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View PostLloix, on 22 May 2015 - 05:31 PM, said:

There's 0 emphasis on anything other than objectives. Some of the maps are just completely ass when it comes to this and the objectives have way too much of an impact on the rest of the game. You can wipe a team 3 times in a row, like right after they respawn, and still end up behind in XP (like seriously shared xp...wow) because the other team's fifth person decides to go do a bruiser camp. Regardless of the fact that I've played 0 games of serious 5v5 matches the game is as shallow as mobas come, and I thought League had a small ceiling.
this is an impossible scenario in 5v5, and if it is, then that's just your teams' mistake that you get punished for.

as i said, solo queueing it DOES suck. but that's why there's literally NO RATED SOLO QUEUE in this game at all. this is very different to how lol and dota are made where 99.9% of the playerbase knows the games only via solo queue.

there's a hero league with ratings and ranks, but it doesn't matter - you can queue with a team of any size. it will just try to match you vs an equal team with an equal setup of parties in it. nobody will care about hero league rank at all - it's not going to be the same thing as being d1 or 5k mmr in dota or whatever.

the main competitive format with rewards will be 5v5 teams. that's the way they want you to play it - you will have a little group of friends/clan/community and you will just queue as mixes or with the same team all the time (depending on how competitive you want to be). sort of like when wow had charters, you know? or when dota allstars was actually good before the solo queue leagues were created and we played clan inhouse games or friendlist chain games only? this is exactly what they want to bring back, just on a larger scale.

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View PostNicholaes92, on 22 May 2015 - 05:30 PM, said:

Well again I have not played it yet so take this with a grain of salt but taking a game mode and dumbing it down by taking out the skillful aspects of it to make it easily playable for anyone that doesn't make them innovative at all.  And on another note if it was an utter shit design for a decade then it wouldn't have gotten this far making this game mode be the top viewed game on twitch with the biggest player base and constant tournaments/professional teams playing.  Also hots does have a modest player base I suppose but it's no where near the other top mobas so i wouldn't quite say their different approach on a Moba is getting them toooooo far.  Also,  people wouldn't hate a game just because it's trying to be innovative they hate it because it's a bad game mode.
really, you think so?

wow has tons of shit design that exists only because of history and nothing else. i would say "look at the honor system" but since to you apparently botting in a game is completely fine, i'll say look at the arena system (although it applies to a lesser extent due to changes in MoP)

lol was created by the same person that created dota, guinsoo. it directly inherited things like last hitting and item shop from the dota paradigm, even though a shop in league is fucking useless to begin with. back when i played last season, EVERY SINGLE ADC (attack damage carry - ranged dps, basically) build the exact same shit. it's still mostly the case as well, with little variations to which item you build 1st depending on the champion. it makes you wonder, why the fuck even have a shop? the reason it made sense in dota is because dotas strategic depth revolves around items and builds, but lol being more of a brawler game (with short cds on spells and rotations and shit) it just never made any sense

same mostly applies to last hitting. it exists only because that's how the original AoS maps and allstars made resource gain happen in the game - and everybody else just inherited it.

games generally have shit ton of bad designs in them which are simply being copied over. that doesn't make them good designs

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if skill mastery is the only thing that excites you about games at all then you should try yourself in FPS btw

aim is the only thing that doesn't put any artificial limitations to how much finesse you can display

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i didn't say anything about it being harder/"more skillful"

judging skill ceiling at this point is very hard

but i find the hots design to be much more fun to play and a VERY INTERESTING take on the moba genre. it shows just how much utterly shit design has made thru a whole decade of these games and finally someone is trying to do something different and successfully so. you can't call hots a "shit game" even if you don't like it just because of the innovation its bringing

i'll never touch a game with 40 min+ matches and lasthitting ever again (and mind you, i've known how to last hit properly since early dota allstars days - i created the biggest russian dota forum, i helped organize and run the very first dota tournament with money prizes, i played HoN thru its entire beta and early release until the game went to shit, i played league, etc -- let's just say i've been around). sold all my league accounts and uninstalled half a year ago lol

hots right now feels exactly like dota allstars felt back in the day to me. a very young game that people are talking shit about, but is so fucking great it's just a matter of time until it becomes one of the biggest games around. i ended up selling my site because i didn't believe in it too, but not repeating this mistake again - regret it ever since, so i remember it well and it takes a lot of stars to align to feel like this about a game again for me.

does anyone remember when people thought league of legends beta/early release was autist central and the game is fucking shit? this was back when allstars was the shit and HoN was the upcoming beast. yeah look where lol is now.


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im pretty sure the only mechanical slim switches are cherry ML or scissors. cherry ML never got popular though. there's a slight issue with them in the fact that slim keys have to be flat and big and people often end up pressing them not on the center, which is way different to how you use normal keys (you apply the force on the center of the key always). of course it feels awkward to press a switch from the side, and the only way to fix this issue is to put stabilizers on literally every key, which is super expensive to produce and doesn't exist

that's why scissor structure is so great for flat/slim keys (and typing). it solves this exact problem

also accuracy is ALL that fast typing is about past a certain point (like 600 cpm, which is 120 wpm). so yeah, that's why blues are so good