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Should I quit arena?

09 March 2017 - 07:26 PM

Since the beginning of wow I have been fascinated by PvP and arena


 I've tried PvE but it's not my cup of tea. During the past few years i've been trying to reach 2200+ arena rating.  I have tried on feral during Wotlk and with mage during Cata/Pandaria and Warlords.  My highest rating was 1795 during WOTLK with feral (kittycleave) 


I did allot of research and excessive practice in arena but I never managed to reach my desired rating. I researched on arena comps, strategies, (burst) rotations etc. I personally feel I learned everything that there was to be learned about my class and read the necessary information about other classes such a defensive's, cooldown etc but with no results. 


Warlord and Pandaria have been a true hell for me as mage as everyone said I should easily reach 2K+ rating with my class and yet I simply couldn’t. In warlords I had a 2.4k+ rogue help me out of free will after I asked him for some feedback. I could visually see myself improve with this guy but at one point he said he couldn't help me anymore. Jesus that stung... was I that bad?


I know mindset is a big part of the game but it just so demotivating not being able to progress or find a proper team that wants to put in the effort to actually improve on strategies and gameplay. Everyone just magically expects things to go easy and smooth coordination without voice chat. 


I never really played the hard classes during any of the expansions.

Feral was pretty powerful during Wotlk and so was mage during cata and warlords yet I did

not succeed. 


 Maybe I should accept the fact that I’m not a high end player and don’t have the skill or game sense to reach my goals. For me it's almost depressing since I am truly a competitive player..


I wonder if anyone has ever been through the same shit?