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In Topic: NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Today, 12:31 PM

Einz schnitzel bitteschön, Fimber. Mit extra kartoffel.

In Topic: Mage rogue nerf??

Today, 11:24 AM

View PostJim_Jim, on 29 August 2015 - 10:45 AM, said:

Yes that's the problem, they have too much thing to allow this kind of "skill.".
You will never see a ret paladin using his divine shield / bop to remove a charge stun. Because they have nothing else to survive after that.

What ?

I'm pretty sure I've seen Mystic using bubble to finish someone off

In Topic: Mage rogue nerf??

Today, 09:11 AM

View PostSaiyko, on 29 August 2015 - 08:39 AM, said:

Had this happen this season at 2.8 mmr, the Mage Blocks out of a Charge Stun on his Polymorph cast, was pretty glorious.

I consider such things skill though. I oftentimes Disperse to get rid of snares and to get to my target to finish it off, it's pure skill knowing WHEN you should/can use a major cooldown on trivial things to keep you ahead.

But Warlocks Unbound Willing shit like Gouges and other shit, that on the other hand is just dumb as fuck and not skill in any form or way.

In Topic: Mage rogue nerf??

Today, 01:02 AM

Like, one of the reasons why RMD is so powerful right is simply the fact that mage can simply start casting sheep and simply spam his frostjaw/ring button while casting sheep AND FULLY EXPECT YOU TO INTERRUPT HIM AND INSTEAD OF FAKING, EAT THE INTERRUPT, and immediately follow up without a contest even if interrupted, and that frees up the druid to cyclone because at the moment the mage is trying to get CC, good portion of cross CC is already in effect, and if you devote any resources into stopping the druid as well, you're simply on the losing side, period.

In Topic: Mage rogue nerf??

Today, 12:59 AM

Pretty sure people wouldn't enjoy 0.8 sec cast sheeps, that and sub 1 second fears were the reason why this entire charade about debuffs/dispels/instant casts started.

In TBC, casters could cast pretty much freely, only classes with interrupt were warriors, warlocks, mages, rogues, shamans ( also, kicks were on global cooldown )

In Wrath, casted CC was starting to drop below 1 second. I remember Daanzka having 0.5 sheeps or something under lust+veins ? I remember it being impossible to SWD

people whined about CC and casting between Wrath and Cata

In Cata, casted CC got bumped to 1.7 baseline cast time from 1.5, people started getting more outs, haste amounts on gear were generally nerfed a lot. Everyone got interrupts, everyone got dispels, dispel protections were removed - suddenly it became super important to cross CC, and to land CC reliably ( deep freeze sheeps etc )

In MoP, due to further increase of outs, and due to introduction of instant cast CC's, stopping CC became super powerful, while landing CC became even more powerful ( YOLO GODCOMP: Feather+guise into aoe FEAR, Deep sheep sheep sheep silence disorienting roar cyclone cyclone cyclone fear ROFL )

and now in WoD we have a situation where it'd be impossible to land any CC versus a half competent Turbo for example, if there wasn't a way to first get a instant CC up, and then follow it with a hardcasted CC

So the problems in this situation regarding CC :

- amount of interrupts in the game
- amount of random shit in the game that can prevent a CC ( mass reflection, nimble brew, unbound will, etc )

To make the best out of a worst situation, SERIOUSLY, simply place RoF and Poly on same school, and make Frostjaw not root the target anymore. VOILA, mages fixed