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In Topic: Hey, 2015 Blizz - meet yourselves from the past

23 May 2015 - 07:11 PM

You people should've went to law school considering how good you are at taking shit out of context.

But yes, I absolutely believe my posts are ten thousand fucking times better than posts that serve exclusively as forum clutter ( "hehe shit game; hehe what noob still plays; lol why the fuck does gcdtv even try, SHIT GAME!!!; hehe im jaime fuck mages yolo" ).

But w/e, I'm done, both of you are hopeless :)

In Topic: Hey, 2015 Blizz - meet yourselves from the past

23 May 2015 - 01:43 PM

View PostReliuna, on 23 May 2015 - 12:34 PM, said:

but are you not delusional?

even in this post you believe you are some kind of great source of information and that Blizzard will take your existance into account, they've had information from AJ for 7 years now, 99% of the time they do not give one shit.

just because u wasted a big deal of your life on this game does not mean that they have to listen or care about you, but somehow in your deluded mind you are important to them and what you write on arenajunkies.com is what they're gonna change in their game.

Is your reading comprehension seriously so damaged ? First of all, why the fuck do you even think I have some sense of false grandeur, if any at all ? And I didn't waste any of my time on this game that I wouldn't have wasted otherwise on other activities, this game never came even top 5 on my priority list in life ( actually vanilla did, but highschool was ez and people kept getting grounded ). Nonetheless, stop trying to profile someone if you can't do it successfully.

What I DO believe however is that shit I write is ten thousand times better for this forum than internal jokes and "man this game is shit" posts. But whatever floats your boat really, think what you want.

To the guy who mentioned friends - I actually met two of my best RL mates thanks to this game ( and gaming in general ). Also life goes on and people lose touch, etc. I've got several friends who are studying/working abroad, and a lot of buddies are scattered across the country. Games are a perfect medium to keep in touch with them on a daily basis. Best part is when people get upset that you don't say hello to them from time to time, yet they know that they can join a skype convo/game lobby whenever they want to. I've also never been able to juggle social groups more than now thanks to technology and gaming in general. Coming back home from a beer session with your college buddies to playing games with people you otherwise wouldn't have time for.

I think we're way past the point of shunning people for some things, so with all his other retarded opinions, leave Regent be on this matter because he's actually correct.

In Topic: Hey, 2015 Blizz - meet yourselves from the past

23 May 2015 - 03:01 AM

@ reliuna and that huntard - ya, 9 months later, everything that could've been said was said. If Blizz ever decides to listen to playerbase, they have more than enough info right here on this forum. And calling me delusional and telling me I sit on AJ for hours per day is a bit retarded ( :) ) considering I check it once per day. And on top of that, I haven't logged in a while. But ya, you got me on the long reply part, which is a habit I developed due to having to deal with peasants on online forums :)

As for League shop and ADC item diversity, it's not really my intention to defend League, however picking adcs as an example of bad shop system is quite dumb. Being adc is like being DPS in PvE, your intention is to dish AS MUCH dmg as possible, so you'll always build highest DPS output items. Theres some variation between adcs ( ezreal not liking AS f.ex. ), but ya.

Dnno, HoTS is a game intended for casual population and wants to lure players with simplicity and easy to handle gameplay from the very start. Blizzard is all about that lately, accessibility combined with fun mechanics where applicable - and the reason that's offputting is because I don't WANTany game dev to level the playing field for me. Game devs ( Blizz included ) used to build games on a certain level and they wanted you to be on that level of akill to finish the game. It was like "here, you bought our game, now have fun busting your balls dude, we did great design and poured passion into this game, but you're the one who has to man up and beat the game". While nowadays, every dev seems to think that players arw morons and are all like "ya heres the product, should be easily beatable, hope you have a nice GPU tho, eYe cAnDy nIgGaz pce". Whatever happened to interesting game design that didn't automatically assume that target playerbase is retarded and can't handle the game ?

Games with no depth from the start are meant for phones and facebook, that trend pouring into main PC game development is an abomination. Sure, I agree with "easy to pick up, hard to master" - but not THIS EASY.

In Topic: Hey, 2015 Blizz - meet yourselves from the past

22 May 2015 - 01:47 AM

View PostReliuna, on 21 May 2015 - 08:24 PM, said:

the denial is strong

Ya totes.

I totally didn't quit back when game started to be shit ( 2011 ) and came back in 2014 only because RL mates wanted to raid together and were convincing me the game was actually good. ( klol, it fucking wasn't, but WoD was around the corner so I was like w/e lets give them a chance )

I'm this close to uninstalling Shitstone as well, playing my hands perfectly and then losing just because the faggot on other side decided to top deck the only card in his deck that could save him.

Rather get fucked in CSGO where I know I can make or break the game on my own, than get fucked in Blizz games, because reasons. And Bobby Kotick.

In Topic: Hey, 2015 Blizz - meet yourselves from the past

21 May 2015 - 06:06 PM

Small fix Dreoras - WoW's not losing subs because old people are leaving. Life doesn't work that way, otherwise a lot of games would be dead already. WoW's losing subs because Blizzard genuinely doesn't give a fuck.

What you said is like "ow, human race is dying because that dude died" - nah, someone else will replace him. The same way a player who quit will be replaced by a new player, providing the game is actually good.

Before they added all sorts of content to the game. Now they release a new season and a new raid tier and that's it. Old Blizzard would be all like "oh our devs were bored and made a fun little minigame, we're going to release it to public too". New Blizz is all like "oh man, cba fixing this human head clipping issue, and they want me to add a feature? LMAO!"