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In Topic: Shadow even worth playing?

29 January 2017 - 05:01 PM

What's a viable comp now that we're "buffed" again on VT? 

In Topic: Shadow even worth playing?

23 January 2017 - 04:59 PM

No utility???? Mass dispell / Mind Controll / Purge / Silence / Fear (or stun) / Healling reduction (ok they fucked this up a bit). However I think we do need some damage buff. Not sure if that should be on our dots, or on Mind Blast so we can play shadow insight, but they need to give us the ability to put a bit more pressure outside of Power Infusion.


Alright, you got me there. They have the utility, I stand corrected. Damage isn't there.



Correction - you're shite. Even when Shadow was god tier you failed to accomplish much with it. Don't project your poor experience of the class on other people.


Anyway we're not fucking awful, it's just being a caster is generally really, really shit right now. We only have a few viable comps and because of the meta Shadow is simply not an enjoyable playstyle. We're good, but the meta is bad for us; RPS and Godcomp are still exceptionally good comps for Shadow, as is playing with a WW monk (good synergy). Shadowcleave is also looking better right now. Personally if I had to push I'd probably do it as Disc atm instead of Shadow just because being cleaved down over and over is really, really not enjoyable - even when you win. But this is a subjective perception of the class and it's likely you tanked because you were carried by the pre-nerf damage as opposed to actually belonging at that level of play, that is -usually- what happens (I remember when we all thought Assassination was going to be free glad for rogues last season, couple of nerfs later and all but the top rogues tanked the fuck.)


This is my second season playing spriest as I mained warrior for 6 years. WW Monk is good but they have better comps to play with. Shadowcleave is awful now because of the Spriest nerfs. I'm not sure we're playing on the same patch here or if you're even playing Legion currently. I was never a glad player but when you see top players not queuing anymore cause classes like Ele Sham is more viable, doing more damage, and has more compositions, it's a clear sign. And it's harder to find teammates on Alliance, and I'm focusing on PVE this expansion because PVP this expansion isn't fun. And all the top rogues last season didn't tank because they were already playing Subtlety over Assassination, at least in the US anyway, and those who mained Assassination stopped queuing.

In Topic: Shadow even worth playing?

23 January 2017 - 02:03 PM

No, we aren't viable. Spriest are 100% shite. Our damage is easily healable, we have no offensive pressure. Spriest aren't viable at all after these hotfixes. Might be viable with a windwalker monk or a rogue but they have much better successful comps.

In Topic: [PTR] 7.1.5 preview

23 November 2016 - 02:21 PM

War Banner is going to be amazing with casters. I can see that as the go-to talent for Thundercleave, WLS/D, Spriest/War/Healer, etc. And the reduction with War Banner is stupid strong if you're playing as and with Orc+Relentless on your team. I can imagine a well timed War Banner will royally destroy any comp that relies heavily on stun set-ups. This looks like 1-2 second HOJ or Kidney Shot, reduced fears, etc.


Arms will probably be the most desired melee because of that one talent alone.

In Topic: Shadow Priest Discussion

03 November 2016 - 04:50 AM

So what comp are you guys having the most success with? I got FPS to 2.4k cr several of times but kinda stuck here atm. What do you guys think is the best at the moment?

FPS and Frost DK/Spriest/HPally seems to be really good. Atm, you can put any class with a FDK, and do exceptionally well.