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How do you deal with locks in 2s?

07 March 2017 - 08:21 PM

So i am playing Demon hunter/mw or resto druid and i do sort of ok, but i seem to lose all the time against lock teams.


Even discounting damage done to the pets i tend to double their damage/dps in the end if i go lock but eventually my healer just cant keep up and we die while the enemy healer (usually a shaman) just outheals me.


That is if i go on the lock, if i go the healer the lock does nothing but peel but before i can kill the healer we die again.



If i go lock i tend to get him to 10% or so regularly but i never really am able to finish. If i go healer, as i said before, i tend to get CCed and we die even quicker.



Ive tried going pets but that didnt really work either (they either get a new pet fairly quickly or port/gate and summon a new pet while the old one is dying still).


(i usually am playing chaos blades and nemesis)


So can anyone give me advice/tips on how to deal with locks (all 3 specs seem to be trouble, but i havnt really seen any destro ones in 2s)? (this is around 2k mmr usually)