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#4610413 [BUG] Fury of the Illidari PvP

Posted by malgoras on 11 October 2016 - 09:18 PM

After the recent patch notes I have noted that Fury of the Illidari damage is bugged in PvP and Duels. Particularly out of the 14 hits, 7 of them do VERY little damage (2-3K), where the rest do normal damage (15k+). I think the off-hand damage portion of Fury of the Illidari is bugged.

The result is that a full Fury of the Illidari does 130k Damage in PvP. My PVE damage is 330K and the tooltip at PvP says 300K. It's not because of the reduction in pvp. 

This should also be one major reason why DH have started disappearing from the Ladder, as our major burst of 500k damage (with Rage of the Illidari) is reduced to 200k.


Has anyone else noticed this? If yes we need to spam blizzard with bug report.

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