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Yesterday, 03:46 PM

I don't play since a while ago, but to help you out :

- Haste historically always outscaled the living SHIT out of other stats as time went on, so while Mastery and Versatility are both ridiculously potent when being stacked, they might ( mathematically ) lose to Haste - one of them, both of them, or possibly none of them - making the entire gearing style obsolete - it all depends on stat allocations and item budget of the new gear ( I don't know the iLVL of said gear, and I can't be bothered calculating shit for a dead crappy game but w/e )

- I can tell you for certain that only Nithramus will remain viable and superior to PvP rings of the two rings mentioned, the crafted one, unless there's a new upgrade, will be inferior to new rings as long as they're 735+, and Nithramus can be upgraded to as much iLvLs as you want to upgrade it ( via shard from Archimonde )

Hope this helps.

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22 November 2015 - 02:23 AM

View PostROKMODE, on 21 November 2015 - 07:21 PM, said:

I don't get why blizzard has so many fuckin sub systems now
glyphs, specialization, specialization talents, general talents, pvp talents???

all for what??
to reuse the same fucking spells and tooltips but only in a more convoluted form so that scrubs don't feel overwhelmed by the overall toolkit

such a lazy company

It's just a bad game produced by a negligent company at this point, Legion might be the first xpack I don't try at all. I realise I might contradict myself from a few months ago, but the more time passes since the last login, the clearer the situation. ( I can't offer a valid explanation on why I still visit this forum from time to time though )

And I'm not saying it's a "bad game" to be a cool kid like the rest of shitheads who use that word very liberally, I'm saying it's a bad game because for 45 euros and I guess ~50ish euros of monthly subs, all I got was mount and transmog farm runs which weren't even fun, just felt like "something to do". Well, okay, I ~guess~ PvE was alright, for SOME time.

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22 November 2015 - 02:10 AM

View PostOdrareg, on 22 November 2015 - 02:04 AM, said:

you puzzle me

He just has horrible explaining skills.

What he's saying is that specific class/spec/ability numbers need to be intrinsically separated when it comes to balancing, and that the PvP population needs to not worry about the numbers they're seeing on dummies/other non PvP related stuff, and instead should be worried about inside arena/BGs/whatever.

He has this idea that players complaining equals Blizzard not doing all the right changes, which is funny, considering Blizzard has THE track record of a company that has the WORST response times when it comes to balance issues and when it comes to common sense in that regard.

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17 November 2015 - 06:14 AM

nice post bigmoron~

I didn't like Cataclysm, that's why I quit and sold my account, but I do agree that it felt kinda fun to play, even though it already started to be ridiculous way back then.

I also didn't like Mists of Pandaria ( UGH, ganking some PvE geared faggot that backpeddles on Timeless Isle and getting killed because his shitty pve gear has shitload of iLvLs above my PvP gear ), there was so much shit wrong with the game, but it ALSO was ~KIND OF~ fun to play. It wasn't nearly as hard to play as previous xpacks, and you were more constrained into certain things.

But WoD is just something else. It actually felt kinda *better* to play than Cata/MoP ( at the start, and a bit into the xpack ), but what broke the game for me was not the repetetiveness. I could live with repetitiveness tbh. No, what broke the game for me was there not being any room for playing different whatsoever ( this might contradict my previous sentence, but it really doesn't ). But the most obvious gameplay decisions were the most effective ones, and if you lost using them, instead of trying to find something that works for YOU or YOUR TEAM SPECIFICALLY like you could in the past, all you could do is improve ON THE MOST OBVIOUS STRAT YOU FIGURED OUT IN THE START, instead of trying to invent something new.

The godcomp/shatter 30 sec setups, the RMD 30 sec setups, anything else even remotely fitting inside that - I'm okay with that. Sure, it's depthless and repetitive gameplay, but it could be fun in a proper environment - a proper environment where people actually die.

For Legion to be even remotely good, they'd have to get rid of SHITLOADS of defensive cooldowns. I'm talking TBC style, where every class/spec only has one defensive next to their trinket, not the situation where everyone and their mother has a mini shield wall + a real shield wall + other random shit like CC breakers and other crap.

And that's not going to happen. The only two classes that HAVE to have a lot of cooldowns are Rogues and DKs because their design from the start required it, if you deviate from their dependency on said cooldowns, you'd either turn them into shitty classes or really OP ones - I'm fine with 2 classes being balanced by their ( defensive ) cooldowns. But everything else, after trinket and a defensive are used, needs to be killable in a single swap if their positioning is off by even a slightest bit.

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14 November 2015 - 12:19 AM

actually what's the fucking point of doing someone elses parenting for them rofl, I truly don't care enough to bother with this shit