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What spec for RMD?

30 September 2016 - 09:38 PM

Hey folks,


This is my first posting on this forum and I may made a double post of a question that might have been replied to. I am not new to wow I play this game since WotLK on and off. With Legion I got my hands on rogues for the first time but my "arena awareness" is not completely backpaddle horrendous. So my question ist wether I should spec into Sub or Outlaw. I excluded Assassin in this enumeration because if I want to play a melee that has no CC i'd rather pick a warrior or enh Shaman. The thing I like about rogue is the fact that you can control your enemies and dish out some awesome setups to outplay enemies. I havent touched rated arenas in this season on my rogue yet but played quite a few skirmishes. We are playing RMD and I heard that Sin Rogue fits the best because imba burst. But as I stated before I dont like the playstyle. What I cant seem to see is the damage of sub. I only spam Shadowstrike and occasionally stun my enemie or any other arenatarget for peels or setups. When I play Outlaw I like the idea of cycling buffs and play according to your current buff. But it can sometimes upset me with bad rolls but in arenas I feel their dmg isnt that depended on the "perfect rolls". Furthermore I see some Outlaws in the top 200 but the majority is Sin.

I know many of you might think "well play what you enjoy the most" but I have a weird kind of anxiety that wont allow me to pick something that isnt viable. I kind of hate it to invest time in a spec that has a predetermined cap of capability. And I cant take the fact that I might be reason why my team loses sometimes (my spec cant deliver) and they may think that I am an idiot for not playing the "real" spec. 


So maybe some of you guys who are really experienced with rogues could help me pick a spec and go on from here on. 

Thanks whole-heartedly for reading :)


Edit: Do you feel like Sub rogue has a high skill cap in 3s? I cant seem to grasp the complexity of this spec.