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In Topic: Can anticipation compete with MfD?

27 April 2015 - 01:28 AM

View Postzenton, on 26 April 2015 - 11:12 PM, said:

I have to disagree. Sub's most advantage comes from being able to throw out immense cc, fast swaps, and off-stuns, like Shadowstep-Kidney. On top of these, you need to maintain SnD and Rupture. This means many many CPs and MFD is in short a free 5 cp every minute. Anticipation simply cannot compete with MFD in current Sub-meta play. Maybe Mutilate if it would have more energy regen (or not tied to Rupture).

Using Anticipation vs. MfD would not change your usual rotation almost at all. If anything anticipation would be more beneficial for keeping up things like rupture & SnD than MFD (have hemo bleed on a target? get a full cc chain put on you? well you come out with 10 CPs->Full rupture & SnD as soon as you reconnect even if your teammates are auto walking at a pillar).

My argument is the benefit Anticipation could offer when you're bursting BECAUSE it allows for overflow (no wasted CP generation) during dance & vanish/restealths. Which could mean more eviscerates for less energy in the same timespan, whcih means more damage.

Speaking first to the non-burst control & cc rotation--- The thing is your major cc there (kidney) is tied to a medium sized cooldown, and yes as sub 90% of the time kidney is a cc and not a kill target stun. And not for nothing, against most matchups you can get 5CP in 2 globals... in fact without using MFD I don't have much trouble keeping Rupture up on 2 targets along with SnD as sub.. it's really like I consider combo points to be an overabundant resource, the killer is energy when I need it for burst.

Let me put it differently. The way sub is geared right now, Eviscerate is where the damage is. In the general flow of a game, maintaining enough CPs for 1 Rupture target, SnD, and 5 pt Kidneys on cooldown is really no big thing (barring getting outplayed by mage/druid cc). The problem (and this is why MFD is so nice) is having all those infinite combo points in a finite time span (Whenever Find Weakness is up).

So, MfD fits the bill pretty nicely, every minute you get a pretty hefty chunk of free burst. But how many times have you Shadowdanced on someone, been at a point where you have 4 combo points, and now you choose between Ambush->5 point Eviscerating (probably 2 CPs will vanish and never be seen again) or 4 pt Evisc for less damage, and then double tap ambush for a 5 pointer.

As Anticipation this problem completely evaporates. And that is why I think it's worth looking into. The argument that MFD works better for sub because of keeping up Rupture/SnD is a really poor one, simply because if that's how you use MFD, you're doing it wrong. And even if you did, it's actually worse.

The MFD benefit is when you go from 1 burst rotation directly into another... say real example you were riding a Warlock against WLS and force Spirit Link & Trinket from shaman when you danced on the lock and dumped all your damage... then you wanted to swap into the now low health shaman with a vanish. If you were planning this all along, you probably still have MFD banked, and it's a guaranteed 5 combo points, whereas Anticipation relies heavily on the flow of the game (and maybe taking advantage of it for both swaps here would require an extra FoK global, which could be enough time to lose momentum if it should have been used for a Stun/Silence). But really, you would have only had those definite 5 CPs for one of these swaps, not both as MFD (but you get to choose which, and that's the big difference). Anticipation you're almost always going to have it for the first one, SOMETIMES you won't for the second.

And that again is why I think it's worth testing.

*edit okay it's a pretend real example, if it were a real example you would use the first burst opportunity on the shaman cuz you're training him, and then you would vanish back onto the shaman and kill him through DRs after link anyway

In Topic: Can anticipation compete with MfD?

26 April 2015 - 10:37 PM

Sub would definitely be the spec to use it as it's where you're most prone to have "wasted" combo points and fastest overall generation, not to mention for keeping damage up 1 FoK is anywhere from 2-5 CP depending on the matchup and positioning.

If you're energy tapped trying to keep up rutpure/SnD then you're probably trying to mash hemo/BS too much on every global (especially if you don't have FW or a potential kill going). I might try this the next time I q sub...

In Topic: Why Haste is the best start for Combat

28 March 2015 - 04:07 AM

A little bit of math, first (and most importantly) how Combat Potency works, blue quote from MoP Beta shamelessly stolen from Wowhead:

"Combat Potency’s proc chance works as follows: Can be triggered by white offhand attack and main gauche hits (must land successfully). The proc chance is 20% for Main Gauche hits, and [20*OffhandWeaponSpeed/1.4]% for white offhand attacks."

So, everyone is pretty much using slow offhands in PvP for more Killing Spree damage (about 10%), meaning proc chance is 20*2.5/1.4=35.7%

Keep that in mind for later

I stack mastery on my rogue for sub and combat, stats are as follows:

Mastery: 1557->28.31+16% base=44.31% mastery (chance for Main Gauche Proc on Main Hand attack)

Haste: 511->10.96% (this is after combat's 5% modifier), also 13.22 energy/second

Base Weapon Speed: 2.5, after haste 2.34, after slice and dice 1.65

I'm going to call my burst window a 15 second time frame. Not that I would call it a typical burst/swap setup, but as a generic timeframe I think I'd be able to consistently stick to most targets before getting peeled

In those 15 seconds with SnD up, I get off approximately 9 main hand auto attacks with 4 Main Gauche Procs. This means a total of 13 offhand attacks (on average), and approximately 4.6 Combat Potency procs (equating to either 80 or 100 extra energy, again we're not accounting for MG procs that could happen from SS/Evisc/KS either).

In that same 15 second time frame, my haste has netted me 3.22*15=48.3 energy

So accounting ONLY for auto attacks, when I stack mastery, Mastery not surprisingly nets me more energy which can be dumped for more Sinister Strikes (and there we get a little bit of a positive loop because more Sinister Strikes means more MG which means more Energy dot dot dot).

A little stat analysis, 1557/28.31=55 mastery rating per % increase (not to mention the 16% base)

511/10.96=46.62 haste rating per % increase. Mind you that doesn't account for the 5% bonus from combat, so haste is actually a bit more efficient than that even

But that does that even mean anyway? What does 1% haste mean in terms of energy gained (and also auto attack speed increase meaning Offhand Attacks & MG procs meaning more energy)? What does 1% mastery mean in terms of energy gained (->more MG/More energy/more SS/more MG/...)?

Short way to say it is that I'm too lazy to lay the whole thing out, but hopefully this gives a little bit of perspective to the whole thing, because haste's only REAL benefit comes from it giving you more passive regen & more main hand/offhand auto attacks (which all result in more potential combat potency procs). Mastery however benefits by increasing your effective energy regen but ALSO by providing burst.

I think the biggest thing most people overlook when it comes to thinking about mastery is the potential you get during a Killing Spree. Best setup is always to build up as many CP as possible and dump as much energy as possible right before spree because remember, spree is a static number of attacks no matter what your haste.

7 off hand attacks + 7*.44 (MG procs)=10 offhand attacks, with Combat Potency proc rate that means 3-4 procs->60-80 energy in just procs and not to mention the 3-4 extra chunks of damage on your biggest burst ability.

So now not only have you pumped out one of the biggest burst abilities in the game, you have regen'd over 75% of your energy via passive regen & MG procs to dump into... I'd say Evisc vanish DFA mark Evisc... and then a shit ton of Sinister Strikes

Haste will not get you the same results.

In Topic: Stance bug is back again !

05 March 2015 - 01:02 PM

any macro that you used previously to cancel subterfuge, just replace with /cancelaura stealth /cancelaura vanish

that's annoyingly clunky though, and really poor, cancelling subterfuge never really lead to much drama, fat fingering a dance macro now could really fuck you over lol

In Topic: The most successful arena expansion

10 February 2015 - 02:53 AM

View Postzzatbrah, on 10 February 2015 - 02:25 AM, said:

rogues definitely weren't a thing without adequate arpen gear from icc as well. none of that shit was glad viable for the average person.

I have a bone to pick with that statement. I and several others hit glad ratings as multiple comps with nowhere NEAR what litre was running around with at the time. I think 90% of my rogue's actual ARP came from gemming pvp gear