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HPal Defensive Cooldowns Advice!

28 October 2016 - 04:12 PM

Hey guys, 


First time poster here!  Just so you know my experience, I've hit 1800 in WOD, that's about it.  Just a noob Holy paladin wondering how I should cycle my defensive cd's in arena 3's. Any tips are appreciated!  Here is what I usually pop first for defensives:


1. Holy avenger + tyr's deliverance (behind a pillar before the first cc chain starts). 


2.  Aura mastery(w/ devotion aura) when my team is chasing someone around a pillar and I can't afford to follow them around.


3.  Divine favor to get a strong heal off, if I really need to, I also pop my wings here.


4.  I put a hand of sacrifice on my teammate if I see a long CC chain coming.  BOP if the enemy team does not have any purgers/castercleave.


Lastly, I would like to thank anyone who replies and gives me some input.  Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thank you guys!