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2k Cr Enh lf Partners (updated)

15 February 2017 - 10:25 AM

1. Introduction.

Hi guys, I’m Thunder. I’m 27yr old university student from Aus. After a few seasons of coaching with blazing boost, I have decided to push this season on my own and have been playing daily. After making friends with a multiglad DK through the LFG tool and chatting for a few days, he’s told me that this place is the best to look for long term team. So here I am. I have played my shaman since TBC as enhance with Resto OS. With over 245 days played and 21+ at 110. I enjoy watching all shaman streamers… Cdew, Jahmillionaire and Caecus Damno.


Contact Info: Thunderfall#1953


2. Goals.

I’m currently 1800 in threes and 1700 in 2s and RBG. I would like to push all brackets above 2k, starting with 2s. I’d like to do so with a Disc Driest or Resto Druid as im most familiar with the synergy between my shaman and these two classes. However, I have no problems trying with a monk or hpal. I have no issues playing with alts etc as long as traits and shit are in order.

2.1 Arena Exp.

For clarity, I have only ever participated in three’s coaching (not 2v2 or RBG), all other achieves have been earned. My highest rating in rbg has been 1900+ and have never pushed two’s before and as such, my CR of 1700+ is the highest I have achieved. Although this has been yolo no voice using lfg. I have been coached above 2.2 in 3s and feel comfortable holding my own with beastcleave, turbo, enh/ret/rdruid and lsd3. Having learned and practiced with multiple rank 1 players and gladiators, I feel like I have uncovered some of the more subtle areas of Warcraft pvp such as positioning, keybinds, situational tallents and game awareness.


2.2 Rating Aim.

Other than what was mentioned previously, rating for me isn’t the primary concern(If it was i'd just continue with coaching). My goal here is to find chill partners that I can play with season after season. But of course, the sky’s the limit here. I want to push as high as I’m physically able as well. Consistently improve and eventually play a wide/varying range of comps to fully understand how to react in any given situation.


2.3 Availability.

Being an Accountant and Uni student gives me some seriously flexibility. I’m available every morning and during the the day, almost every day. Basically midday onward for any other US players. As well as weekday evenings. However, I do need to orgainse the gaming sesh so I can properly plan my work and study. So honestly, whatever times you’re fresh and ready go is my available time.


2.4  Dedication.

Should you decide that I’m worth investing some time in. You can be assured that I will continue to stay on top of my class knowledge and shaman traits (currently 43 in enhance, 35 in resto and elemental). The enjoyment I get through watching streamers in general always helps me identify windows of opportunity in my own gameplay. On occasion, I record my games and look at what I can improve on.


2.5 Hardware/Software.

I play on an Acer Predator laptop with duel screens. My extra monitor has a 1milisecond refresh rate with a 22inch display. This gives me the ability to play anywhere I go. I have a Logitech g633 headset/mic and a razor naga mouse. I run have cable internet, the fastest available in my region. Disconnects are extremely rare.


2.6 Subscription.

Has been active since TBC with one break at the start of cataclysm. I am a long term and stable player. I actually have three accounts active at all times. One for my partner and another for a friend who can’t afford to play.


Tbch, im not really sure if this will yield any results. I know that I’ll continue working towards my goal regardless of the outcomes here. As long as I know that I’ve done everything I can towards progressing as and becoming a truly fearful enhance shaman. Who knows, we might hit it off and ride the Harley into the sunset.


Contact Info: Thunderfall#1953

Cheers boise.