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MW vs Feral / WW on 3's

13 December 2016 - 03:02 AM

HI guys,

First post in here although reading  the forum for years.

I am playing MW Monk with DH + random(atm) at 1.9CR in 3's.

I was 2.394 (so closeee) on WOD and i love the playstyle of Monk


I can't for no reason survive vs Ferals and WW monks.

With Ferals:

All they do is AOE bleed and jump around.

On 2's its ok but on 3's with a spriest or affli lock its insane.

I tried having DH sit on him... nothing

I tried having both DPS peel..nothing

I tried Ancient Mistweaver arts to spamm heals...OOM'ed

He is immune to slow and coming for me



With WW Monks:

If i get careless or they force my bubble i can die in 1 stun..

Even if i bubble they will cut thought it.

i noticed the Yulon's Gift + Ancient MW Arts + Tiger's Lust does help

But honestly i feel 1 misjudged roll / Mistwalk in the fight is all they need.



All i am seeing in 7.1.5 is not nerfing WW Monks and BUFFING FERALS?



TLDR:The Best Def of MW Monks is mobility and these 2 specc's poop on that,sad panda.