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#4613680 Iron bark

Posted by earanir on 30 October 2016 - 07:49 PM

this. i thought it was OP to but good teams just switch anyway, and the bad ones ( mostly frost dks) just train through it and get nothing done,  i think the 45 sec cd is needed, maybe a lil nerf to damage reduction wouldnt hurt, only thing i dont like is iv seen alot of bad rdruids have bad positioning and not hotted and we swap to them and they just bark, it kinda rewards bad play but its not the end of the world i guess

Thats been my experience as well. At some points i was playing bad and did not pre-hot or anything and simply aplying IB saved me completely
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#4611091 disc opening and cd usage

Posted by earanir on 16 October 2016 - 11:08 AM

Hi there!


Im not really a high level disc player but i do have some thoughts that might help.

First of all it depends on the comp you play and the comp the enemy plays. If you play against a heavy cleave comp you dont want to be out in the open in the first place. if you run in the middle of the fight  when it begins to fear you are basically giving your enemy a free opportunity to cc you and quickly take control of the fight. this could be very bad for us as disc. the game just started and you are already behind the enemy. (+ I find that disc have more trouble catching up in a fight then other healers)


even if you are to run back behind a pillar after you do that any minor slow  would be enough to keep you in the fight for a long time.

Myself I rather wait for the opportunity to do dmg/fear.  since both of these actions also make you slightly more vulnerable at that time. 


If you are in a  safe position towards both your ally's and enemy's and no other actions (dispell-heal-reposition) are required then go ahead and go nuts with dmg =D. 


but if any other stuff needs to be done it always has a priority.


you dont want to fall behind in healing because you are dealing dmg. and since disc priests max. healing output can at sometimes be lower then other healers  it happens more often that you simply need more time to heal wich also lowers the time that you are free to deal dmg. 


Having shadow word: pain up is always a well spend globalcooldown if you have free time. it adds decent dmg and gives you a chance to proc : Power of the Dark Side: wich is a artifact trait that  gives a chance on SW:P to empower your next penance to deal or heal for 50% more. using : Mindbender: is also a good used GCD if you have free time that  does moderate dmg and adds towards your atonement making it an effective group HoT if you have atonement up. Its not OP or even strong at all but the possibility to do it is there and it helps increasing your total healing output both for a group or single target.


another thing i want to add is that having premonition(honor talent) to break cc such as  poly/blind/fear also makes you able to play more aggresive. without it you are vulnerable to these forms of cc when standing  away from your good old Pillar friend.


So long story short - being able to deal decent dmg as a disc is nice, But your always a healer first ^^a dmg dealer second(ish).


About the cooldowns used. Currently I think your gues is as good as mine.


Ps: if you find yourself dealing dmg vs double kick combo's and you get kicked on your holy+shadow tree you can always cast your holy wrath ability since it does not completely share the spellschool with holy. this can ofc also be done if you are getting kicked on both schools while healing. it does good  dmg and the heal transfered through atonement with it is quite a nice filler if you have no other options and running away is impossible.


(getting kicked on holy spell school does not  disable your holy wrath ability - getting kicked on your holy wrath ability DOES lock your holy school!!)



I hope this helps ^^ of  if its just a little bit.

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#4608670 Please share me your disc experience

Posted by earanir on 02 October 2016 - 10:08 PM

PS: I did read what other's posted. But eventually the posts became more complaints towards the new changes then actual advise

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#4608667 Please share me your disc experience

Posted by earanir on 02 October 2016 - 09:42 PM

Hey guys !!


Before i start. -> please dont comment my spelling^^.

I am really bad in writing english.


So i have been trying out the new disc priest in arena.

at first i was quite positive about  the remake of disc and the ability to heal with both  holy/shadow school. I enjoyed the matches alot until i  faced stronger enemies.


Everytime i  face a comp where they have 2 melee (lets go with windwalker/Demonhunter) i simply cannot hold my ground against them. the  damage they deal outdmg my healing at some points. 


even when they dont focus me i have to spam shadowmend in order  to keep my allies  alive 'barely' .


I hardly  get the chance  to propperly do damage myself making the  effectiveness of  disc less i gues.


I try to keep shadow word:pain up as much i can afford the globals in order to heal through  attonement. I placed my Mindbender in me  'TellMeWhen' addon so i use it on cooldown.


Normally i would  tell myself not to give up so easily  and  try harder to learn the class well.

But i feel so weak :(:(


At some times i am forced to stand still for a longer amount of time because i have to spam shadowmend in order to save my allies. This makes me much more vulnerable towards cc.

But currently it seems  that whatever im trying to do  druids/mistweavers have it so much more  easy then me. 


- Can you guys please give me some  hints/tips  on disc that you use?-


For those who dont have advise  just  share me  your perspective of the current disc priest.

Id love to hear what others think.



Thanks already!!!! <3 xxo




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