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Some questions from who want to improve!

27 January 2017 - 12:42 PM

Hi guys, first of all i only have 1.9k from pandaria, im not a 2k player but want to improve my skill to become at least 2k this season.


I wanna ask you some question about warriors!


1. What do you think about Titanic Might?


From what i've seen Avatar + Deadly Calm are good with comps that burst a lot and need on demand burst like Turbo or TSG, but i found my self playing with Avatar + Titanic Might or Rend + Titanic Might, what i've noticed is that Titanic Might is a good talent cause you can save globals for Mortal strike when tactician proc and use Colossus Smash only for damage or when u need to reapply it.


2. What do you think about Rend + Titanic Might?


As i said i played a lot of Rend + Titanic Might in 2s/3s, i noticed that this is the go-to combination when you're kited a lot and can't get to your target, plus you have more pressure from Multi DoT and can do damage even when CCed, but if you can stick on your target and the enemy teams doesnt have a lot of CC to counter you, i think Avatar + DC/TM is better, Am I Right?


3. Why a lot of High Rated Players are switching Fury?

Is better than Arms nowdays?


Thanks to everyone who will answer my questions and sorry for my bad english.


Cya & HF!



Warrior "Rotation" in PVP

12 January 2017 - 12:37 PM

Hi, a question that everytimes comes in my head when i play Warrior in PVP is.


If colossus smash is up on the target and tactician proc, is better to use CS too keep it on CD and use the Shattered Defense mortal strike buff, or is better to keep using mortal strike untill the CS is not on target and using CS only for reapply the debuff?