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In Topic: Cyclone and Fear now share DR in WoD

Today, 12:29 AM

View PostAngrypiexx, on 19 April 2014 - 11:51 PM, said:

ALL THIS MESS cause they don't wanna reverse that dispel change bullshit

Rofl ye. Seriously, this game is not even worth playing without CC playing a huge part, without CC present, the game will devolve into damage spamming pve combos like TSG or LSD, which is not fun at all. Current incarnation of the game has way too much CC in it, instead of simply stopping at removing dumb instacast CCs like scatter and trap launcher, they're going into the extreme of promoting brainless play. Returning and preordering WoD seems more and more like a bad decision on my end by the day.

In Topic: Cyclone and Fear now share DR in WoD

Yesterday, 05:21 PM

And just one last thing - I've made my opinion clear some odd 2-3 weeks ago when I first saw alpha notes - their purpose was to reduce the amount of CC in the game - yet they're keeping it, just placing it in same DR categories, which means that the playstyle of creating a long CC chain on the healer to land a kill will probably be gone, and it'll be replaced by the playstyle of people still playing comps with a lot of CC, but instead of trying to create CC chains, they'll just spam it on the DR and spread it evenly across the entire enemy team, meaning it'll be even more of an aids environment than the current one, I'd love to see people getting their non-instants off in such a environment.

In Topic: Cyclone and Fear now share DR in WoD

Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Correct actually, forgot that this means that Clone and Blind will share DRs yet again, that means even more comps where druids will be fucked.

It's just fucking hilarious that all of the sudden they decided to nerf Druid synergy with most of the classes they want to play with, rofl.

Priests have always brought the offensive playstyle + dmg to the team

Shamans have always brought insanely strong healing and utility to the team, and were oftentimes #1 choice for the prolonged game playstyle as they're consistent during the whole match

Paladins have always brought insanely strong cooldowns during which nothing can die, and were always used for rushdown comps

Monks apparently bring really solid safety factor, as they're pointless to swap to, and insanely strong healing output, they rival a shaman with their consistency

Druids always brought CC and decent healing - with CC part gone, nobody in their right mind would want to play with a druid over a monk or a shaman.

What Nadagast said is completely true, there needs to exist a clear diversity and purpose amongst healers, this homogenization bullshit is getting way out of control.

In Topic: Cyclone and Fear now share DR in WoD

Yesterday, 02:58 PM

View Postsarma, on 19 April 2014 - 02:25 PM, said:

:shaman: :druid: :warlock:

:warrior: feral :druid: :paladin:
:rogue: feral :druid: :priest:
:hunter: feral :druid: :priest:
:priest: feral :druid: :shaman:

:warlock: :shaman: :druid:
:mage: :warlock: :druid:
:rogue: :warlock: :druid:
:warrior: :warlock: :druid:
:deathknight: :warlock: :druid:

:mage: :priest: :druid:
:rogue: :priest: :druid:

:warrior: :priest: :druid:
:warrior: :mage: :druid:

probably more. More than enough of comps would suffer thanks to this change, and that's grounds to not allow that change to go through. Sure, some of these combos are not tier 1 right now ( mostly because the respective classes involved either don't mesh well at this point of time due to damage issues or stuff like that, but still, those are all viable combos that were viable at one point in time and will remain viable again at some other point in time, precisely because of the synergy.

Last time they nerfed fear was back at WoTLK start, because of how well RMPs abused the lack of CC DRs in the combo- they made it so fear and blind share same DRs, and in process they obliterated most of disc/shadow + rogue combos in 3s. Stuff like rogue lock priest was a thing which worked very nicely back in TBC, and took way more skill than most of shit being played right now, while the comp targetted with these nerfs, RMP, didn't even feel a fucking thing.

My point being - this fear change doesn't dictate whether or not LSD/2 will continue being a thing, it will only dictate how much druid will struggle with finding partners - it's the Warlock+Shaman making the combo op, not the Druid+Warlock. LSD is a thing right now because of how stupid elementals are atm, if elemental shamans weren't so stupid, most warlocks would play either WLS or MLS, because you simply wouldn't have kill potential without elemental slotmachines each hitting well over 100k. ( LSD2 on the other hand would still be decent, sure, but last i checked, people whine about LSD1, not 2 ). LSD, will, even with all the Fear nerfs ( if they go through ), STILL be a top combo in WoD provided they still retain the same damage dealing mechanic and the same healing throughput. Stuff like LSD does not give a shit about CC nerfs as long as their damage/healing numbers are high - the only reason LSD sucked from s8 -> s9 was because elementals and warlocks did no damage at all in Cataclysm compared to everyone else.

Seriously people, everyone who wants this change is simply fucking stupid, you may call me biased or any other name, but I doubt it rookie players understand this game better than veteran players do. There's one thing to be mad about a certain comp, it's a completely different thing to want fundamental game mechanics to be changed in a way which destroys synergy for countless comps out there.

In Topic: Started From The Bottom, Now I'm Nowhere

Yesterday, 10:37 AM

View PostBailamosx, on 09 April 2014 - 08:12 PM, said:

Will Moran.

You're right. I'm sorry for my lack of professionalism on this prestigious online pixelated forum. I'd hate it if the community called me a, "flamer".

Posted Image

Holy shit. This Bigmoran guy annoys me to pieces, but did you actually link someones picture as a fucking argument ?

You have some social disorder, or are you just that plain incompetent in social interactions ? Just fucking stop posting. ( also let's not even mention how you think you're a special snowflake about being a "good RBG player" when you're playing a thing that suffers from 5v5 syndrome )