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In Topic: 2k Cr Enh lf Partners (updated)

13 August 2017 - 03:03 PM

End of season post again, while these forums are super dead i guess i should keep going. Have now reached 2.2  in 2s and picked up my tabard. Skill is improving every day and currently playing at 2.4 mmr. I would love to find some players who are consistent, at the moment all I can find are healers for cap each week.


Thunderfall#1953 looking for dps who are constructive and have a really well rounded knowledge of the game, what the enemy set ups are and how they should be countered. Contact me to have a chat and see how we can set up some games. Always available. Next season looking for 2.4k push.

In Topic: 2k Cr Enh lf Partners (updated)

10 March 2017 - 05:52 AM

Hi guys.


Just a quick update, since posting. Have been consistently queuing with different players working towards our goals. After one month of games, i've managed to break 2100 in 3s. 1950 in 2s and 1920 in RBG's all as enhance! It's been really rewarding.


Thanks to everyone who've added me to have a chat and the games we've played. Looking forward to setting higher goals and working towards them in a positive mind-frame. 

Still really keen to look for more partners for games across all brackets or even sign up for the arena tournaments which have been recently announced.


Season three is on the horizon so if you're looking to play some games early feel free to get in contact.