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In Topic: Can anyone confirm what disentanglement removes?

19 November 2016 - 04:02 PM

I dueled a mage to test this and every slow effect he applied was removed as soon as the efflorescence healed me.

In Topic: Can anyone confirm what disentanglement removes?

18 November 2016 - 06:53 PM

I use it when the other two options (Thorns and Druid of the Claw) have no use.

Vs mage/spriest/paly for example rarely will you be targeted so the 10% reduced chance to be critically hit using Druid of the claw *can* help but I feel that Disentanglement has more use. If you are keen on keeping your Efflorescence on your targets then sure it can be helpful to remove a slow every 2 seconds. 
It isn't a talent I can get much use out of, I still often take Thorns vs warlock teams just so the warlock pet takes a bit of damage. If this was buffed to remove roots then it would be amazing vs spellcasters. If you were to dispel a Polymorph and your partner then gets rooted by Frost Nova just place the mushroom as an alternative dispel.

I don't play melee dps classes so maybe someone else can suggest how much it helps to have a slow temporarily removed vs continually reapplied slows. Even still the dps would be limited to staying in that circle (10 yards range) for the effect to work and if you need to replace the mushroom it does consume a noticeable amount of Mana. I also do not know an entire list of what snares this spell effect can remove.