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ProperEscape: making your Esc key actually cancel shots

01 December 2014 - 12:26 PM

Yeah so, I made a hunter.

I don't know how you guys put up with this, but the fact that any type of /stopcasting (macroed or via default Escape key) cancels your AA/swing rotation first, and the actual shot you're casting second, is absolutely fucking irritating. It hardly makes any sense to me that swings would be toggled off first, and then you have to /stopcasting again to cancel the actual thing THAT IS BEING CASTED. Especially when there's a separate command in the game - /stopattack - that stops just the swings, for those who want that functionality specifically. It might be just because I'm coming with a caster background and I'm just way too used to Escape actually canceling casts, I don't know, but this seems wrong.

Now, the obvious solution is to just make Escape a /stopcasting /stopcasting macro, but that kills off the functionality of Escape key everywhere else. You can't close menus and windows with it and shit. And that's annoying. So I did a quick and dirty hack for this.

Download and install this addon: http://www.mediafire...roperEscape.zip

Or, if you already have a scripts & tweaks addon or something, paste this into it:
In short, this overwrites Blizzards Escape key function with an edited version, which doesn't call any protected functions - we can't use any protected functions in scripts or macros in any way whatsoever, because then you could code things that stop casting automatically based on any arbitrary event, basically cheating - but at the same time allowing us to actually use it in any normal macro (since it's not calling anything protected, geddit?).

This version lacks three things:
- Stop casting - intended
- Target clear - unintended, but I can't do anything about this, everything to do with targeting is protected. If you're used to dropping target via Escape key... well, tough shit.
- SetUIVisibility(true) - this enables UI elements in the 3D world (think nameplates and target marks e.g. Skull). I don't know why the fuck the Escape key function calls this, and why the fuck this is protected, but this is handled already by code responsible for things like alt+z, cinematics, etc (I checked). This is probably just a safety net. However, if you do notice the absence of nameplates under any circumstances, it might be because of this addon. Let me know, and try to recall as many circumstances of this as possible, I'll do my best to fix it.

Now, once the addon is running, you need to actually add the double /stopcasting functionality to your escape key. Create a macro, call it "stahp", and put this in it:
/run ToggleGameMenu()
Then, to bind Escape key to it (and avoid actionbar clutter), type this via chat:
/run SetBindingMacro("ESCAPE", "stahp")
/run SaveBindings(2)
Use (1) to save it to global keybindings, (2) to save it to character-specific keybindings.

Whoop de fucking doo, it works.

Sadly there's no way to bring the target canceling functionality along, since in the original code, it would do only 1 action at a time (i.e. first press stopcasts, 2nd press detargets), which is something you can't do with macros and protected functions. If you got the idea to just add /cleartarget to the macro, then sorry, that won't work (it'll just cleartarget on every single press).

Also if there's any interest to this, I'll fix a version which doesn't require you to make a macro or whatever, there are much cleaner ways to do this. I just cba because I forgot basically everything about WoW UI API and want to play instead of cleaning up code, you know. And this is more of a rant about shit working in a really awkward manner.

Standup comedy

19 October 2014 - 02:55 PM

Yeah so link your favorite shows.

I've never been interested enough in it, I think the only thing I've ever watched from the English scene is Eddie Murphy's most popular show (whatever its called). I loved it. Russian scene is entirely based around TV, SNL-wannabe or talk shows with some occasional standup thrown in, but that's really a different vibe and it's just overall not as mature as the English scene seems to be.

^ this is what reminded me about standup and how good it can be. Currently watching Bill Hicks shows, gief more.

thayas quake stream & thread

26 June 2014 - 03:44 PM

yeah so ill put all the stuff from the cs thread here a bit later and this will be a quake thread instead of hijacking some other thread for it

also cuz i want a thread where i can bump when my stream is online heh

Quake promode highlights and movement are probably the most aesthetically pleasing things to watch in gaming even if you have no idea of the game so here's some of the best promode vids I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot)

I'm also working on a vid myself atm so I'm just preparing u

Ska, a personal fav of mine:

I've no idea why he had to put a blur effect on the whole thing in the last vid, it has the best content and flow of all the vids so it's a bit of a shame. It's still watchable though you get used to it in like 30 seconds

Dorftrottel, a movie made by God himself, KOS. Guy went on to work in video arts or something because his videos were always like, on a whole different level. Professional.

(First track might be annoying for some of you but I recommend sitting through it. The rest are chill)

Kicked and Removed. The best part of this one is that it captures the spirit of Clan Arena Campgrounds servers, which is like a very common and loved by many way to play (including mine, I probably did this the most). Just be a fucking retard and run around shoot people, no friendly fire, no dmg taken from own rockets so rocketjump as much as you wish, etc

Here's also a more recent but still amazing video of the same player (not on YT cuz audio banned for copyleft)


Features mostly team modes - this captures the games spirit much more than the duel videos above really. Duels are sort of the 'serious mode' in quake, the competitive bracket, if you play for fun you will enjoy doing team modes a lot more (capture the flag, not team fortress, clan arena, team deathmatch, etc).