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Unholy Death Knight Arena opinions

04 November 2016 - 03:46 PM

Okay, so I would like to ask your opinions and helps on how to correctly play Unholy DK on arena (2v2 and 3v3).

Usually I play with my friends, and we always have a healer (druid or monk) in the group. The 3rd possible member are retri pala, rogue or hunter.

We play arena daily, but we simply cannot reach higher than 1650 rating.

I would like to ask your opinions, or even help how to get better. Which is the better tactic? Focus a DPS and CC healer or simply rush to the healer and burst him? First we tried the healer burst tactic, but we we lost more matches than won, because since DKs are very slow without mobility, and the healers are too mobile, except the disc priest who is simply indestructible.

Currently I am using the bursting sores talent build, which mostly empowers my clawing shadow and festering wound stacking and damage. Feels like the only acceptable talent for me, but maybe I am wrong, thats why I ask you.

I checked the 2v2 and 3v3 ladder DK talents, and there are some things I would like to ask you:
1. Most DK use the All Will Serve talent. I guess the reason is that the ghoul can be easily killed, so they can resummon it quickly. Still, i find its damage output lower than the bursting sores.
2. Simply EVERYONE using Castigator instead of Clawing Shadow. Just... why? I mean i could punch through the screen when enemies are kiting me and I cant do anything. With Clawing Shadow, I can damage them at least if they have wound on them. Since honor talents cannot be checked, i can only assume they use it because they use Necrotic Strike instead of bursting the wounds into damage.
3. Is Necrotic Strike worth? I mean, healing absorb, cool. But lets say I deal 50k dmg +100k healing absorb. Why is that better than dealing damage? Currently I am using Unholy Mutation,

So can you suggest on talents, honor talents and tactics?

Thank you if you can help me with some advice.

ATM my rating on arena:
2v2: 1563
3v3: 1509

Basic Talent: 2/3/3/2/2/3/3
Honor Talent: 1/2/2/3/1/1