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In Topic: How do you deal with locks in 2s?

08 March 2017 - 02:44 PM

Usually the resto shamans at that rating are pretty crap and don't know how to deal with alot of pressure so you should be able to kill them. Just save cooldowns until you're fully DR'ed and can't be peeled off by the warlock and you should be able to kill the shaman pretty easily 

Should i play first blood instead of bloodlet then? What happens if i get a clean Meta on the shaman is usually, trinket - astral shift and other defensives. Which means i get him to 20% or so and then im out of interrupts/stuns and he just heals back up. I kill eventually vs most shamans because i force astral with pure damage and then Meta and the following damage is too much for them to heal through, but vs lock teams the preassure we get back if the lock is allowed to freecast is just way to much and we flop way before the shaman does. And if i go on the lock he just doesnt die and the shaman just heals for to much.



@the person above, my dps in pure ST is usually around 130k ish, paper dps would be 190k or so, but thats mostly unintentional aoe on the pets (i dont use aoe abilities on purpose, but bloodlet and fel rush and fury just cleave by nature). Im not really sure if i can increase my preassure enough, i never really did try momentum, fel barrage for pure damage padding vs them, maybe thats a way to win (for some reason that works quite well vs MW monk/DK teams for me)?