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What Comps For Spriest Now?

17 February 2017 - 10:45 PM

Now that RMX is a cancer that spread in both the US/EU. What comps are you guys finding success with to push pass this ridiculous cancer? And what talents are you running?


I've been playing with a really good rsham and a good feral druid lately (FPS) and having moderate success. We're at 1900 but everything we face now is RMX. We climbed up to 1970+ and lost 70 points in about 5 games.


I think some of it is partially my fault cause I was running the standard Legacy of the Void spec against RMX teams, and I sit all day in polys until my insanity runs out. So I'm thinking of going Edge of Insanity+Shadow Crash.


I hear boomy/sp is great but I honestly haven't found any good boomies in US Alliance, which is why I'm running with a feral.

Big Spriest Nerfs

20 January 2017 - 12:33 AM

So, we got big nerfs with an additional VT nerf by 25% in pvp. VT hits for nothing and SWP overtime does more damage than VT does.


San'layn is garbage now, not worth taking Shadow Mania.


Time to use edge of insanity, shadoy insight, and psychic link

Shadow Priest 7.1.5 Stealth Nerfs

11 January 2017 - 05:09 AM

Psyfiend can no longer be given Power Word: Shield. When you try to cast it on the psyfiend it will say "immune." So it has 10 hp, can be killed by an auto, and can't be protected. Void Shift is still shite, never worth taking that talent. Maybe Last Word will be what we have to go for.


Shadowmend healing I've noticed has been drastically reduced. I don't heal for that much anymore.


Psychic Link was reverted, a 70% nerf, now only doing 30% of mind blast and void bolts damage to targets that have SWP on them.


I like Shadow Crash but at this point, not sure if it's worth taking LOTV with that 5% damage increase.

Struggling To Survive in 3s as Spriest - Tips?

24 December 2016 - 10:28 PM

So far, the comps I have been playing are FDK/Spriest/Rsham or HPally, RPS, Ret/Spriest/RSham, Shadowplay.


How do you guys survive against melee zergs? All I've been running across are TSG, WD, Turbo, Ret/DK, Double Feral, Ret/Survival, DH melee teams. I'm finding it impossible to get a single VT off. I try to juke, if I juke, they'll stun, throw cc's out on my healer, I try to mass dispell, they just over lap stuns and I can't get mass dispells out. We try to LoS and hug pillars to get breathing room, but bops usually get purged. My healer tries to keep me up but it usually doesn't help cause he might get interrupted or cc'd. I'm not sure if it's me who's playing poorly? Cause I try to line the melee but I'm constantly slowed, trying to cast void erruption to try and put ANY pressure, but I just keep becoming the kill target, or they'll hard swap for a moment on my sham because he got interrupted or cc'd.


Is it the comps I'm playing or should I find a feral & FPS? Same goes for Shadowplay, they'll either hit me or the warlock, we can't really outlive the damage, either one of us.


I'm frustrated. Any help would suffice. We're stuck at like 1700-1800 mmr.

Shadow Priest 3s Comp in Legion?

06 October 2016 - 11:22 AM

What are some viable comps for 3s? I'm hearing a lot of mixed opinions and it seems to me that no one is really sure what is really strong right now.


God Comp/Fire Play?

Feral/Spriest/Healer? Paladin since all teams are pmuch melee or stick with shaman?




Spriest/Mut Rogue/Healer?



What are you guys playing and finding a lot of success with? So far, from what I gathered, Spriest/Ret, Feral/Spriest, Spriest/Warrior, God Comp seem to be the only working ones and the others are quite shite?


What are your opinions?