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In Topic: Back to the World

13 February 2017 - 07:25 PM

" Is disc priest, rdru, and rsham still fun to play?"
No, yes, and no.


Honestly I want to say no because Legion made me borderline suicidal after just one season, but this game is super fun when you've just come back to it for a few months, it's whether you'll last past the honeymoon period that becomes a different question entirely. I'll spare you the amount of farming you'll have coming up if you want to play again though. HF.

In Topic: Disc comps 2v2 and 3v3

25 January 2017 - 04:39 PM

Rogue/Priest is a staple for 2s, don't feel any other Disc Priest comp is better. In a short game Rogue is amazing, in a longer game Rogue just gets stronger, can pull off some filthy resets too.


3s RMP is good, but RMD is just better. Plus you really have to know very well who you play with, you could all be 2400 players but you'll play as though you're 2k in a fresh RMP with new friends, at least that's how I feel when playing RMP with pugs.


Melee cleaves are decent with a Priest, FMP isn't as strong as it was last season, might be better now with feral being rebuffed though. Boomkin/Monk or Rogue with a Priest is also not only good but extremely fun to play as Cippi has mentioned.

In Topic: Shadow even worth playing?

25 January 2017 - 01:07 PM

There is a hotfix:



The question is it good enough?

Well it means they've just remembered they have a PvP template, but probably not. Should really deal full damage which so many of our talents rely on it (after standard stat template application of course) because given the new health pools and the fact there's very little penalty for dispelling it I can't see how that would be wrong.

In Topic: Shadow even worth playing?

24 January 2017 - 12:14 AM


In hindsight, that post was a bit aggressive, sorry.


Stopped playing Legion after the new patch because being a caster in this game at the moment simply isn't enjoyable at all - like I mentioned the problem isn't with Shadow [...]

So you are not playing with the ~45% (4% + 14% + 25%) Vampiric Touch nerf and are still trying to argue Shadow isnt the problem?

Self heal? 15k heal can't even be considered a self heal. Shadow Mend. Well, we really need to save mana for MD and for Shield, if we still want some mobility..

IMO, try disc for a while. It's fun. W8 for an hotfix.


That's the new patch, so yes - I played it.


The most of our self-healing comes from Void Shield/FE and multiple VTs, not from shadow mending (due to the cost). It's not supposed to make us invincible, it's supposed to make us tanky/provide sustain; but in Blizzard's pointless logic they gave us a PvP template, then nerfed us in PvE because we were too strong on cleave fights (of which nighthold is full of) without remembering to compensate it through the PvP template and whilst also forgetting a lot of that healing is baked into talents via VT; so whilst the damage nerf was fully warranted for raiding, they've forgotten about the knock-on effect in Arena. Even though, our design and playstyle is in a worse state than our damage. Having more of it fixes nothing if we can't actually cast and are forced to life swap extremely early - which leads back to Shadow not being as fucked as it is now if it wasn't for the fact that everyone else has so much uptime against one with little way to answer it. Why they'd give Holy greater fade when it's something both Disc and Shadow are desperate for is a foreign concept to me.


Again the Disc problem is I don't find it enjoyable because of the design, both PvP playstyle and talents; I'd rather queue on a PvP inferior game like FF14 as Scholar which has a similar playstyle to Disc but without as many weaknesses and enjoy myself than play into their hands in that manner lol.

In Topic: Disc improvement without crazy changes

23 January 2017 - 08:05 PM

sorry if i hurt your feelings Aerisdogx. You are right. Disc op! in fact vs shammy lock destro X it's such an unfair game with holy radiance ... cause they do so little aoe spread dmg. sure attonement woulda kept shit up


on the other hand, new spirit link talent is TOTALLY balanced

This. Dunno how anyone can think Disc is in this sick spot when defensive penance still isn't baseline, our best healing comes from atonement despite the fact all of our atonement damage talents are gated behind must-have defensives.


It's good, but it's still fucking stupid.