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In Topic: Unholy Death Knight Arena opinions

05 November 2016 - 05:02 PM

Tbh, my previous post was focusing on 3v3, since I don't play 2v2. However, for 2v2, I think you can play with a healer partner, you basically use necrotic strike to create a kill opportunity, since the damage will sink in b/c of healing absorption. For example, MW is a good 2v2 partner for you, because of the incap CC. During the CC window you can sink in the damage and then continue applying necrotics and after that you can swap to the healer (healer will be busy trying to top the low hp dps). Just don't switch all the time, maximize your efforts on training someone and then making a crucial switch to blow your CD's with your partner, it will get better in time.


Good luck and thanks !


Amazing. Thanks for everything!

In Topic: Unholy Death Knight Arena opinions

05 November 2016 - 12:46 PM

I must start by saying that you should give frost a try, since the buffs it received post 7.1 (even after the 10% str nerf) works in favor of the spec. Play style is different though.

Yes, the sad thing is that I can only reach higher rating on frost. I know how to play Frost, and reach higher ranks on Frost than Unholy. I just prefer and enjoy Unholy more, but it is very saddening how much "weaker" it is in PvP.



You should know that there is not a single strategy which will enable you to win all games. Sometimes zerging a healer seems like the only choice because the enemy setup is kinda anti for your setup, and sometimes you might want to focus a dps to keep control of the game. So, create at least 2 different strats according to the enemy team's line-up.

Yes, we always try different tactic on different enemy setups, often changing targets. For example, focusing the healer but when DPS get to low HP due to cleave damage, we CC healer and kill DPS. Or something like that. In 3v3 it seems like it works pretty well, tho I still find it less succesful than playing on Frost, charge in the face of enemies and do nothing else but dealing tons of damage.


Just because you have Necrotic Strike doesn't mean that you should be using it all the time over your Scourge Strike. Necrotic Strike is best used to create pressure and opportunity to get the burst going. So, for example, you can burst your target during a CC on healer and towards the end of the CC you can start NS'ing to keep the pressure up. That is just one example though. Basically, try applying enough NS to keep the pressure going, then try bursting. Oh and you should use your big burst as >> Have 8 wounds up, then activate Soul Reaper, then cast Apocalypse.


Basically, spamming Necrotics will never hurt that much, since you will be building up pressure, which will lead to a kill. Remember, you are applying necrotics which prevent the enemy healing, and your teammate is putting out damage. So damage is being prioritized over healing in that situation.

The Soul Reaper - Apocalypse combo works pretty fine, always using it.
So you  say, in necrotic strike talent, I kinda like a "support" that prevents the target to recieve healing while my teammate killing the target, making the enemy healer less effective? We tried that, seemed like it even worked... in 3v3. But what about in 2v2? With this theory, should I play with a damage dealer friend? I though (according to previous expansions) healer + DPS could reach higher rating than a dps duo team, but maybe I am wrong.
Other thing about Necrosis strike in 2v2: So shouldnt I apply Necrotic in 2v2 always, but rather swapping it? Like applying some healing absorb, and if the enemy reach low HP, just change to Scourge Strike and dealing damage?


All will serve is a really good talent compared to improved damage on festering wounds. Even though recount doesn't really have much to say in arena as a game could go on for ages and the 10 seconds of a perfect align of abilities could be the reason you win. But it's usually on top of the damage meters also it allows you to spam dismiss your pet and summon a new one, as you rather want a full hp pet before you use corpse shield than a 30% one due to cleave or dotts. Some classes take advantage of the fact you got a pet to put dots on it aswell for additional procs so it's not unusual for your pet to be sitting under 50% hp. Always make sure to try to use huddle aswell, preferably in enraged form so it can still deal damage

Yeah, good point. Thats really true, very annoying when they kill my pet and it is on cooldown so I cannot resummon it.

Oh and about the talents:
What do you thing, which one is better? Shadow Infusion or Infected Claws. The bonus stacks on the enemies are very useful sometimes, but enraged pet deals like 2 or 3 times more than in normal form, and with Shadow Infusion I can keep him transformed almost all the times. And if I go to Necrotic Strike talent in 2v2, shouldnt I need that damage that the enraged pet deals, over the the plus stacks?


Overall, thank you for every advice and help. I will do my best. It is just frustrating how the Frost is easier and still much "stronger" than the Unholy.