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In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

14 January 2018 - 04:05 PM



I guess you never played against a Rogue with both warglaives if you think they weren't broken. The reason it didn't seem as broken to you was because not every single Rogue and Hunter ran around with the legendaries, maybe only a couple existed among your entire battlegroup. In Wotlk every Warrior, DK and Ret ran around with Shadowmourne but I wouldn't say it was more broken.



I agree with this, in my mental classification I too see Cata as the beginning of the end, where from Vanilla to Wotlk it all was upwards (with some up and downs mind you), it was only downhill from Cata. However if you ignore the past and look at Cata objectively, it wasn't that bad of an expansion (although I stopped playing the game for the first time at the start of S11). Unlike MoP, WoD and Legion which were honestly unplayable.



I have.  And I didnt say glaives werent broken i said they werent as broken.  As in, yes it gave the rogue an edge but it didnt let me instantly climb to glad because they got them.  It just gave them more haste and hit a little bit harder it really wasnt THAT glaring of an issue.


Whereas shadowmourne literally gave anyone with them gladiator.  On my server there were 4 or 5 people who got shadowmourne that i can remember and every single one of them went from 1400-1700 to gladiator in one season.  Some ran 5s with double mourne some ran double healer with mourne dk.  It was fucking atrocious.  Double glaives never did that or even came close to that lets be honest here

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

12 January 2018 - 09:47 PM

Cata out of all the expansions removed the most amount of things to do in the open world (questlines, items and so on), introduced wellfare epics, trimmed the most abilities, allowed for retarded specs to arise, injected OP legendaries in arena. Overall all it is the expansion that marks the divide between good ol' wow and the current version.

Don’t get me wrong I hated cata and loved wrath but you are off on a couple of these. I would say wrath injected op legendaries first (tbc legendaries didn’t seem as broken). Welfare epics started in late tbc and then really caught on fire during TOC heroics era.

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

12 January 2018 - 01:34 AM

wod class design was better, wod raids were better, wod pvp was better (but still trash)
legion has mythic+, what else is there to enjoy about this expansion over wod? :)

Well I personally don’t like either of them at all so answering your question wouldn’t mean much anyway because either way I answer it will make it sound like either expansion has upsides (talking strictly pvp I haven’t pved in a long time).

Wod arena felt like absolute trash to me because it felt like there was 0 room for counter play. It was like “ok I’m quing jungle? We got paired against X there is nothing we can do, okay now we got paired against X there is nothing they can do”. And every game felt extremely scripted to the point where I can tell you how every game was going to play out beforehand. Not to mention the fucking CESSPOOL of bots in early wod that was so bad peope made characters named Xbotter which made every challenger with an honorbuddy sub hit rank 1.

Now I’m not saying legion is perfect by any means I fucking hated it too but at least while I was playing it it didn’t feel as scripted I saw at least 30 more different comps in the arena compared to wods 4.

In Topic: PvP is THIS dead?

11 January 2018 - 06:30 PM

also dont think many people will grind to 60 for 3 month, no content besides farming useless shit all the time. 10h+ botfarming for pvp title. pve bosses are completly freeloot cause they only auto attack, thats why every private server buffs them. globals take 5 seconds. you only got 2 buttons. fighting to tag a mob. regging 30 seconds after 1 mob. do people who actually have played vanilla have the same free time they can invest? 
maybe streamer will build enough hype, gonna check it out for sure but sceptical about long term success, cause your character is trash without pveing (hf spaming 5h long dungeons to get nothing in 2018)

You do know it’s possible to play a game and just have fun and not worry about getting all the epics/titles/mounts and everything else right? And let’s not say retail as is is any harder of a game if you min/max. Addons literally play the game for you when you are doing the most “difficult” parts and when you are waiting for resets/people to log in to do arena you are bored out of your mind running in circles in dal. At least with vanilla you have something to do everyday when you log in. Will you get any epics handed to you by doing dungeons? No. WIll the raids be mind numbingly hard? No. But at least it gives you incentive to log in and actually play the game to have fun and not take it so serious.

Taking WoW serious in 2018 lol

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

10 January 2018 - 06:53 PM

Who the fuck would possibly miss that steaming pile of a game. I much prefer legion even though pvp has really died down because of it.