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In Topic: Haste vs Mastery for affliction

16 December 2013 - 01:47 PM

I have played quite alot of games with both, and I can honestly say I rate haste way over mastery.
Makes my gameplay alot more fluent because of the lower GCD (it is very noticeable imo).

I dont really feel my damage going down that much, however I am playing WLS mainly, which means that the pressure comes from my warrior doing huge single target damage so the healer cant really heal his team effectively.

Feel as if tho haste just makes my gameplay alot more enjoyable. The DPS loss so far seems very small.

In Topic: Revive Pet Cast Time To Be Reduced To 2 Seconds

16 December 2013 - 07:43 AM

This change is beyond stupid. People acting as if hunter pets just dies from random shit, how about actually moving it?
If i want to keep my pet alive as a warlock i need to constantly keep microing it throughout the game, but against alot of comps i must sacc it regardless, because it just flops. Hunter pets do not die nearly as effectively, ontop of this if you actually micro it properly, like you should be doing, you are gonna make people pay tons for going on the pet. You should also try playing with healers who have petframes, so they can actually heal the pet, all of you act as if its impossible for healers to heal the pet ever.

2 second ress timer on a pet is beyond stupid, just means you can ignore the pet all in all for starters, if it dies just ress it and start microing.

Also, if you have problems with your pet dying against some comps, you can do what warlocks are forced to against shit like KFC, and go with a tank pet.