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"Like the WoW PvP forums without the garbage."

29 November 2016 - 09:19 PM

Asking the glads here: Name a time you've gotten to 2.4k+ or glad on a class considered "bad" when everyone else was playing FOTM classes.  What was the class, xpac/patch, and FOTM classes you beat?

Basic RMP Strat

06 November 2016 - 05:10 PM

New to "competitive" pvp (ie: actually caring about rating and pushing 2200+) and am looking to be a mage in Rogue/Mage/Priest.  I am aware the strat is based on heavy control/CC, but could anyone expand upon that?

Wait...did Heavy Handed Strikes not get nerfed?

25 October 2016 - 12:22 PM

  • Heavy-Handed Strikes now causes Fists of Fury to reduce the movement speed of targets by 70% for 2 seconds each time it deals damage.
  • Heavy-handed Strikes has been moved to the sixth tier.
    • The first tick of Fists of Fury will knock down and stun targets.


Word on the forums was that the stun was removed.  Also...I'm pretty sure Heavy-handed strikes was already in the sixth (last) tier...