW-related thing in a while, not because I view it as a loss for ( any ) community, but because ever since Nostalrious shut down, people have been raving 24/7 about Blizzard - justified, you might think? No, the people who have NEVER played on Nostalrious and never cared about the realm are suddenly upset on Blizzard and are whining 24/7, signing stupid petitions to make official vanilla realms, etc etc.

Like shut the fuck up already, I'd rather read Ashley's daily updates on the non-existing WoW PvP scene than read more shit about Vanilla or how Blizzard sucks. Yeah, Blizzard blows moose wang, nobody is disagreeing here, move the fuck on.

#4578054 On vanilla PvP

Posted Lolflay on 22 April 2016 - 09:50 AM


You Vanilla people are starting to get boring as fuck. And in this video I've seen nothing but basic Rogue vanilla gameplay.

#4577931 Really clutch wod play

Posted Lolflay on 21 April 2016 - 11:04 PM

I find it so fucking annoying that I can't Disperse projectiles that are en route towards me

Disperse on 40% with chaosbolt in the air ( having just left warlocks hands ), dead, l0l gg great game

#4577742 Lets vote.

Posted Lolflay on 21 April 2016 - 12:58 PM

View PostRandomguy, on 21 April 2016 - 12:40 PM, said:

would be nice to play good seasons (s10, s14, s15) they wont do that so ... fuck legacy servers


s7, there, fixed that for you

although s8 s10 and s15 were pgood

#4575375 Pretty good post on PvP by Harland

Posted Lolflay on 12 April 2016 - 11:08 AM

View PostMontyx, on 11 April 2016 - 03:29 PM, said:

I don't understand how there are people who actually get confused by this game. It isn't rocket science. If people are seriously that ignorant and easily confused by abilities then they shouldn't have been playing to begin with.

I'm by no means an average WoW player - 10x+ glad titles behind me and a history of raiding in a few top 50 guilds. Yet I was completely lost for the first week or two in WoW in regards to basic combat abilities ( kept using my staff to kill mobs instead of casting spells on mobs ), and I was lost for much longer on the basic concepts of what you have to do in an MMO ( for example, I thought having "of the Eagle" gear as a Warlock was the best in Vanilla ). Oh, and I also grinded to level 60 without doing quests at all in Vanilla, maybe the occasional dungeon when someone whispered me or I saw someone advertise in /1. Granted, I did come from a FPS background with not having played a single RPG game up until WoW, but still.. This game used to be fairly complex back in the day. Hell, get a new player a portal to some place and chances are he'll be lost as fuck for a while until he discovers he has a Hearthstone or something.

So no, getting into WoW wasn't/isn't easy. Don't knock it down, it was a fairly complex game both to start playing, and to start playing properly on the end game. However, simplifying the early game isn't so much of an issue tbh... The problem is that they started trivializing the endgame ( duh, as we all know ). Actually, even an awful expansion like MoP had it's skillpeaks that were kind of hard to reach - playing an Affliction Warlock properly with all the snapshotting and other shit was super hard ( notice I said "PROPERLY" - this isn't to say that a scrub couldn't make a lock and simply soulswap dots around and pollute good results )

If you simplify the endgame, you take the appeal of MMO's away - aka, you stop hooking people on the game. This first started in Wrath when you could get geared up for ICC/earlier raids by simply spamming those ICC heroics, suddenly the average guy had nearly the same gear as someone who raided beforehand. Fuck, I was in a world top 20 guild during Ulduar, and I had nearly BiS gear ( full t8.5, all the trinkets etc etc ) - I stopped raiding after that tier, and I wanted to raid again in ICC - suddenly I see a guy who has better gear than me from crafting+new ICC heroics+normal ToC10 - what the fuck?

What they need to do is make people play tiers again. Like, I'm talking TBC style. There's no going into SSC unless you've completed Karazhan/Gruul. There's no going into Sunwell unless you've finished Black Temple. And they need to make people work for gear again. <- this is especially easy right now considering PvP gear is gone in next expansion, meaning that Blizz won't have to worry about people grabbing PvP gear from vendors and being able to enter raids immediately. Also, "normal" version of a tier 2 raid SHOULDN'T drop better loot than "heroic" version of tier 1 raid.

Also, they really fucked up with the dungeons. I remember back in TBC - EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER had to grind heroics because from heroics came the BiS trinkets ( Icon of the Silver Crescent <3 ) that were BiS for the major part of the expansion, and came other pieces of gear that were, if not BiS, then nearly BiS, even for BT/Sunwell raiders. Current dungeons - herp derp, some blues and apexis shards lulz. What are Apexis shards used for again? I don't know, and I played WoD seriously during Highmaul/BRF/WoD S1 and I'm playing it casually now in S3.

But alas, they'll never make the game harder again, simply because that's not their goal with the game anymore. Timesinks aren't popular with the current generations - they're the generation that are used to buying a game from Android market and then dump 100 dollars on it just to have it completed. This is the business model Blizz is aiming at, and they can suck my fat cock and my hairy balls for it.

#4572633 legion...

Posted Lolflay on 01 April 2016 - 09:39 AM

If they read player comments, they always hear whining and are shrugging it off as playerbase being retarded and whining about every change, but they don't hear the important legit whining coming from distinguished players who actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

Also, one thing that extremely bothers me is removing the power of customization from the player. Sure, these PvP templates could be the next best thing since sliced bread, but outside of that, gearing seems awful ( mind you, I'm mostly talking about the overall game, not only about PvP segment of the game ). Back in TBC/Wrath you could enchant/gem almost every piece of equipment. Yes, the cookie cutter stats build did exist for every spec, but removing the option to go all like +stamina gems on a Rogue is ridiculous. Would it be stupid to go all sta gems? Absolutely. But removing that option means you're being forced into what they're promoting as the best.

In the past, they designed a class/spec and it was up to the playerbase to figure out what's the optimum way to play it. Then cookie cutter specs/enchants/gems would be used by the majority of informed players, and then specs would get buffed/nerfed accordingly. It seemed that Blizzard truly didn't know whether a spec would want to go all out Haste gems or gem purely for Int or for something else ( or they knew but didn't deliberately force the people into one direction ), they just designed the general outline of the spec and let players find out the best way to play it. Like, I doubt it that they knew that f.ex. Sub Rogues would want ArP over Agility in late Wrath, it was players simply finding the optimum way to play something. ( this is further reinforced by the lack of PvP ArP gear for Rogues, as they had to take it all from ICC if they wanted moderately good levels of ArP in PvP ).

Then Cataclysm happened and they started baking in all the stats you need into your spec. Then WoD removed gem slots and enchants, and now designing specs is entirely in their hands and you can't do jack shit about it, the only thing you can really change about your character is it's item level and it's talents in the talent system. It's like buying a car and instead of having all of the options ( color, equipment, tires, etc ) you just get one singular model with predefined color and everything, and are told by the company that you can't change anything about it ( don't like the seats? too bad ).

The worst thing about this is all is that they're gradually ( ever since Cataclysm ) moving away from the MMO model, and as the game is losing subs ( because it's becoming less and less of an MMO ), they go all like "meh MMO market seems to be waning, better focus on shit like Heroes of the Storm which will never take off".

#4572564 @Holinka TBC Interfaces

Posted Lolflay on 01 April 2016 - 12:34 AM

First of all, drop the condescending tone, and I'm neither a kid nor your bro. In fact, in this specific instance I'm your superior.

Second of all, I never said that Disc needed to be carried ( not that I would know anyway, considering I'm a Shadowpriest 99% of time ). What everyone said was that there were 4 specs that were highly above everything else ( arms, SL/SL, restokin, sub rogue ). There were a few specs who were on the level of the aformentioned four, provided they were played properly ( shadow, disc, frost, hunters ).

"A good enh or ret team in tbc you would feel dumb AF". How fucking ARROGANT can you be ROFL. Do you fucking know how many hours people kept logging on TBC back on retail? Probably way more overall time spent playing the expansion than the crowd who decided to play TBC on some private realm. By saying "a good enh or ret team" you're insulting people who were maining those classes way before some buffoon decided to install a TBC client and go play on some 2nd grade TBC realm. There were people who were desperately trying to make their underdog main specs work ( though some did find a way - HUMAN Ret/Rogue was a fucking annoying team to fight as a Resto Druid ; Enh/Restokin was also extremely annoying towards Resto Druids )., and even then they were below the top FOTM teams, even if they were miles better than those players.

Starting to play Poker almost 10 years after someone else stopped, then telling them how advanced you are compared to them does not compute and is in fact rather fucking stupid. If the numbers are the same, the specs are the same ( unaltered compared to retail ), then the same metagame will be played just as it was played a few years ago ( with WoTLK AT being the exception, considering people learned to play against Resto Druids, so their power insanely diminished in the metagame ). TBC was insanely restrictive when it came to innovation ( even though it was probably the best arena period ), so people suddenly figuring out that shit like Ferals are actually good and then going on to actually win games against GOOD Rogue/Druids or Warr/Druids ( who should btw completely DOMINATE the ladder ) is a highly unlikely notion if everyone is equally good in the equation.

Feel free to not reply as I won't be reading or answering to your next post on this subject, cba wasting time on something that's completely unrelevant atm.