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#3966190 Blizzard Invites Players for a PvP Summit

Posted Kerberus on 16 October 2013 - 10:56 PM

too little, too late

#3905563 Feral PvP Guide (5.3)

Posted Kerberus on 28 June 2013 - 07:32 PM

Hello there current and aspiring Furballs

Having observed the recent decline in numbers of active PvP'ers and after seeing a few posts (on the official forums) filled with basic questions about how to PvP as a Feral and never seeing an answer that really satisfied me, I've decided to write a fairly comprehensive Feral PvP Guide. This guide includes not only basic things like gearing, gemming and enchanting, it also takes a look at how to deal damage, feral gameplay in general and some other specifics.

I chose not to write it on the forums as spreading it elsewhere would have meant a lot of extra work and I wouldn't have been able to design it the way I wanted. Link to PDF:

https://jumpshare.co...7J5Eltihn565Av3 (updated to v1.4)

Hopefully, this guide will answer most of your questions regarding Feral PvP. Should you have more questions, have an idea on what else to include or would like to tell me how wrong I am on everything, feel free to reply to me here and I'll answer as best I can. I will try to keep it updated, be that for a new patch or inbetween.


Here's the table of contents for those too lazy to take a look:

Welcome! 3
About the author 3
1. Getting started: Gear and a million choices 4
1.1 Gearing 4
1.1.1 Furry Gladiator’s Sanctuary 4
1.1.2 Gems and Enchants 5
1.1.3 Reforging 7
1.2 Talents and Glyphs 7
1.2.1 Talent choices 7
1.2.2 Glyphs 10
2. Dealing Damage 12
2.1 Core Abilities and Priorities 13
2.1.1 But wait, there’s more! 14
2.2 Damage Cooldowns and Burst 14
2.3 Wrap-up 15
3. Feral Gameplay 16
3.1 So… what do I actually do? 16
3.1.1 Utility 18
3.2 Healing and Defense 19
3.2.1 Defensive Cooldowns 19
3.2.2 Playing defensively 20
3.3 Symbiosis 20
3.4 Match-ups 21
4. Macros, Professions etc. 23
4.1 Common and Useful Macros 23
4.2 Professions 24
4.3 Race Choice 24
5. Appendix 25
5.1 Symbiosis table 25
5.2 Change Log 25

#3726157 Learn To Purr 5 - Two Faces of Junglecleave

Posted Kerberus on 06 July 2012 - 05:43 PM



Have fun, because that's what you're meant to have when watching a movie.... unless it's some scary shit.

Direct copy from WCM description:


As Season 11 is coming to an end (hopefully), I have decided to compile another few clips that I'd recorded during three or four nights of playing. The games feature

*.. Junglecleave 3v3 played by multi-Gladiator/high ranked (~2800+) players on both Alliance and Horde characters..

*.. against a variety of setups that are also mostly comprised of..

*.. highly experienced players (some R1s etc.).

Unlike what you might expect, I specifically included games where we don't burst someone down in 20 seconds as I believe this gives you a better picture of Cata Feral gameplay, like peeling, cc'ing, positioning and cooldown management, and hopefully ends up being more enjoyable for everyone. Thus also the subtitle and editing style, the two faces of Junglecleave.

I'd like to thank Smierc, Elmez (a little less than the others as we havent played in 4-5 months!), Spacetourist, Kiqu and Fakemonster for the games we played and Bigboi for helping out with resources.



Comps that you will see include

* RLS and Thugcleave (with Legendaries, of course)

* LSD2 (R1 players)


* FLS and others




* In Flames - Deliver Us

* Metric - Gimme Sympathy

* Muse - Resistance

* The Editors - Papillon

* Dope - Paranoia

* The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

As usual, none of the same boring dubstep and/or other music that you'll generally get to hear in movies nowadays.



Due to the short amount of time left and the waning interest in current content I was unfortunately unable to capture every setup imaginable and also included some footage taken from my stream, which explains the mediocre quality of some of the clips.

It is also the reason why I decided against including Skype conversations and focused purely on entertainment.

If you're looking for more guides, tips and tricks or live play head on over to

youtube.com/ThePurrTV (my channel, fairly inactive until MoP probably)






#3089127 New Blue on Feral Nerfs

Posted Kerberus on 25 February 2011 - 01:49 AM

View PostKorialstrasz, on 25 February 2011 - 01:29 AM, said:

Welcome to being a melee class.

Enjoy the stay.

Ah, what was it that you wrote in the Warrior forums a short while ago.. oh yea right:

View PostKorialstrasz, on 24 February 2011 - 02:33 PM, said:

and people who have no idea about the class should stop telling peoplewho do what they shouldn't be complaining about.

@Hiimqq: see ^^ ranged spammable CC, lol.

#3058240 [Druid] Learn To Purr 4

Posted Kerberus on 11 February 2011 - 08:03 PM

Hello :) For all you movie enthusiasts, hope you enjoy!


More info on the WCM page, all games were recorded pre-4.0.6!

P.S. don't get confused by the zoom-in on a focus interrupt (weeee), it's just a music thing and doesnt happen later on ;)

#1717113 Would 100% disease prot fix/balance us?

Posted Kerberus on 14 January 2010 - 10:56 PM

pomponius said:

spread damage matters. it really does. i don't care what you say. just because you don't see the 5-7k spammable crits any more doesnt mean you don't do enough dmg. if you want to get some real burst in pop gargoyle and take something down.

There was a time when people like you couldn't post on these forums. :]