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#3205879 Tax cuts on the rich, and republican vs. democrat voter stupidity

Posted by Celestior on 26 April 2011 - 10:48 PM

Lets say, I'm one of the new billionaires enriched by my mischief in AIG or Goldman Sachs or w/e, and i also benefited from the 700B bailout. Like most billionaires, i have all the necessities of life, so most of my money is not just stored in some bank account, just sits there.

Now, lets imagine that my billions are instead in the hands of a few thousand middle class folk. Since the middle class doesn't have all necessities, they spend this money. When they spend this money, it goes into the pocket of someone working for a factory in Malaysia. Now this Malaysian buys bread from a baker, the baker buys a car from a dealer, then that dealer, being more fortunate than others, buys an IPad, the proceeds from which go into few programmers or w/e working at apple.

Is this a simplistic view? Are economics more complicated than this? Probably so. But what matters is that for things not to get so fucked up, you dont need to be a major and years of experience in the field of economics.

Maybe you ought to get a degree and a few years of experience in economics. Maybe your views wouldn't be so moronic anymore. First of all, billionaires don't just put all their money in a bank account and have it "sit there." If you look at the networths of the richest people in the world, it regularly fluctuates by billions in mere months at times. If you think that it's because all those guys bought billions of dollars worth of random shit, you're an idiot.

Second of all, the middle class absolutely possesses all life necessities. That's what it means to be middle class. If you can't afford basic necessities, you can't call yourself middle class. You call yourself sub-human piece of shit poverty class. The notion that the affluent are selfish for not giving their hard-earned money away to the government so that more middle class people can afford iPads is ludicrous.

Success isn't something to be punished, and failure isn't something to be rewarded. Sorry, if you can't make enough money to live comfortably, you're a failure. That's all there is to it. Sorry bro, you failed at life. The top 1% of earners probably pay somewhere in the ballpark of 35% of ALL income taxes. The bottom 50% of taxpayers probably pay less than 3% of overall taxes. And they want the rich to pay more. Maybe they should stop be worthless leeches to society and try to make something out of their lives. Then they wouldn't have to beg for more scraps from the social security and medicare table at the expense of the people who actually worked for their money.

Does corruption and a general lack of ethics exist in business at times? Absolutely, but that exists in realms beyond business. Wall Street has done seedy shit, energy companies have done seedy shit, lots of companies have done seedy shit. And by all means, in all cases where laws were broken the offenders should be prosecuted for it. But that doesn't intrinsically make all rich people evil, and it most certainly does not entitle the average poor redneck dumb as nails American to ANY of their income or livelihood. Yeah, a doctor gets to roll around in a BMW during a depression while the idiot who spent their time in school getting high 24/7 can't afford to fuel up his 1992 Buick on his McDonald's salary. That's not wrong, that's justice.

Don't blame the rich because 99% of Americans can't handle basic shit like paying their bills and saving for retirement. Just think of how many people have bad credit, and LITERALLY all that it takes to have a 800+ credit score is to...pay your bills. That's right, all you need to do for a great credit score is be an honest, decent fucking human being and pay for what you get! Of course, most people have sub 650 credit scores and horrible debt because a new iPhone was more critical than rent and a 401k contribution. Gives you an idea of how retarded most people are with money. Fact of the matter is that if people learned how to manage money better, no one would care what proportion of taxes the rich did or did not pay.
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#3121147 So like, Spiders

Posted by Celestior on 13 March 2011 - 07:52 PM

Just step on them? I never understood why people are scared of spiders, at least not where I live. None of them are poisonous, to the best of my knowledge they don't even bite, and they mostly either stand there or run away. If you live in an area filled with leaping fucking poison tarantulas or some shit fine, I'd be scared too but seriously I have friends who cringe at the site of regular house spiders. I have a spider in the corner of my room that I just keep there. He's been there for months and hasn't died yet, so I figure he's eating a bunch of shit that would annoy me more. The way I see it, he's renting 3 cubic inches of living space from me in return for mosquito and fly removal services. Chill-ass spider.
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#3121133 Arthess 4 High Rated Mage Arena

Posted by Celestior on 13 March 2011 - 07:44 PM

Generally I think AJ is overly critical, but I gotta say this movie was pretty terrible in terms of content. Music was mostly pretty good, editing was fine. Unfortunately, the quality of the teams was horrific, and some of your own play was downright painful to watch. Everyone plays poorly at times, but why would you put such clips in a video that you prefaced with a statement about how "high rated mages are played" or whatever. One particular clip had me cringing, where you put down a ring and danced around 2 steps outside of it being chewed up by a rogue instead of just walking through it and saving a block. That was right after trying to pet nova him while he was already coned and 1 step away from you with your barrier about to break. Argg... Not to mention the series of questionable cses, poor positioning, and strange defensive play throughout the entirety of the video.

If you put in some decent opponents at least I could say, "Hey, he made some mistakes but whatevs he pulled through anyway gj." Unfortunately, since the opponents were so terrible all I could say was "He made mistakes and still won because the other team was borderline retarded." If your AJ icons are accurate, you can do better.
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#3039704 [Starcraft] IdrA live streaming

Posted by Celestior on 02 February 2011 - 03:06 PM


Terran/protoss has also won tournaments you know, and if you're going to go with GSL, Fruitdealer DID in fact play 800 times better than Rainbow, and Nestea DID in fact play 800 times better than MKP.

And I'm sorry, but if you cant see that zerg is more difficult to play than protoss/terran then you're not even worth replying to. And this is not me saying zerg is underpowered, because they're not, it's just that there's too much random shit you're susceptible to.

Don't make me laugh. I play all three races in masters, and anyone who says zerg is significantly more difficult to play hasn't bothered to play the other races. While the macro is clearly more intense due to larva management and having to time injections and creep spreads regularly, micro and army control is laughably easy as zerg, especially against protoss.

90% of QQing zergs are in diamond. My friends who play Master's zerg have a number of very specific and valid complaints, mostly revolving around turtly terran pushes, but would never say that their race is horrible in comparison to the others. Learn to play, and if it's too hard for you switch your race.
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#2127611 Are there any girls on AJ?

Posted by Celestior on 26 April 2010 - 06:58 PM

this didn't happen,
i'm actually really annoyed by that girl - she's knocked on my door and woken me up at 4am before. worse she claimed to have been waiting for almost an hour before i woke up. she also added a class at my school just to be in it with me & drives over an hour to attend it

Can you blame her. Hoes can't get enough of 3k rated hotties. When I go to bars and tell chicks that I'm a furious glad, I'm just swarmed by interested women. All those beautiful women listening intently as I regale them with tales of defeating Bilian's faggot FoK cleave for rank 1.

I can't imagine what happens when you swagger into da club and let em know they've got a MVBDFR Glad in da hizzouse.
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#1791279 Has the general skill of WoW players Improved?

Posted by Celestior on 31 January 2010 - 10:42 PM

I'd say arena players are 100x better now than they used to be. Mostly because of trolls from this site imo. In old videos you see "good" players clicking and backpedaling and shit because no one really cared. Now if you click food or backpedal for .2 seconds before the starting gates open the entire AJ community explodes into:


But apparently it worked because the average player is a lot better now. Obviously, the best way to help people get better is to insult them mercilessly.
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#1722015 Celestior's 3v3 Arcane Mage/Rogue/Priest Strategy Guide

Posted by Celestior on 16 January 2010 - 04:14 AM

Hey guys, my name is Celestior. I'm bad at this game, but I recently found a comp that works well for me. It is arcane/rogue/priest. It's a very intricate comp that takes a lot of strategy. You will need lots of team synergy to play this comp to its fullest potential.

vs RMP:

Charge the mage, spam dispel him. He will be forced to block instantly, and during that time just sheep and blind the priest. MD it instantly and finish him off. Easy points.

vs TSG:

This matchup can get complicated, because they're almost as good at globaling as you are. There are two strategies for this comp, both work very well.

1: Global the warrior. The strat here is for your rogue to cheapshot-kidney-dismantle the warrior. The paladin will probably divine sac to reduce the damage the warrior takes. Np. He will die through sacs and spam heals as long as you dismantled him fast enough so he can't shield wall.

2: All 3 of you mount up and run after the paladin. Blanket counterspell and pom him. He will bubble. Your priest MDs it and you kill him instantly. This is more dangerous than 1, because sometimes bubble resists MD, but still easy.

vs Something/something/restoshaman.

This is where you get most of your points. Never mind what the other two classes are, it doesn't matter. Here's what you have to do. All three of you mount up and charge the shaman. The priest instantly shadowfiends the shaman then spams dispel so he can't ghost wolf or heal or anything. As the mage, you have to make this check. Is he stunned? If yes, then just arcane barrage. If no, then you cs and pom him right away. Your rogue will cheapshot-kidney-vanish cheapshot the shaman and mash damage. You should win instantly.

vs Wizardcleave (any variant)

Global the healer, make sure your rogue cloaks instantly so he can't be peeled. Pom and blanket CS the healer.


This can actually be somewhat hard, because sometimes the hunter will crit you for 62k and kill you instantly. It's okay though, you still have a good chance. The strategy here is to make the healer think you're going to global him. But you're ACTUALLY going to global someone else! Sprint at the healer, and sheep/blind the prot warrior. The prot warrior will freak out thinking you're trying to global his healer and trinket instantly! BIG MISTAKE. Now your rogue will vanish cheap shot the warrior, and you will ab-pomab him for 30k and kill him instantly during a blanket CS on the healer. You will not get silence shotted, because 99% of hunters open with silence shot and it will be on CD from when he shot it at you as you sprinted towards his healer.

vs Double healer warrior

Double healer warrior can heal a lot of damage. Lucky you though, because for two healers to heal they have to be below 100% life. Thankfully, they can't heal your damage because if executed properly you will global them from 100% life. Here's the strategy.

As the mage, you must stand in the middle of the map. Spam arcane blast on something (it literally doesn't matter), and polymorph something if you want to burn their trinkets for whatever reason. When you have 4 stacks, tell your rogue to cheapshot something. Find what he cheapshotted, blanket counterspell something, and then AB-Pom AB, Arcanepower- arcane barrage that person. In all likelihood, he will get hit by you for anywhere between 18-35k depending on crits. If your teammates did any damage at all, he should die instantly. Good job.

vs Beastcleave

This is probably the only comp that takes as much skill as this one. The strategy is more complex accordingly. You will not have any time to actually cast against this comp, so don't even try. All three of you will charge their healer, and your priest will pain suppress you instantly, preferably while you're still mounted. He will then shadowfiend the healer, while the rogue cheap shots him and you pom-blanket cs him. If it's not a paladin, he will die here and you win. If it's a paladin, your priest will mash on MD until it comes off. You (the mage) will probably die here, so hope that your team isn't retarded enough to lose to a bm hunter with no bm and an enhance shaman with wolves about to run out.

vs Ret/Rogue/Priest

Unfortunately, globaling the priest probably won't work here because your priest will get globaled first while the other guy laughs at you while sacced and bopped. So switch it up this time, and global the ret instead. Your priest will spam dispel the ret, and as soon as you see the ret get cheap shotted you will blanket counterspell the priest. Your priest will MD. The ret will either die instantly, or bubble+PS+trinket will all be used at the same time. You should still have AP up, so now you can global him later unmolested.

vs Druid/Mage/Warrior

Someone actually asked me for a strat on this comp and I luled. This comp is so bad, that out of principle you should probably train their mage without sheeping the warrior just to give them a chance to beat you. I would probably just put the rogue on their warrior, and me on the mage, and have my priest spam smite into the druid. If for whatever reason you suck and actually have trouble with this, just blanket counterspell the druid and kill the warrior in half a global or sheep the warrior and kill the druid. Collect 2 points for beating a 53 mmr team.

vs RLS

I thought I covered this with something/something/restoshaman, but people still ask me how to beat this. Here's the strategy. Most people who RLS think their comp takes skill, so they will try complicated things like peeling and stuff. Amateur mistake in Wotlk. You will all mount up and charge the shaman. Do the typical stuff, like shadowfiending, dispelling, and poming and blanket counterspelling the shaman right away. Ensuring the kill depends entirely on your rogue. He will open with cheapshot, probably coldblood eviscerate right away, and then vanish randomly to prevent being opened on. He will then open with ambush/garrote/cheapshot and vanish randomly again for no reason. He should probably cloak while stealthed just in case the warlock shadowfuries or deathcoils through stealth or something. The other rogue will get mad at him vanishing like a retard for no reason all the time and probably open on you, ensuring that the shaman dies.

vs Druid/Warrior/Ret

This has gotten pretty popular for some reason. These guys are actually annoying for the same reason ret/rogue/priest is. They have imba defensive skills that prevent you from globaling the healer in 4 seconds. It's okay though. Most rets are mentally retarded, and will pop divine sac before you even try to cc anyone on their team. First of all, if you're playing this comp correctly you won't be ccing anyway so that component of divine sac is useless. So, you will open on the ret hard to make him regret using sac, and the druid will blow NS and stuff to try to delay his bubble. Don't worry though, he'll have to bubble anyway and he'll run like a little girl to dodge MD. Once the druid used NS, you will use your usual rotation of pom/blanket CS, shadowfiend, roguestuff on the druid and he will die instantly. Since divine sac is used, bop won't matter because you will AP/IV arcaneblast spam him for 13k through BoP, and your rogue will probably envenom him for 41k if he's any good.

vs Owlplay

Against this team, make sure that if its an Alliance owlplay you kill the boomkin last. 90% of boomkin are hilarious, and they will dance after they realize they can't win, and boomkins look hilarious when they dance and it will make you feel better about playing arena on a Saturday night. If its a Horde owlplay you kill him first because horde boomkins look like faggots, and anyone who actually rolls a tauren boomkin should commit suicide. Other than that, just global whatever shows up first in gladius because this comp is retarded.

I hope you enjoyed my in-depth guide on running my unique and super rare comp. If you want more strategies, please post requests.

All-around Hints and Strategies

AB Stacking

This will take a lot of skill. The whole premise of AB stacking is to stand still and cast arcane blast 4 times without being interrupted. If that happens, good job you have a 100% chance to global someone! Against pet teams, this is easy. Usually this works against druid/warlock/x. I stand in the middle of the map, and juke a spell lock. Then, I chaincast arcane blast into the warlock pet. The druid will be insulted, and to prove his skills he will start hotting the pet to heal it. The druid is proud of keeping the pet up, but inside I am snickering delightfully. Suddenly, I have 4 stacks and the druid is AB/Pom AB'd for 24k in 1 global. He craps his pants and tries to heal, but SRY BLANKET COUNTERSPELLED ARCANE BARRAGE FOR 14k! You just outplayed him, congratulations.

Defeating Priests in Chain Queues

Here is a personal favorite tactic of mine. Sometimes, the queues are bad and you will queue into the same team over and over. And sometimes, that team will have a priest on it. Here's the strategy. Save Pom and tell your rogue not to envenom until you say so. Then, you zerg the priest, and blanket counterspell him and burst him regularly until he's down to about 10-30% life. Then, wait until he pain suppressions. After he casts pain suppression, blow your pom and tell your rogue to envenom, and he will be guaranteed to die through pain suppression. When priests die while suppressed, even if they suppressed at 1%, they are guaranteed to rage about how imba WoW is and play like shit for the next 16 hours, rendering easy wins and points for you. Grats you just got a free ticket to gladiator.

Making unpredictable swaps

This one comes with practice, but the basic premise is that you must not know what you are doing. Now, if you are a serious arena player, you are used to knowing what to do, but that makes you PREDICTABLE. So to make unpredictable swaps, you must make sure you don't know what you're doing. Personally, I feel the best way to do this is to stand in the middle of the map spinning my camera smashing tab and q (my bind for arcane blast). This makes the enemy healer freak out, because everyones getting crit by arcane blast for 11k for no discernible reason. Then, you used the first tip I gave you to ab/pom ab someone for 100% of their life and outplay them instantly.

I would also like to thank Abni of Mal'ganis for teaching me the blanket counter-spelling on opener tactic. It has really helped my rating.
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#1626124 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted by Celestior on 20 December 2009 - 08:12 AM

Posted Image
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#1582738 Arcane Mage

Posted by Celestior on 08 December 2009 - 06:06 PM

Arcane isn't viable against teams that understand that the way to counter it is by cleaving it down. Against shitty teams(majority of shadowburn, BG I'm on now), nobody knows that sitting on an arcane mage really cuts down on the potential burst.

However, if you are troll, rogue/mage/shaman suddenly becomes a viable comp due to the +15% from ToTT(does indeed stack with AP), and 9% from imp KS which results in dog-shit retarded burst. It definitely takes a while to get good at kiting cleaves, but is pretty much all you need to be good at to learn the spec.

You should try out frost some more so you don't get frustrated with how bad the survivability/peel of arcane is.

I don't understand this logic. Arcane is considered the more mobile spec because they can do damage on the move. Yet you suggest that training an arcane mage effectively stops more damage than training a frost mage who outputs subpar damage while moving?

The power of arcane lies in the fact that you cannot effectively stop an arcane mage from bursting when he wants to. Against a frost mage if you stop his frostbolt you stop most of the burst. Against an arcane mage by the time you react to his burst attempt your partner's probably dead. All it takes is a pom which might crit for 7-9k depending on spec and then an APd barrage that might crit for another 7-8.

If you aren't doing more damage per game as arcane overall then I would venture to say you're not playing arcane correctly. The real weakness to arcane imo is that you can't realistically peel for shit. Most of the "peeling" from an arcane mage comes from the batshit retarded damage that forces them to go defensive or die. This also has the added effect of making setting up kills more difficult when you can't nova their entire team 6 times while deep freezing someone and killing the other guy.

Which is not to say that arcane > frost. Just saying that claiming that arcane is not viable is far from the truth.
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