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25 January 2014 - 10:18 PM

View PostClickerz, on 11 January 2014 - 10:40 PM, said:

Feral is simply a boring class to play right now idc who says different. ive run fls to about 2500 this season and kittycleave to 2580 with veev, jungle recently to around 2400 but only q'ed one night. Feral feels FINE damage wise and FINE healing wise and GREAT mobility. obviously ferals weakness is still fear and lack of cc. The fact that I feel like a less tanky warrior that does less damage with less utility just doesnt make me wanna play, so I dont.

The only way to actually fix feral to making it a balanced class is to remake pred swift to the way it was with instant clone and DO NOT ADD IN NATURE SWIFTNESS and remove the ability to shift roots. Doing this would actually be a great change and people would actually have a way of locking down the druid(roots) and feral can actually offer some sort of reliable cc.

TL:DR make feral same as it was in cata, okay ty

On a side note anyone who thought feral was the best class and had no counters in 13 is simply wrong, Any warlock druid healer team should not have problems vs feral teams.

The two things I'd want back from the cata version is the way Savage Roar worked and the not-totally-useless Bear form (edit: I don't want the godly melee tanking ability back, but it should be a major part of our defensives.. like, surely you could give it an ability that consumes rage and protects against magic too). Then, I could live with removing the ability to shift roots again. I definitely think PS Cyclone should stay gone, instant CC is a stupid concept to begin with - regardless of whether PS can be dispelled. All it does is force you to play a rather one-dimensional game, imo.

I'm still hoping for that major ability squish to actually happen in a meaningful way. They can remove Incarnation and Berserk while they're at it, I already complained about those shitty abilities in their respective beta phases.