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<Opposition> Kel'Thuzad Recruiting-Alliance

17 September 2016 - 03:49 AM

Opposition is recruiting. We are recruiting for active pvp players that are looking to RBG in Legion. We are seeking to find any and all that are looking for a permanent home. We've all been playing since inception of the game. Please contact me in game= Doc#1770.

Also: We are looking for someone that has a talent for video editing. The guild would like to have media for our website and our editor has taken a break from the game at the moment. We would love someone to make it a hobby to video the guild doing raids and RBGs for media reasons.

www.oppositiongamers.com = please check out our site. We will see you in game!!!

FYI= We are only looking for players wanting to attain 1800-2000+ in arena's/RBGs, nothing too high rated.