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22 May 2018 - 03:50 PM

yo i do wonder where's pharrell

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02 May 2018 - 10:13 PM

Well, when you try to enter a raid portal, you get a red error text that says "You have to be in a raid group to enter". But ok, regardless of our understanding of the word "forced", my point was that nowadays there's much less reason to actively seek contact with people in the game than there used to be. You can literally have the chat disabled and just use LFD/LFR to see all of the games content. This is totally not what I think an MMORPG should be about. The social aspect is the whole point, it should not be optional. There should be content that you can only explore with a trusty band of friends.

The balance issues are an independent thing. Classes could be the way they are now but in a vanilla context and it'd work all the same (encounters would need tweaking, obviously, but that's still within the scope of balance). I don't think that killing all the social aspects of the game has affected balance in any way. Like, I think the real reason even this site died are the changes that happened in WoD - the addition of the premade finder, removal of battlegroups; and a few things before that too, like removal of team charters. There's just no need for a PvP community on an external site anymore. People used to come here because they wanted to "get into PvP", they came here to make contacts, to join the community. You don't need that shit when you just queue up and inspect peoples ratings in the game UI.

Mythic+ is fine, I guess. What I had in mind about modes is LFR/Normal/Heroic/Mythic for raids. The old model had only one difficulty. That's the way it should be - there should be one difficulty that is tuned for organized groups, period. It should be exclusively a group activity, where you need reliable people that you're ok playing with long(er) term. It shouldn't be doable with a group of 29 strangers like Heroic/Normal currently are. It shouldn't be doable by a 50% AFK group like LFR is. The only thing that was acceptable beyond that is the Ulduar model, where fights had extra conditions that you had to meet for better rewards (hard modes) - but it should still be one instance, not 4 different versions (and lockouts) of the same one.

I think the situation where there are parts of the game you've never seen is absolutely fine and even desirable. Like I mentioned before, the reason I got into PvE was that I wanted to see the content, and joining guilds was the only way to do that at the time. That is a case of the game 'forcing' me to join a player-created social structure of people who also want to see the content. There's some charm in that, really.

I'm not saying Legion is bad btw. I'm just saying what I miss about vanilla, what I think is lacking in the current game compared to its original form.

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02 May 2018 - 07:06 PM

If you want to do a piece of content and it's designed in a way that you can not do it solo - isn't that forced by definition? It doesn't matter whether it's a leveling zone or an instance in concept, or if its levels or item levels progression.

Going to a city to find brave heroes and actually going to the battlefield with them, to me, sounds a lot more interesting than opening the UI, selecting the right dropdown element and just like appearing there. They are totally different experiences.

People you don't like can make valid points. But sure, whatever.

And balance issues are a whole different subject. I'm talking about the overall design trends. Balance could've been great back then and awful 5-viable-classes now, and my opinion wouldn't change at all. What I miss is absence of flying mounts, absence of difficulty modes in dungeons, absence of cross realm play (i.e. smaller realm-based communities, too many people makes it all much more anonymous), even absence of transfers and namechanges so you had to fully stick to your choices. I miss when being in a guild was the only way to raid, and when being on a team charter was the only way to arena. It was all much less convenient, but it made every connection much more important and valuable - precisely because I knew how fucked I'd be without the guild or without the teams. There's much less reason to care about shit now.

It doesn't matter who played what class. I've played shadow priest in Vanilla and enhancement shaman in TBC. Not exactly the highest demand specs. I've also played on a RPPvP realm called Scarshield Legion all the way until late WotLK, which was constantly in the bottom 20 by population. Not just that, but it was in BG Ruin, which had a total of 4 realms - by far the smallest BG. I really don't think that I'm spoiled by a great vanilla experience or anything.

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02 May 2018 - 06:39 PM

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02 May 2018 - 06:35 PM


I'm not saying that vanilla was perfect and better in every way. Balance was one of the major issues, I do agree with that completely.

Having to walk to the dungeon is one of the key things that were removed. It heavily damages the whole "one big world with many other players" aspect. So do flying mounts, by the way. The whole premise and concept of an MMORPG is "there's one big persistent world with many other players you can meet and engage" - well, you don't get to encounter those players or interact with that world if you can just fly 11 kilometers in the sky and/or just get teleported to the only isolated locations (instances). The whole game is reduced to just going from point A to point B on the map and doing shit. The world becomes optional, which goes against the core concept of the game.

This is the biggest lie i read on the classic forums and stuff. This is absolutely false. You were not forced at all. You can play entirely alone, surronded by people, but the game doesn't forced you to interact. Why do you think WoW was a success in that time. All other MMO had penalty when death, some of them requieres a full group in order to kill regular mobs on the world. I never felt that much in danger in this old MMO (Ryzom), than i ever was in WoW. And guess what, it fails on the long term, because the so-called "inconveniance" become a chore, and not really funny. Vanilla was already the "casual" game back then.

What I meant was that to see the content (i.e. dungeons and raids, and even the group quests which existed in pretty much every zone - there's much less of those now; there even were 5man quest arcs, remember EPL quests?). There was only one way to do it - go out of your way and find people to play with. It could be channels, forums, finding a guild, friendlisting people, recruiting on trade chat, talking to people on the realm forums, talking to people on arenajunkies, joining IRC channels for realms/battlegroups, etc. But you had to actually do it yourself, you had to find a way to connect - that's why we created all these communities in the first place. Currently you can witness all of the games content via LFR which you can do with literally 0 human interaction, and the premade finder which simplifies your interactions down to "if it has enough ilvl/rating/achievement -> invite" in most cases. You interact with the UI more than with people - and I've Heroic pugged entire Legion myself.

The thing that got me into PvE originally is that I wanted to see the content. Nowadays the only reason to do it is to see your characters numbers increase, which isn't that much of a drive really. It was an adventure, an adventure that was shared with another 20 or 25 or 40 people or whatever - and that's the whole spirit of an MMORPG to me. Any kind of automatic matchmaking is vandalism, and even the (albeit very convenient) premade finder is an abomination.