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#4637414 Games like Arena but not shit?

Posted by Melaniatrump on 25 May 2018 - 03:18 AM

It is like WoW arena. Idk how you can have an opinion on it if you've never even played it. It also takes way more skill than WoW in its current state as everything is a skill shot.



More skill?  Yeah.  Similar to wow arena in any capacity?  Nah.   This is like a HOTS arena more than anything else.

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#4637228 Solo queue?

Posted by Melaniatrump on 07 April 2018 - 04:30 PM

imagine wanting to destroy any sense of community more than it already has been



TBH this wouldn't destroy anything.  Its just re-purposing.  You can't tell me that legion pvp has any sense of community outside of people who already have played together for a long time.  You post in LFG "2200 cr 45x Gladiator team LF healer"  Then you find some random guy, play games until you lose one or maybe two, he leaves, and then you go back to LFG to repeat.  

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#4637171 BFA Afflic Lock

Posted by Melaniatrump on 07 March 2018 - 03:03 AM

Interesting. I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to as close as a recreation of wotlk rotations as possible. Ua stacking rotation is seriously annoying and I also could live without the whole rotation of every spec cycle around fucking soul shards.
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#4637100 Thinking about playing again after 5 year hiatus...

Posted by Melaniatrump on 30 January 2018 - 02:27 PM

Thanks for the info fam. Guess I have to decide if I want to spend the money and start building a fresh character at this point. Gave my Cata warlock to a buddy when I quit 5 years ago. Still can’t believe it’s been that long, I have some great memories from this game. Are any of the good US server players still active? Reckful, Talbadar, Cdew, etc.?

Cdew is still going strong but that’s the problem with arenas right now, there really is no “really good” players that stand out. A group of multi rank ones can que and lose again a random 2.2k pve cleave. But as long as you have a solid group that ques regularly and doesn’t rage quit you will push rating. It just doesn’t feels as rewarding
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#4637090 Thinking about playing again after 5 year hiatus...

Posted by Melaniatrump on 29 January 2018 - 05:03 PM

It’s literally just popping all your CDs, doing a pve rotation, most of the time you just aoe in hopes the healer can’t keep up. Literally no outplay and no real strategy anymore it’s just: doors open, find your target, pop CDs, if dead gg, if not wait for CDs.
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#4637028 Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

Posted by Melaniatrump on 12 January 2018 - 09:47 PM

Cata out of all the expansions removed the most amount of things to do in the open world (questlines, items and so on), introduced wellfare epics, trimmed the most abilities, allowed for retarded specs to arise, injected OP legendaries in arena. Overall all it is the expansion that marks the divide between good ol' wow and the current version.

Don’t get me wrong I hated cata and loved wrath but you are off on a couple of these. I would say wrath injected op legendaries first (tbc legendaries didn’t seem as broken). Welfare epics started in late tbc and then really caught on fire during TOC heroics era.
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#4637017 PvP is THIS dead?

Posted by Melaniatrump on 11 January 2018 - 06:30 PM

also dont think many people will grind to 60 for 3 month, no content besides farming useless shit all the time. 10h+ botfarming for pvp title. pve bosses are completly freeloot cause they only auto attack, thats why every private server buffs them. globals take 5 seconds. you only got 2 buttons. fighting to tag a mob. regging 30 seconds after 1 mob. do people who actually have played vanilla have the same free time they can invest? 
maybe streamer will build enough hype, gonna check it out for sure but sceptical about long term success, cause your character is trash without pveing (hf spaming 5h long dungeons to get nothing in 2018)

You do know it’s possible to play a game and just have fun and not worry about getting all the epics/titles/mounts and everything else right? And let’s not say retail as is is any harder of a game if you min/max. Addons literally play the game for you when you are doing the most “difficult” parts and when you are waiting for resets/people to log in to do arena you are bored out of your mind running in circles in dal. At least with vanilla you have something to do everyday when you log in. Will you get any epics handed to you by doing dungeons? No. WIll the raids be mind numbingly hard? No. But at least it gives you incentive to log in and actually play the game to have fun and not take it so serious.

Taking WoW serious in 2018 lol
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#4636769 We are going back to vanilla bois

Posted by Melaniatrump on 16 November 2017 - 04:33 PM

The only thing that I find unfortunate is that vanilla has already been figured out due to the huge amount of private servers. The real vanilla fans have played it so many times already, they know the best and fastest ways to level, gear up and they'll clear the raids within hours of their release (assuming they are locked at the start).
That's one part of the game I will miss. Other than that I'm sure it'll be great. Hopefully they'll at some point progress the server to TBC and so on.

You won’t miss it if you just treat vanilla like you did back in the day. Don’t download addons to level, take it at your own pace, don’t join a serious competitive guild, and just play the game without trying to min/max. That’s the mentality people need to get rid of. And just play the game
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#4636734 We are going back to vanilla bois

Posted by Melaniatrump on 07 November 2017 - 02:37 PM

Ever heard about guild wars(not gw2) mmo? it had amazing balanced pvp and great esports that was really fun to play and watch, so you are wrong about that

Oh ya how dumb of me. How could I forget about the power house esport that was guild wars 1. Man how dumb of me
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#4636726 We are going back to vanilla bois

Posted by Melaniatrump on 06 November 2017 - 09:11 PM

1) So preorders are different and you can't choose not to buy a game, even if it was good? lol, whatever logic is in there, I'd want to smoke some of it.


2) WoW was the infancy of esports? lol and WoW was probably also the first online game with millions of players for you? I've not heard dumber shit in a while. Esports was going on for more than 10 years by that point rofl. Also the reasoning as to why it was wrong, wrong, wrong for it to have the amount of viewers is beyond retarded. "Let's make a game that's difficult to watch even more difficult to watch so we can diminish our success", do you even hear how retarded you sound?


3) I don't care about pve, but I'm sure someone more informed could tell you all about pve. We shouldn't ignore one thing though and that's that they don't give a fuck about vanilla and are doing it because they're forced too. Much like they're forced to keep arena in game and would rather delete it if they could.


4) I'm assuming english is your 2nd language as well, since literate natives generally don't have trouble choosing your and you're correctly. Maybe that's our issue.

1)  Am I really going to have to explain why not buying a preorder out of principle is the only case in which this would make sense?  


ok follow me closely friend.  If you don't like a game, and you don't buy it, you are just not buying it because you don't want to play it.  That makes sense.  There are no principles in this situation that you put yourself in, you don't want the game, so you don't buy it.  Period.


Now the problem with preorders are that companies are far more likely to produce a half made game with built in DLCs for content that should have been on the original game when these games have preorders.  In case you are completely oblivious (you clearly fucking are) you can read this to get more info about what im talking about.  https://kotaku.com/5...eo-games-please


So not buying a game because you don't like it = not sticking up for any principles.  And not buying a preorder even though you want the game = not buying something out of principle.  


You probably wont understand this either you seem fairly dense.


2)  WoW was the the infancy of esports.  Just because it was 'around' before 2010 doesn't mean it was anywhere near today.  To clarify i should have said it was in the infancy of esports becoming mainstream.  Which it was.  Also im not sure what your quote "Let's make a game that's difficult to watch even more difficult to watch so we can diminish our success" means.  I never said anything remotely close that could be compared to what you just said.  And my reasoning behind how it got a lot of viewers makes 100% sense.  If you don't think it does how about you give me a counter argument instead of just saying HAHAHAH RETARDED RETARDED RETARDED.  Please lets hear it. 


3) They werent forced to do anything.  They dont need to release this server.... again they are a business... not your mother.  They don't NEED to do anything.  Clearly they do care about vanilla wow because they are releasing it.  That is sort of obvious... isnt it?  


4) okay first off do you mean "your problem"? not "our problem"?  And second off I didn't use 'your' wrong once and I never even said you're.  So you fell pretty flat on YOUR face again there bud.

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#4636713 We are going back to vanilla bois

Posted by Melaniatrump on 06 November 2017 - 12:26 AM

That would be only natural. But I wonder if it'll be possible to play Vanilla only. At least I personally have no interest in checking out new sharding technologies to turn off world PvP.

Now if they demand 15 € sub for vanilla, I won't play it out of principle (like not buying D3).

Out of what principles exactly? They are bringing back a vanilla server we have asked for, for a long time and with professional bug fixing and server maintenance with no risk of the server turning into a private server mess like 99% of vanilla servers do. And paying $15 a month, 50 cents a day, is where you draw your line in the dirt?

Also what are you taking about with D3? They made a new diablo for you to play but it’s against your principles to pay for the game? You think you are a snowflake or something princess?
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#4636706 We are going back to vanilla bois

Posted by Melaniatrump on 05 November 2017 - 05:48 PM

Probably got glad as double healer combat rogue in s16 hehe

Not sure if you know or not but he did
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#4636465 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by Melaniatrump on 06 September 2017 - 10:40 PM

This you fucking retard is exactly the reason we want soloqueue. Because unless you are in the rank 1 community where every rank 1 player has each other add on battlenet and they find queue partners instantly, unless you are in that community, you have to face this fucking shit you just linked every single fucking day for about 1 hour each day just to play the fucking game.
I work 8 hours a day on a job I love, i sometimes meet my friends, and I usually spend 2-3 hours on wow, why the fuck would I want to queuue arena if I have to get trolled for 1 hour in LFG before I start playing? I believe most people that play Wow anymore are around the ages of 20-30 with a daily routine really close to the one I just mentioned. (Unless ofc you have spend all your school years on geting gladiator in wow and now you work 4 hours at Mcdonalds or trying to be a full time streamer)
Gain a fucking braincell and realise that unless you are in that community with the 100-200 rank 1 people that have each other add on battlenet you have to spend more time getting trolled in LFG than actually palying arena.
If you go around and ask the people with 1800-2500 rating why they dont play arena that often, 90% of them will tell you that the main reason is because its so fucking hard to find partners.
As a lot of people mentioned in this post, soloqueu people will have no chance on reaching glad leavels. Soloqueue will help them instantly queueing around 2000-2400 mmr and give them a grater chance to find real partners if they wish to push for more rating.
You already have class balance issues, you always did, and you always will.
The only way to ressurect PvP at this point is if you make a really big change, like soloqueue, if you think class balancing or rewards can save PvP at this point then you are delusional.

Solo q won't fix dick kid. It will just add another time dump for people who already pvp. People who say solo q won't murder premade 3v3 is fucking delusional as well. What percentage of people do you think arena with actual everyday teammates? Well everyone who doesn't have a set team will jump into soloq and stay there, no reason to get a team that's going to play with you for 5 games then leave if you can just spam solo q.

Find it fucking hilarious how people come up with the idea "WELL WE CAN SOLO Q THEN IF WE FIND PEOPLE WE LIKE THEN WE CAN JUMP INTO 3v3". Haha you think solo q is going to single handedly change how the community treats arena? If you find people in solo you want to q with they are going to be MORE inclined to leave after that first loss like a twat now more than ever. Why would he worry about sticking with a team when solo q is right there? Normally the only thing holding them back from leaving so soon was the fact that they don't want to be stuck in lfg. Plus whose to say they would even want to q with you? If they are 1900 in solo q why the fuck are they going to want to start fighting premades at 0 rating.

Yeah and the arguement "different rewards different rewards" WOULD be applicable if gear still mattered as a reward but it's not. Woohoo another recolored mount woohoo another recolored tabard woohoo another enchant that looks exactly like the rest of them. The one thing everyone loves in wow no matter pve or pvp is fuckin gear. Having that slight edge over another guy is why people do shit like this.
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#4636428 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by Melaniatrump on 05 September 2017 - 07:23 PM

Instead, it looks like I created a thread about some sort of rocket science mixed with some quantum theories.

No, it looks like you created a thread with toddler level ideas, toddler level reasoning, and toddler leveling explanations, so it seems like you are trying to explain something tough because I don't think you yourself know what you are saying
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#4636411 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by Melaniatrump on 05 September 2017 - 02:58 PM

the game itself is fine, the only thing needed is more players.
the game needs hype, make a 10 million dollar tournament for pvp/pve and the game will get 10+ mil subs again.
Its hard to get excited about #wowesports when the prizepool is 250k, while dota have like 20mil?
wtf are you supposed to do with 250k split on 4? its nothing, barely pays for the fucking time invested in playing the game.
they should make a mount/title that you can buy in the shop, that directly supports the prizepool for tournaments. 
make a tournament for each season end, and give a achivement/title for supporting that tournament.
And for fuck sake, blizz is the kings of hyping new expansions, do the same for PvP.

Please tell me you don't actually think the only problem with wow is there isn't enough tournaments/prizes. That would single handedly be the dumbest shit I have ever heard about issues with this game.
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