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Affliction in 7.1.5

21 December 2016 - 04:59 PM

Don't know if anyone has been playing or read patch notes on the PTR, but I've heard and read that people think affliction is gonna be really strong in 7.1.5 if the current build goes through. Anyone know the reasoning behind this?

The only changes I've seen that seem significant are the new honour talents 'Curse of the Shadows' and the other one I forgot the name of that increases dot damage to targets below 30% HP.

But for CoS, you have to give up amplify afflictions and for the execute one you give up 4 seconds duration off your UAs. I wouldn't have thought either of these for the most part would be good to swap out for 3s? The GCD reduction is really good for multidoting and the UA speaks for itself, and UA I think is gonna be doing more damage on dispel?

I can see CoS being good if you're playing with a spriest or boomkin but only if the enemy team has no curse dispel? And the execute again looks good playing a rot comp but I dunno..

Can anyone give any insight into what they think of these changes or something I'm missing? Am i overvaluing the current honour talents? Or is it something else entirely that's got people thinking affliction is gonna be really good?