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In Topic: super edgy thread of radical opinions

26 December 2013 - 06:06 AM

1. If you complain about hunters CC you have zero awareness in arenas.

2. If you think mages are balanced you play one.

3. If you think warriors are OP you are in the 1700 brackets.

4. If you think rogues are bad you play one and should switch classes.

5. If you think WW monks aren't the most broken class in the game regardless of class rep we prob don't play the same game.

6. If you don't agree burst of speed is the most op/broken spell in the game you prob play a rogue.

7.  If you think any class can out dmg a DK in 3s you prob never played with a good one.

8. If you think resto druids are better then resto shammys you prob play at <1800

9. If you are stuck under 2200 on any class you play its prob not the class that sucks!!!