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In Topic: Should I quit arena?

10 March 2017 - 01:47 AM

I recently stopped playing overwatch where I was about to progress into diamond and had quite some fun but somehow wow pulled me back in. What me reach high platinum in overwatch the fact that I some 


Ive also played starcraft low platinum during Hots but here I did not really give it all. It was more of period where I didnt know what to play.  in 2007 I was 3th of the world on medal of honor online on PSP does that count lol?


I know the game hasn't been in a great state but ultimately that shouldn't matter except for the fact that it's increasingly hard to find a proper team at lower rating that wants to stick together. I que loads of times on a day but just the whole group finding system for arena is stupid. You invite or get invited by someone and maybe win a few games and then maybe lose 1-2 and right away people leave. No constructive feedback or anyhing, they just leave

Like really? what do they expect? a win 20 winstreak by just calling a main and maybe an off target in the beginning? The whole arena scene seems to be disconnected or maybe that is just at lower rating.