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Iron bark

30 October 2016 - 03:38 PM

So- iron bark now can go up to 56% dmg reduction with a 45 sec cooldown.

I play rdruid and im really happy they got such an increase to iron bark wich makes them alot more stronger
But its WAY to much.

Please share me your disc experience

02 October 2016 - 09:42 PM

Hey guys !!


Before i start. -> please dont comment my spelling^^.

I am really bad in writing english.


So i have been trying out the new disc priest in arena.

at first i was quite positive about  the remake of disc and the ability to heal with both  holy/shadow school. I enjoyed the matches alot until i  faced stronger enemies.


Everytime i  face a comp where they have 2 melee (lets go with windwalker/Demonhunter) i simply cannot hold my ground against them. the  damage they deal outdmg my healing at some points. 


even when they dont focus me i have to spam shadowmend in order  to keep my allies  alive 'barely' .


I hardly  get the chance  to propperly do damage myself making the  effectiveness of  disc less i gues.


I try to keep shadow word:pain up as much i can afford the globals in order to heal through  attonement. I placed my Mindbender in me  'TellMeWhen' addon so i use it on cooldown.


Normally i would  tell myself not to give up so easily  and  try harder to learn the class well.

But i feel so weak :(:(


At some times i am forced to stand still for a longer amount of time because i have to spam shadowmend in order to save my allies. This makes me much more vulnerable towards cc.

But currently it seems  that whatever im trying to do  druids/mistweavers have it so much more  easy then me. 


- Can you guys please give me some  hints/tips  on disc that you use?-


For those who dont have advise  just  share me  your perspective of the current disc priest.

Id love to hear what others think.



Thanks already!!!! <3 xxo