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#3985879 Blizzcon News & PvP discussion Topic!

Posted Hyuru on 08 November 2013 - 09:00 PM

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#3525265 mls mirror inc!

Posted Trevo on 22 October 2011 - 10:41 PM

I'd say a pretty close one

Two seconds before match ended

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#3495341 Reckful's Goodbye

Posted Paperplate on 23 September 2011 - 06:34 AM

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#2946241 Tol Barad hotfixed

Posted Runpro on 04 January 2011 - 01:49 AM

Why is Tol barad Honor 360?


#2867497 View Guild Achievements ingame (script)

Posted Femurlol on 03 December 2010 - 10:49 AM

/run GetGuildLevelEnabled = function() return true end if AchivementFrame_SetTabs then AchivementFrame_SetTabs() end

This allows you to:

Look at guild achievements
Look at guild level rewards (Heirlooms are 1500g:confused:)
Loot at guild news / events -> What bosses have been downed recently in guild groups, achievements and such. Also shows what has happened each day for the last week.


#2779993 Download Cataclysm Data (without preordering)

Posted Hyuru on 02 November 2010 - 11:49 AM

You can download a 800~~ mb file, now instead of having to do this when cataclysm is released which saves a small ammount of time.

1) Open up your WTF folder in your WoW folder.

2) Open up Launcher.WTF in notepad.

3) Edit:


SET accountType "LK"



SET accountType "CT"

4) Open up Config.wtf in Notepad.

5) Edit:


SET accounttype "LK"



SET accounttype "CT"

6) Start downloading the 300mb update by starting Launcher.exe

Found this on some other forum, hope this might help (afaik this isnt against the TOS, and it might give you a small head start on your journey to 85 when cata hits)

+rep if it helped :)




downz said:

basically this will make my dl 300 mb quicker when I get the game ?




Mightlol said:

Nice but will I still be able to play after downloading it ?


emerald said:

when you log in with your accunt its set back to LK, unless you have a cata acc tho. nothing to be worried about.

#2755017 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Lozeh on 24 October 2010 - 03:01 PM

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#2749748 [Blizzard] Blizzcon 2010 Arena Tournament

Posted medze on 23 October 2010 - 08:45 PM

Xxlegolasxxz said:

While it sucks loaded lost, I don't agree with their choice of spec/strat/races vs the LSD =(, if i'm not mistaken it just shows their obvious inexperience vs LSDs

yeah their strat of having a rogue on the team was awful

#2749239 [Blizzard] Blizzcon 2010 Arena Tournament

Posted cwantom on 23 October 2010 - 06:38 PM

1 US team done, only 1 to go..

#2748980 [Blizzard] Blizzcon 2010 Arena Tournament

Posted Knaittiz on 23 October 2010 - 05:39 PM

Bugenhagen said:

Whaat, why the fuck did I sleep last night :confused:

Who won?
3rd round here just for u mate:

#2732759 Take SS'S of your new drake!

Posted Jaggy on 19 October 2010 - 06:29 PM

Inzight said:

inb4 more first time gladiators being overly happy about something than means nothing at all

Then why were you anxious about the cutoff the first time you got it, in S6?  http://www.arenajunk...573#post1261573

It only takes about two clicks through post history to see you're a hypocrite. :\

#2730473 How to fix nameplates

Posted Hellsdevil on 19 October 2010 - 01:12 AM

Sorry if this was already posted here somewhere, but I just found out about this fix for the disapearing nameplates bug and wanted to share the information!

Just type this console command in game:
/console bloattest 1

This are some other commands for the nameplates:
/console spreadnameplates [0, 1] - Makes nameplates overlap.
/console bloatnameplates [0, 1] - Makes nameplates larger depending on threat percentage.
/console bloatthreat [0, 1] - Makes nameplates resize depending on threat gain/loss. Only active when a mob has multiple units on its threat table.

Works perfectly fine for me, hope I could help some of you!

#2725464 MLG Washington DC 2010

Posted Dirtydawg on 17 October 2010 - 07:25 PM

Matadorro said:

getnerded ur the susan boyle of wow.. sure your good at what you do but everyone knows you're ugly and secretly dislikes you

good at what he does?

throwing himself off bridges, playing beast cleave and ATC.


rofl what a fucking virgin hahahaha

#2629802 Suggestions by Woundman (Final)

Posted Woundman on 19 September 2010 - 12:02 PM

  • Who & Friends list:

Only allow a player to see another player's location by having each other on their friends list.

Why: The Who & Friends list allows anyone to see a players location. Seeing a players location negatively effects arena because it promotes the term "selective queuing". Selective queuing is choosing who you play against. Selective queuing is also known as "dodging" and "sniping". Dodging and sniping a team is simple, especially at high ratings. In order to dodge a team, you need to have a character on their realm. When they enter an arena game, you log off their realm and queue. Sniping a team is the exact opposite. You wait for the team to leave an arena game and then queue. There is absolutely nothing competitive about selective queuing and it's unfair by any standard or measure. A player should only be allowed to see another players location if they have each other on their friends list.

  • Snare & Movement Speed Increase Mechanic:

Make movement speed increases more effective against snares.

Why: Movement speed increases are rendered almost useless against snares.




(Walking w/ Crippling applied)

(Sprinting w/ Crippling applied)

(Fleet Footed + Glyph of Sprint vs. Hamstring)

(No Fleet Footed + No Glyph of Sprint vs. Hamstring)

  • Crowd Control Movement:

Remove the movement from Sheep, Blind and Fear.

Why: The movement from Sheep, Blind and Fear can cause you to disconnect on moving objects, delay PvP trinketing and add randomness to the game.





(Polymorph + PvP trinket + Vanish)

(Deep Freeze)

  • Nameplates:

Increase the height of nameplates.

Why: Nameplates cover the target when zoomed out (especially Gnomes).


(15 Yards) http://img339.images.../15yardzoom.jpg

(20 Yards) http://img39.imagesh.../20yardzoom.jpg

(25 Yards) http://img831.images.../25yardzoom.jpg

(30 Yards) http://img840.images.../30yardzoom.jpg

(35 Yards) http://img199.images.../35yardzoom.jpg

(40 Yards) http://img8.imagesha.../40yardzoom.jpg

(Nameplates Disabled) http://img837.images...tesdisabled.jpg

(Nameplates Enabled) http://img834.images...atesenabled.jpg

  • Flare:

Greatly increase the projectile speed of flare. Make flare more visual on the ground.

Why: Flare is very hard to see and misleading.



  • Absorb Mechanic:

Make damage absorbed count as damage taken.

Why: Fear doesn't count absorb as damage taken. This makes fear last longer than it should when taking damage.

  • Mutilate & Backstab:

Remove the dagger requirement from Mutilate and Backstab. Normalize and reduce damage of Backstab and Mutilate with weapons other than daggers (like Fan of Knives, Ambush and Hemorrhage).

Why: With Ambush, Fan of Knives and Hemorrhage now scaling with other types of weapons, I see no reason why Backstab and Mutilate should be any different. Removing the dagger requirement from Backstab and Mulilate would allow Rogues other viable specializations without having to acquire another weapon type.

  • Cloak of Shadows:

Make Cloak of Shadows protect against finished casts, Judgements, Death Grip and Blood Plague.

Why: Majority of the time a Rogue is hit through Cloak of Shadows is because casts that have projectile speed can not be resisted once the cast has finished. Rogues have no real way of protecting themselves against Judgements, Death Grip and Blood Plague.


(Completed cast vs. CoS)

(Judgement -> CoS)

(Death Grip & Blood Plague -> CoS)

  • Damage & Debuff Dealing Passive Auras & Buffs:

Add a very short interval cool-down to damage & debuff dealing passive auras & buffs.

Why: Damage & debuff dealing passive auras & buffs affect classes more than others, thus making other classes jobs harder than others.


(Death by Thorns)

(Death by Ret Aura)

(Death by Thorns + Ret Aura)

  • Pyro Rocket:

Allow Pyro Rocket to be resisted and deflected.

Why: Pyro Rocket penetrates Cloak of Shadows & Deterrence.


(Pyro Rocket -> CoS)

(Pyro Rocket -> Deterrence)

  • Names:

Scale size of Names that are visible with in the game field when zoomed out.

Why: It's very hard to see Names that are visible with in the game field when zoomed out.


(Name) http://img535.images...6541/namess.jpg

(Names) http://img545.images.../2042/names.jpg

(Nameplates Disabled) http://img837.images...tesdisabled.jpg

  • Deterrence:

Allow unavoidable melee attacks to be parried by Deterrence.

Why: Deterrence isn't a reliable defensive ability.


(Backstab vs. Deterrence) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jockofdLprg

  • Shadow Dance:

Make it easier to setup the Shadow Dance bar. Disable stance swapping while Shadow Dance is active or allow Stance 3 to swap back after vanishing or stealthing.

Why: The only way to setup the Shadow Dance bar is by activating the ability. Stealthing or Vanishing while Shadow Dance is active basically deactivates Shadow Dance.


(Shadow Dance + Vanish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIjVFyHEoTo

  • Auto Attack:

Reduce the volume of auto attacks.

Why: It can be very hard to hear other abilities being activated.

  • Unit Frames:

Make the Target, Player, Party and Arena Unit Frames movable.

Why: The Focus Frame is movable. Why shouldn't these frames be movable?

  • Action Bars:

Add more action bars to the user interface.

Why: Some classes are running out of action bar space.

  • Character Specific Macros:

Greatly increase the number of character specific macro slots available.

Why: A lot of people are running out of macro space. Once you run out of Character Specific macros, your only alternative is to use the General macros tab. The General macros tab shares macros with all characters on the account, which is very inconvenient.

  • GM Ticket:

Make the GM Ticket notification a minimap button (like mail).

Why: The current GM Ticket notification window interferes with the buffs & debuffs, which is very inconvenient.



  • Chat Spam:

Greatly reduce the amount of messages a player can send (like Warcraft 3).

Why: Spam is out of control. It's extremely hard to read trade chat without an addon.


(Spam) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3ga5P41OUo

  • Combat Text:

Make the Combat Text more customizable.

Why: The Combat Text is extremely bland compared to the addons out today.

  • Unit Frame Combat Indicator:

Add a combat indicator to the target & focus frame (like the player frame).

Why: It can be hard to tell if a target is in combat or not.

  • Arena Tournament Realm:

Remove low level enchants. Give characters bottomless bags and put all useful class specific items in bags.

Why: Would make setting up a character much easier.

  • Focus & Target Arena:

Implement Focus Arena 1-5 and Target Arena 1-5 in keybindings.

Why: Would save a lot of people 6 - 10 macros, unless they're super creative. :)

(I remade this post because a lot of people misunderstood my point of view. Hopefully this clears things up.)

OP: http://forums.worldo...859117715&sid=1

#2557315 MLG Raleigh

Posted berserker on 29 August 2010 - 03:37 PM

its one thing to see this EU vs US crap on an internet forum, but when you see that shit from a "pro" bring it to a tournament, makes it a real sad day for WoW.

and the fact that col red won solely on RNG maps while getting outplayed into oblivion, just makes it look worse