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Today, 04:38 PM

Damn mane you still play.
Thank for the info and it would also be great if you could answer my specific questions. TBH arena for me died when 2s died so if I resub ima just do shit like redo the ahn'qiraj opening quest, maybe some old raids, and some casual 2s. At this point I have 0 patience to play competitively or raid with randoms. Practically what I want from the game if it can still provide that, is to hit stuff  with a 2-hander and solo grind stuff, just like I did when I was young.

You get gear from 2s which is about it. Which doesn’t mean much because you literally get gear from everything you can think of now. You login and basically get gear for doing that. The game I guesssss got better compared to wod in terms of story and quests I suppose but you basically can finish all of that content in a week of casual play then you just login to run in circles. I’m not sure on how warriors are or any class balance is for that matter because I stopped paying attention. A lot of people moved to p servers in hype of wow classic. That’s about all I know

In Topic: How's this game now

Today, 05:09 AM

Well blizz is finally releasing a vanilla legacy server so...that’s about all i am looking forward to

In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

16 November 2017 - 04:33 PM

The only thing that I find unfortunate is that vanilla has already been figured out due to the huge amount of private servers. The real vanilla fans have played it so many times already, they know the best and fastest ways to level, gear up and they'll clear the raids within hours of their release (assuming they are locked at the start).
That's one part of the game I will miss. Other than that I'm sure it'll be great. Hopefully they'll at some point progress the server to TBC and so on.

You won’t miss it if you just treat vanilla like you did back in the day. Don’t download addons to level, take it at your own pace, don’t join a serious competitive guild, and just play the game without trying to min/max. That’s the mentality people need to get rid of. And just play the game

In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

15 November 2017 - 04:47 PM

I think this whole Vanilla thing is gonna be a disaster. Not because of the game, the game was fine itself. Classes were dumb to play (Despite what Dizzeeyo vomits every day just to complain, classes were dumb and clunky) levelling was slow and easy and you need a tremendous amount of time to progress in the game. (There was a sentence in french, maybe you had it too back then was "Moins tu dors plus t'es fort." The less you sleep the stronger you are.
Don't get me wrong, i loved it. Every second of it, even if my social experience was awful. The game could be played solo enough to progress. And yes i stayed minutes to inspect people with t3 gear too.
I really think the community will destroy it. Between the retail one who likes Legion (Which i am, but i think it's because i don't compare my dick to other players to see if it's bigger, so i can enjoy what wow is, a game.), the one who hates it but still plays it, the one who wants honestly to try vanilla, and the real community, the despicable elitists who speak louder than everyone else. Look at all the forums, the streams, twitter. It's gonna be a cold shower for a lot of people.
Maybe i'm wrong. We'll see.
The vocal vanilla community is the SJW of WoW. Pretending to fight racism and intolerance while being worse.
Maybe it's only my personnal experience but i got way more friends after Cataclysm. Vanilla from Wotlk was extremely elitists and arrogants when the "pleb" managed to reach the same spot. And for PvE... well, it's probably less personnal and more "solo games with people around" but at least i can do it at my level (HM at max) without being rejected because i had the luck of prefering the shadow spec and not being dwarf.
The community is maybe more dumb but way more open on its way.
Tip for Vanilla : play an ud sp with your friend and you will be able to duo all the level 60 dongeon without having to wait 2h for a tank (Warrior.)

In terms of the community I had the exact oppisite experience. Vanilla through mid wrath I would say I made the most friends and none of the people I played with were elitists. We were always one raid tier behind in vanilla and bc and it seemed like most of the people I was around were super chill and were always ready to join a Kara run even in our BT gear to help others when we were bored. Or even when I was on an alt in a different guild and a newbie joined people always seemed ready to give advice and run them through stuff. And arenas in bc were super fuckin chill just friends going “hey wanna do some 2s?” And just having fun, no elitism at all.

Then when wrath came it seemed pretty fun and promising until after ToC I would say. This was the part of wow that murdered teir like raids. What I mean by that is, in bc if you were a new guild in welfare dungeon blues then you had to do Kara,gruuls,mag>ssc,za,tk>bt,hyjal. Unless you got carried by other people You HAD to do the other raids first. So after ToC (or during I can’t remember) when a new guild came about all they had to do was dungeons and then raid. That’s it. This turned everyone into a know it all for some reason and started the trend of “LF 2 DPS BLAH BLAH BLAH NEED 5k GS AND ACHEIV”. And then arena turned to shit as well. “Link highest acheiv” “Im 2400 on my pally man I’m just trying to learn this lock and play some games” “LOL SURE GTFO”

In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

12 November 2017 - 02:50 AM

There isnt really much to do in vanilla after you get your pre raid bis. I had a 60 warrior elysium and after getting said pieces pretty much all you do is raid log (aka only login during weekly raid clears). You might wanna grind bgs for gear but the way vanilla honor works it requires retarded amounts of time dedicated solely to bg premades. Worst part is vanilla classes are so fucking retarded pvp is extremely boring, theres no chance you will beat a frost mage in a duel as warrior without consumables or beat a backpedalling hunter for example.  
Only thing vanilla is good for to me is the actual mmo part. Vanilla world definetely feels more alive even on elysium. You actually make friends along the way unlike cancer legion.  
Im just hoping they will rethink the classes a bit.

I know that feeling, for me it’s what I get with retail I just login and there’s nothing to do. But for me the trip to 60 alone is going to take me a long time. Not because I don’t know what to do I just am not playing like I use to. Plus the imbalance in pvp honestly makes it fun for me especially when you play classes that can 1v3 or if you know what to do. Also you are right the mmo feel is real. Even on private servers. People constantly raiding random places for no reason other than fun. Also with engineering you can actually beat anything as any class in pvp