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In Topic: ArenaJunkies Login Change (Use your Username!)

18 March 2018 - 10:01 AM

Character update is also not working.

In Topic: World of Warcraft - New Expansion Battle for Azeroth and Classic Servers Anno...

08 November 2017 - 10:40 PM

Does anyone know if they're taking out artifact weapons? I miss chasing new weapons 


I am pretty sure they said multiple times that the artifact weapons are going to "Take their rightful place" (edit: they really made it clear that artifact weps are being taken away but their story will be tied to an end), which means we won't be able to use them anymore. In fact the artifact power system will be replaced by a necklace, which will be given by Azeroth, and as far as I remember it will be leveled via Azerite Power. So, there you go, no matter what expansion the Azerite Power will still be AP, so there will be AP grind in the new expansion as well. So you can feel happy, because you can chase new weapons in The Battle for Azeroth expansion.

In Topic: World of Warcraft - New Expansion Battle for Azeroth and Classic Servers Anno...

05 November 2017 - 10:33 PM

Looks good maybe they will add ps4/smart phone compatibility



In Topic: Games like Arena but not shit?

17 September 2017 - 10:29 PM

Ah, a lawyer I see :)


Maybe you're right - but to be fair I feel like they'd find some attack surface to poke a hole at - depending on how the "final iteration" of the game turns out it will be almost an exact copy of WoW Arena just with different champions. Also, I assume the US is not the only area whose copyright laws are of interest, the entirety of EUand most importantly Russia ought to also be of substantial interest.


Also, if you ever did become his lawyer I recon you'd get burried by the massive amount of paperwork sent by the hordes of lawyers of Blizzard, because to my knowledge that's what happens to "smaller firms" when they try to take on the big dogs. Honestly, the kind of money he'd have to spend in order to 'win' such a lawsuit (and then to potentially win a counter lawsuit) is not the kind of money he has (afaik) - which is exactly what Blizzard would be betting on in a situation like that.


Let us not make this into "Suits" TV series (good show though :P


Well, once you are against a "big dog", you can always seek cooperation through other "big dogs", if you have a solid case at hand, they would be more than happy to help you destroy their opponent, so that they can advertise that case to further promote themselves :)


And tbh, all he needs is a crazy "Joker" like me, hell, I would just defend him for sake of troubling Blizzard, maybe that way they would improve the arenas and we wouldn't be theorycrafying here :P


You raise good points as always though. Good night man.

In Topic: Games like Arena but not shit?

17 September 2017 - 09:53 PM



Well, Blizzard tried to sue Dota 2 in the past and the only reason they failed was that A ) Valve was putting all its money into winning the suit and B ) Dota is a game mode that wasn't invented by Blizzard, but rather IceFrog and Valve had IceFrog on their side in the dispute.


If Blizzard were to go after this game whose owner eluded to how his mechanics are similar to if not the exact same as WoW's and even has the working name "The Arena" (named after a game mode in WoW) I don't see how any judge/jury is going to find it not to be copyright infringement. Especially if he 'steals' mechanics / abilities and just renames them. This guy doesn't have all the monetary muscles of Valve to protect himself and is thus going to lose a suit or get so slowed down due to it that he'll just accept defeat I'm afraid.


But hey, I might be wrong and since I really like some class designs from previous expansions of WoW and would really like to see them implemented in to the game I hope I am (because otherwise we can't re-use much from WoW at all).




I just wanted to write about the legal issue since I don't think there is this "one right and one wrong approach" in our discussion. The points you raise are crucial, even though we agree to disagree on most of them.


The legal dispute related to Dota2 mainly revolved around the "DOTA" brand name since Valve wanted to trademark it. In addition the in-game use of characters such as the "Skeleton King" and others were copyrighted by Blizzard. I read the court files as well as the settlement agreement (publicly available version through SEC filings+court filings). First of all, the lawsuit ended with a "Settlement Agreement". Sure, you might want to say one side may have won since they had a higher leverage than the other, but technically, there is neither a winner, nor a loser. Both parties got to reach an agreement on acceptable terms. While Valve could keep the brand "DOTA"-"DOTA2", characters such as the Skeleton King were removed from the game (replaced by Wraith King afaik), so Blizzard also got what they wanted.


The legal issue you raised here would not have valid grounds, since this game in development uses none of the copyrighted materials by Blizzard. Besides, just compare it to the DOTA case, on one hand there is literally copyrighted brands, trademarks and on the other you have some spells which have similar names and work in a completely different game engine/artwork.  "The Arena" is a game mode, but not a copyrighted material, it is not a brand. Many games have arena modes. Regarding game mechanics, as long as this "Arena" game didn't steal the game engine (a property of Blizzard), then there is nothing wrong about the mechanics either. As long as a statement is within the scope of fair competition, any person in the US can advertise/compare their products against others (look at advertisements, they usually say theirs is best compared to others for example). Of course, there shouldn't be any defamation. In this case, the dev is not claiming his abilities/spells work exactly like WoW, he is not MISLEADING anyone into thinking his game is WoW-or a WoW copyrighted content. Now I can tell you one thing, and that is the jurisdiction. Valve is based in US so is Blizzard. Since these two companies have their HQ's in the US, the lawsuit was within the jurisdiction of the US courts. However, a Russian company/individual is not within US jurisdiction by default. Therefore, the case would not go to a US court anyway, unless of course this Russian company would have a subsidiary in the US, or it would operate through a distributing company located in the US. Even if that would be the case, the lawsuit would be against the subsidiary / distributing company, and there is literally no copyright infringement at this point anyway. Besides, good luck trying to locate the HQ of a Russian company which sells their games via internet. I don't think the game is intended to be sold in collector's edition package in the US anyway. Therefore, filing a lawsuit just to slow down the business would be very costly for Blizzard (first, they need to locate the HQ, then they need to obtain a court decision and then they have to potentially seek recognition&enforcement on foreign courts via International Treaties, not to mention the lawyer's fees here)


The worst case scenario would be direct misuse/violation of copyrights through some ability  characteristics+names (if they were properly copyrighted and protected by Blizzard-we know this is not always the case, you can read more about this at SEC filings (you can find it here: http://investor.acti...ec.cfm?view=all ) if the dev uses copyrigted content. However his game engine is not Blizzard's copyrighted engine, and you should already know WoW itself stole spells/mechanics from other games. They literally have a "Force Choke" from Star Wars: The Old Republic for DK's and just named it Asphyxiate. Did Bioware sue Blizzard ? No...they can't, because there is no valid grounds to do that. A copyrighted material is not easy to identify in games, because the characteristics of it has to be visually the same + introduced by the same engine. 


I wish Blizzard would sue this guy though, he would win his case and then he could easily make some millions via countersuit, claiming material damages since his project was damaged via defamation / unfair competition.