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In Topic: Why would we still play mw?

10 January 2017 - 05:17 PM

wow thanks for the clarifications nepho.
Btw big fan :D

In Topic: Why would we still play mw?

10 January 2017 - 04:32 PM

Holy pala can heal 1,8mill with holylight in arena.



Isn't it 70 % in pvp? Which is why the spell can be so annoying at times.


i was unaware of both,maybe thats why i am stuck at 1.8-2k cr
Seriously 1.8mil? how?

In Topic: Why would we still play mw?

10 January 2017 - 07:37 AM

our healing is literally shit, our hots do like nothing, have you gotten over 1800 on a mw or an rdruid?

This season
2k on 2s
1.9k on 3s (hoping to go higher soon)
Wod s1 & 2
Around 2k-2.3k
All as MW monk

Our heals are not "shit" lol i don't know any other healer that can heal the burst of a Turbocleave without cooldowns atm.
Statue + AMA + Fortune Turned + enveloping mist's 40% healing is insane for something on instant cast...
They are pricey but def not shit.
I mean 12 stacks on our artifact ability heals for 1.1mil -1.3mil on a 2sec cast!!!! Show me another heal like that.

I think mw only being viable if we can keep ourselves safe without heavy peeling, got cd for our partner at least every 1 min, and high juke capacity because we usually play with double melee.
We can't ask for more since we ain't got no totems, no purge, no much CC, no BoP, etc.
I'm not crying how weak we are, I'm just telling what I find out.
Like you said, maybe we play it just because we play it.
I planned to get a druid as my alt. But the 7.1.5 notes about the artifact traits just fucked me up.
Sorry about disc, and happy new year.
PS I haven't really tried healing sphere.

I do also feel like staying behind a pillar is the way to go also. Let the kids have fun in the middle :)

Spheres:cost a lot of mana,heal really low and having your teammates position change so that it heals is bad.
If warlocks become the menace they were in draenor sure but until then no.

I was thinking of using the "way of the crane" talent as a second trinket on 7.1.5 to remove stuns maybe on 2s. Maybe..

In Topic: Why would we still play mw?

10 January 2017 - 04:55 AM

The way i see it:
1.Can heal though walls
2.Insane Mobility
3.Not Tanky at all
4.Have mana issues if not played well

5.Nimble Brew gone

1.Hots do the same thing
2.Decent Mobility
3.Very Tanky

4.Mana???  you mean the bar that never moves under my life?

5.Immune to pollymorph

BUT the most important of them all is:
Monk = Insane Healing Output.
Druid = A healer should not have that many CC to him available.


I recognize that on the right hands druids are better, but only because of the CC Chains they bring to the table.

But a monk's life is a monk's life man.Honestly we have played through worse (*cough* WOD *cough*) and we still play this insane ninja.


PS i miss nibmle brew a lot too...

In Topic: 7.0 MW basics guide

30 December 2016 - 12:33 AM

HI great guide,

helped a lot to figure how MW work on Legion but i found your suggestions on talent a bit too harsh and i would like to add my 2 cents here.

-Tiger's Lust i think its essential if you are running a meelee comp vs mages and maybe destro locks / ele shamans.It gives that extra closer they need to finish the job or pummel that polly.


-Ring of Peace honestly i am really cuurious to see the 7.1.5 version will be interesting


-Diffuse even though as noted Healing Elixir is better at 99% of times, on locks i like having myself as a bait at 50% life (see below) and when they go for the kill on me with  lots of dots use this one to reverse back to them.Just for that little extra pressure.

Note that if not both enemy dps (on 3s) are caster's Elixir is still better.


-Defender of the Weak where is the love on this talent. This is a go-to talent on Lock,Spriest,Feral and basically anything that rots the entire team.I highly doubt vs Rot Teams you will survive that cleave and since you won't be 80% life getting that extra haste means a lot to your hots. 

Also as noted above i like to stay at 50% just to keep this buff rolling and bait the enemies to go for me.

This talent is 100% for me on sight of any rot combo.


-Fast Feet i have seen a few high ranked players swap to this so i gave it a go.

On Dk's i like it for that Death Grip root combo if they happen to Grab me too far away from my port.

On Hunters pet is always on me meaning i always get +20% speed and  the lower cd on root seems to be helping a lot.

Currently Testing it vs mages and locks (pet always on me).


Finally really bad advise that i do 110% of the time:
Double Chi Torpedo and Paralysis are enough to reach and stop Warlock's Portal at almost any arena!!!
Yes i sacrifice half my mobility on opening, Yes i don't setup, Yes i dive right into the enemy's hug, but we all know how important is for the warlock that Portal. The fact that  they don't expect the HEALER to rush and stop it is awesome!!!


Hope i helped and if i didn't please response accordingly.