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16 February 2017 - 09:25 PM

I have a question, i tanked 240 CR this week fighting only RMD, and R/DH/Fury warrior... what is this shit where Eye of Lorethas is doing a shit load of damage to me as a healer... maybe i just do not understand, but the tooltip says it deals damage when the target is casting harmful spells


I'm a MW, in this said match, i did 0 Damage, I didn't Paralyze, but i took 1 Million Damage from Eye in less than 25 seconds, while getting trained by a fury warrior and DH, i had 0 chance of survival after my rolls, port, bubble, and RoP were down Obviously because of the sustained 400k dps on just me.... 


Anyone with input on eye, it would be awesome... I'm pretty sure it's broken