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In Topic: Marksman Talents & Comps

18 January 2017 - 02:22 AM

disengage 2 charges baseline or master's call back for it to be competitive. We are not casters that can heal and have absorbs. ret, mw marks my top pick. The problem is melee is so mobile now and caster all can do so much spread dmg. Single target specs that marks brings aren't competitive. Piercing shot and wind burst takes like 500k together off a target I notice with vulnerable up.The more aoe spread spec doesnt do as much as the casters. Instead they are making the melee spec of a class that has always had 3 ranged ranged specs before this expansion the best spec and best mobility.


Your first sentence says it all, really. I've been thinking the same thing. I would rather prefer MC>2 Disengages, honestly, but that's just me. The rest of what you've put also hits the nail on the head. Well said.

In Topic: Display Name Changes

12 January 2017 - 10:33 PM

Preferred Name: Juiceboxlol
2nd Choice: Lunchboxlol

In Topic: 7.1.5 Patch Notes?

09 January 2017 - 05:41 PM

Complete patch notes aren't getting released by blizzard until 7.1.5 hits. 


All I know is Icefury is getting buffed by 900% (????) and all hunter specs get traps aswell as disengage and harpoon.


SV is retaining Harpoon and also getting Disengage? No way. If this is true, this makes me very happy.

In Topic: Survival Stat Priority

03 January 2017 - 02:41 PM

tl;dr gear in pvp instance has 0 stats, game just counts its ilvl to calculate ur template stats no matter if gear has 1000000 versa or 0 , both items are equal in pvp if their ilvl is same, so ur goal is higher ilvl even intelect items for pvp instances(arena/bg)


stat templates means.. for example base versa is 10 % for surv hunters(and lets say its 1000 in pure numbers, and function is linear with no drs and stuff just y=0.01x) /// i dont know the real numbers my sub is off, its just to show the nature of this shit

lets say

1) u have 850ilvl gear with 100% versa


2) is 900ilvl with 0 % versa


in pvp instance ull have (base ilvl is 800 for every char, 10average ilvls = stat increase of 1%)

1) 10% versa x 1.05 = 1000x1.05=1050 versa which is 10.5% NOT 100% + those 10.5% or anything like that just 10.5%

2) 10% versa x 1.1 = 1000x 1.1 = 1100 versa which is 11% not 0%+ 11% ... just 11%


and its so hard to get better secondary stats because the numbers are so low compared to ur primary stats so u wont even see difference in there


Ah, I see. Understood.


Basically stats on gear dont matter, just go for higher ilvl in "PvP instances" ie: Arenas/BGs


So it would seem.


Feelsbadman when the EU tries to help NA, but it's too Murica to comprehend text.


Let's not try to make assumptions, as I understand this quite fine, and let's also not make this an EU vs NA thread, please. 

In Topic: Survival Stat Priority

02 January 2017 - 06:42 PM

I'm leaning towards higher ilvl.
You should read up on PvP stat templates.
TL;DR on stat templates: stats don't matter, only ilvl. Get the highest ilvl you can get in each slot regardless of stats (even int gear if it's higher ilvl).

This was actually something I totally neglected to mention.

I'm looking at a mixture of stats at 877 iLvL vs like 871 with all Vers/Mastery gear.

Currently, I'm leaning towards the higher item level, but have wanted second and third opinions on the matter.